12/12/14 – Where is our Christmas game?!

Hi everybody!
Unfortunately we did not quite finish the game on time (there are just a few minor issues to be taken care of), but just so you won’t get disappointed, we have another game for you!
It’s not a game that we developed, but it has a similar style to our games.
It was developed by Didier Guagliano (who did both the graphic work and the game’s programming by himself!)
CLICK HERE to play his awesome game, Stachmou and the Golden Compass!

Click here to visit his blog. There you’ll find some of the game’s sketches and other illustrations.

We will have the Christmas game ready for you on Monday.
Have a fun weekend 🙂

  • SeanStobbart

    Thanks Carmel for all the great games,look forward to the Christmas game and all other games to come in the future

  • SeanStobbart

    That Golden Compass game was fun,thanks for the recommendation Carmel

  • Aadhav

    Hey CG Team! Waiting forward to your game on Monday! Actually, even my cousins started playin Carmel Games because of my recommendations and you have 5 more fans!

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Aadhav, you’re one of our biggest fans 🙂

  • purvi

    Monday! yay!

  • i knew it will b a great game
    anyway donot say sorry its not ur fault as we love ur came and cannot wait for ur games

  • Emaan

    I don’t celebrate Christmas since I am a muslim. So Carmel games, I was thinking that if your not busy
    can you make a game in which there are Muslims. But I stiil love your games! 🙂

    • hi emaan

    • i m hindu donot warry all religions are same
      the all have only one name”GOD” which have other names
      if u donot celebrate christmas do it with my style
      bring a dairy milk and enjoy cristmas
      ok DONOT WORRY

    • Imaan

      I am Muslim too, and my name is Imaan! I love these games… I do think that they should make a Muslim game, but for some reason, I go crazy when someone pronounces an Arabic name wrong.

    • Imaan

      I am Muslims too… We have the same name! I also want them too make an Islamic game or something… But it bugs me when others get facts wrong. No offense to anyone. Like how some pronounce all Arabic wrong. I just really don’t want that to happen if they make a game.
      Still it is a good idea 🙂

      • Imaan

        Whoops sorry… i wrote two comments

    • wow what a great idea emaan i m also a muslim

      • yo!!!! maryam
        where r u from
        i m from mp

        • I m from Pakistan parul……

    • wow what a great idea emaan i m also a muslim………..

      • purvi

        Hi you live in Pakistan in which city

        • karachi parul

          • purvi

            I live in Peshawar n by the way my name is not parul its purvi ok Maryam

          • AHMED MUJTABA

            Hi i’m also from Karachi ,my name is Ahmed Mujtaba and I live on Tariq Road near Jheel Park

          • sorry purvi i got a little mistake :(………………………….

          • Hi ahmed mujtaba i m from bufferzone and u?? how old r u? or how r u(kese ho??) : )

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Emaan, we are aware that some of our fans don’t celebrate Christmas.
      We invite you to write us (using the contact form or here in the comments) about your holidays, so we will know more about them and be able to use it in one of our future game. Thank you.

      • Hello carmel games please make a game on our holidays and please translate the game in urdu (our national language)

      • Emaan

        I spend my vacations with reading Quran(Holy book of Muslims), I offer namaaz(our
        prayer) , I also play with my brothers and sisters and I tell them how to
        complete your games and I also do studies so that when my school opens I know
        most of the answers to the questions.
        Before reading Quran we have to do wudhu which is washing your body but not whole.
        You have to wash different parts in the correct order. If we don’t do wudhu we cannot offer
        namaaz or even touch the Quran. When ever girls read Quran or offer namaaz we have
        to wear scarfs and none of our hair should be seen. But if boys read Quran or offer
        namaaz they wear a type of cap called topi. You can find an image of a topi in Google.
        I hope this helped you Carmel games!
        Emaan(It means faith)

        • emaan you need to tell carmel games about our events ( eid-ul-azha) (eid-ul-fitr)

          • Emaan

            Well Eid Ul azha is a festival that we celebrate. In eid ul azha we have to take some
            animals like a cow, sheep or a goat and in three days we sacrifice these
            animals and we eat them. We have to sacrifice them on any one of those
            three days and if you don’t you have to wait for the next eid ul azha.
            Eid ul fitr is also a celebration that we celebrate. It is celebrated after the holy
            month of Ramadan. It is celebrated because muslims fast(Do not eat
            or drink anything)for the whole month. If your under the age of 10 you
            are not allowed to fast but if your over the age of 10 yes you can fast. If
            you celebrate eid(any of them) you have to wear shalwar kameez(national
            dress of Pakistan). In eid you also get money which we call eidi(only
            if somebody gives money to you on eid) and girls put eidi inside
            a purse and boys put it inside a wallet. In eid it is necessary to buy new
            clothing to wear. You can celebrate eid ul fitr by putting a party outside and
            going to other people houses.
            This is most of what I know about eid,
            Emaan(It is a girl name)

