17/04/14 – Introducing Carmelot!

Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed the brand new Ray&Cooper part 2.
The “Haunted House” game will be released in about two weeks, today we started working on another new game, a game which will take place in the magical kingdom of ‘Carmelot’.
Several months ago we received an email from Yoshin, suggesting us to develop a game with a Camelot theme.
This gave us the idea to create an entire ‘Carmelot’ universe (which will hopefully become a series), a place where all the of magical creatures live.
You’ll find there leprechauns, magic, spells, fairies, wizards, knights, goblins and more.
Here is the first background of the game. We are still thinking whether to use nighttime or daytime for the game’s backgrounds so it’s not final yet:


You can watch the making of this background at our YouTube channel. We are starting to create content for the channel on a regular basis and there are more like this one coming soon, so you really should subscribe!

That’s all for today,

18/04/14 Update:
Here is the daylight version. We want to hear what you think.


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