Sweet Revenge

Crazy dad is about to go crazy! His kids spends all his money on candies, so he must find a way to get the local candy shop...


Quest For Milkshake

In this Sesame street tribute game you’ll help Snuckers, the green furry monster, to make a coconut milkshake for his favorite customer. CLICK HERE TO PLAY


18/08/14 – Work in progress

Hi everybody! The work on Quest for Milkshake is nearly done and we plan on releasing the game in a few days. The work on the second game...


12/08/14 – Carmelo’s Christmas Cards Contest! Woohoo!

Hi everybody! Three months ago we had the Carmelo’s Mugs Contest. The contest’s mission back then was drawing an original character. We’ve sent four Carmelo mugs to...


05/08/14 – New games updates

Hi everybody! Our work on Sweet Revenge and Quest for Milkshake is continuing: We will soon finish the work on both games’ backgrounds and then we will...


28/07/14 – Plans for August 2014

Hi everybody! We hope you’ve all enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, we tried something different this time – more talking and a bit less of playing, more like an...

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes – The Tea Shop Murder Mystery

Help Sherlock Holmes to determine who is the murderer of Mr. T, the owner of the local tea shop. CLICK HERE TO PLAY


16/07/14 – Working on Sherlock

Hi everybody! So finally(!) we’ve released the long awaited “Skip Around the world”. We are happy to hear most of you have enjoyed it. We will fix...


Skip Around The World – Finland

Join Skip on his journey around the world. His first trip destination is Finland, where he will try to get the autograph of the famous sauna guru...


07/07/14 – Our weekly update

Hi everybody! The development of “Skip around the world” is close to it’s end. We will start to record the voices in a day and once they’re all...