        • u r absolutely correct

          • there is a little bit mistake in eid-ul-azha we sacrifice animals like cows,sheep,goats, in the name of allah . we make 3 equal parts of the meat 1 part for the poor , 2 part for our relatives . 3 part for us to eat. We give the 1 part to poor and 2 part to relatives.the people who don’t have the money to buy and sacrifice animals cannot sacrifice animals . and we give them our 1 part from sacrifice

            Eid-Ul-fitr ) if you are 12 years old you are allowed to fast.

  • hey every one i want 2 revel something
    i m in love with someone and i m not able 2 tell her
    and if she rejected me so…………..
    anyway game was nice

  • i love someone
    so what can i do i donot have guts to propose her

    • Puneet give her a gift like ring and propose her…………………..:)

      • i do not have guts
        i m afriad that she will say “NO”

        she usually see me and laugh with her friend

        • propose her by giving a ring i think she will accept ur proposal try puneet bcz true love happens only once in life………………. what is the name of her?????

          • her name is priyanka

          • gr8 name 🙂

          • plz suggest me something

  • purvi

    what`s your age puneet

    • 15

      • i love her from 3 yrs

    • go and kiss her ; )

      • OMG
        i cannot stop my laughter
        maryam r u kidding
        what is ur age

        • 14 and puneet dear i m kidding : )

  • TJ

    Thanks for the update! It’ll be a happy Monday, then. 😉

  • Bas

    Can’t wait for Monday!
    There’s no need to apologise, we can wait ^^

    See you on Monday then.


    • yes bas
      but do exicted

  • lucy

    Really can’t wait

  • Marcela

    The golden compass game was great, so I think I can forgive you 😉 I can’t wait for your christmas game!

  • thx

  • really waiting for the game

  • Jessy57

    thx carmel have a wonderfull weekend too. maybe you would like to watch TOSH.O

  • when is the christmas game going to release? im really excited about that.i think stachmou and the golden compass is great even if im still not playing it.

  • Reness

    I loved the game though your games are better (MY OPINION) 🙂

  • I played the game and it was fun, but i think your games are still better.

  • Meena


  • Meena


  • Meena

    The game was fun! And Stachmou is just moustache the other way round and without the ‘e.’

    • TJ

      Hahaha… awesome!! Good eye! 😉


      I know!!!! for so long, heeeheeeheee,I played this game 4 months ago but I didnt know what to do with the gum.

  • Here’s the walkthrough for that compass game 😀

  • priya

    the game was awesome

  • julie

    Looking forward to the Christmas game. Compass Game was awesome!!!!

  • Charly

    I’ve already played this game 2 weeks ago. 🙁

  • that ain’t fair

  • kevin als semlim

    Where’s vortex point 6?

    • Carmel Games

      We will start to work on VP6 around February or March 2015.

  • kevin als semlim

    Maybe there’​s a something you hiding. I know if you make this game before Christmas game.

  • purvi

    there should be a Christmas game where it is camel games ?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Purvi, you can play the game HERE!

  • Pratham

    There’s no need for you to apologise we can wait.
    btw i rated yurius’s house of spooks and maplewood 5 stars for your excellent work.

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much Pratham!

  • Pratham

    There’s no need for you to ask for pardon we can wait.
    btw i rated yurius’s house of spooks and maplewood 5 stars for your excellent work.

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much Pratham 🙂

  • it is monday but still the game is not here.

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Lily, you can play the game HERE!

  • thanks carmel games I found the game

  • Ananto

    i like carmel games so much but i cant wait it for realse new games

  • Ananto

    carmel will you make crazy dad plz

  • amo carmel games!!!!! soy su fan numero uno!!!

    • Carmel Games


  • The Xmas game will be worth the wait. Thanks for the alternative though, I liked it 🙂

    • Hi there,

      We hope that you noticed our Christmas game is already out by now 🙂

      • Yep, I just didn’t’ make the connection. It was great as always.

  • pranamika

    i played the game and it is supub

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