18/03/14 – Three new games coming your way

Hi everybody!
Today we’ve released the viral version of “Saucy Devil Gordon” which means that in addition to the previous languages the game is now also available in Spanish!
We are still working on the news reporter game. We can reveal it’s name now – Into the Wild. We hope it will be ready next week.

adventure games

After Into the Wild we are planning to release a new series about a kid who enjoys visiting haunted houses in various carnivals and theme parks.
Last but not least we have Ray and Cooper 2 which is still under work. The game will take place only days after the first game stops. A private investigator (which you’ll might recognize) is arriving town in order to solve the mystery around the whereabouts of Ray and Cooper.

adventure games

We are redrawing some of the first game’s backgrounds and adding some new ones.

That’s all folks, see you next time!

  • can you make a new game like vimpair like son 2 like he is going yo save his wife or something like that

    • ya i was also thinking to ask you ..!

    • ellen

      Yes, I was also thinking about that! What actually happened to his wife??

  • GuyWhoLikesStuff

    Is the investigator Kevin, Craig, Caroline or the detective from small town detective

  • GuyWhoLikesStuff

    Did you make small town detective or did someone else because it could be that guy or Kevin, Craig and Caroline

    • Chloe


  • Carlee

    The new series sounds amazing!!!!!!!

  • will vp5 be really sceary

  • Johnny Boy

    Ray and Cooper 2! Well before it was a friend searching for another, now it is the private investigator from Small Town Detective, searching for both!! I am happy to know that Carmel Games is doing some crossovers!
    RAAAAAAAAAAAAY E COOOOOOOOOOOPER 2222222222222222222!!!!!!! s2
    Sorry I need to express my feelings about that.
    P.S: Hope you do it soon

    Johnny Boy

    • Tathagata

      Umm, how do you know that it is the private detective of small town detective?

      • Johnny Boy

        Carmel games commented someone comment(I don’t remember where) and they said that it is gonna be Small Town Detective’s detective

  • Im so excited ^_^ Im waiting for these games ^_^

  • ML521

    All of these games sound great!!

  • GuyWhoLikesStuff

    Did You Create Small Town Detective? Because If You Did The Detective Could Be Him, If Not Then Its Kevin Craig and Caroline.


    caint wait

  • I am really excited!!

  • reness

    It sounds fun and a lot of work has to be done by you guys .

  • You have no idea how happy I am about this. Three games created by some of the greatest game developers of all time? Yes, please.

  • Jean-Pierre

    Thank you so much for your work. I’m a big fan of what you do.

  • can you make vp6 please reply

  • Chloe

    please meke a game like mermaid city or a new crepos tales

  • minnie

    I can wait

  • yoshin

    the private investigator must be kevin from VP

  • Talia

    Can’t wait!!! I hope the new games are as good as they sound! 😀

  • meghna

    hi carmel games thx for making ray and cooper 2 it sounds awesome when is the game with the boy who loves going to haunted houses release? whos the investigator in ray and cooper 2

  • ahmed hassan

    what is the release data of into the wild

  • shreeya

    when are you releasing these games??

    • Carmel Games

      We will soon.

  • Renee

    Why is that creature appearing everytime?
    <<<<<—————– this one

    • Carmel Games

      We wanted to replace the boring mystery man who was there before.

    • reness

      Ya…I don’t admire it at all . This monkey is really a bit too annoying.

  • Linda

    I just love these games and I am soooo looking forward to the release of the new ones!!! They cant be released fast enough for my addiction to them 🙂

  • Laihuaqing

    what about something that involves the more puzzles. because I bet a large percentage the people who play your games are people who like puzzles. and I don’t really like using a walk through to complete a game. maybe you could do that in your one-room game series?
    just throwing that out-there.

  • biker

    We look forward to the new games coming up. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Sad boy

    Ray and Cooper 2

  • Sad boy


  • cheska

    carmel games can you post these new games once a week im tired of waiting

  • cheska

    please post these new things because im tired of waiting

  • when is it going to come Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • maya azizi

    what happened to Ray and Cooper in the end?
    one of them became a half pig?

    • Johnny Boy

      Actually it’s never show if Ray become a half pig man, and Carmel Games probably won’t comment spoilers here.

  • yoshin

    no he well…..i forgot

  • Chloe

    please put up ray and cooper 2 and make a new crepos tales and back in time 3 please carmel games 😛

  • fazo jogo em portugues

  • can you make like vimpair like son 2 please?

  • Jasmine

    whens the next weekly update?

    • Carmel Games

      Monday or Tuesday.

  • grayce

    when are you releasing them?

    • Carmel Games

      We hope we will be able to release Into The Wild until March 28th

      • Johnny Boy

        And the others? One month for both?

  • 28 i cant wait till that

  • Wow!That’s great

  • zoe

    hi carmel games great games your having please make back in time 3 like vampire like son 2 because i really like your games

  • hi i was plaing ray and cooper and i had a question what happend at the end?

    • Johnny Boy


      Cooper found Ray, and free him, but instead of running away, Cooper was asking Ray what happened and why they need to get out of there fast. While they were almost arguing, the clown noticed that someone have found Ray. So in the end of all the clown kindnapped both for his experiments. And now(Ray & Cooper 2) a detective will search for them.


      • thanks

        • Johnny Boy

          You are welcome.

  • Chloe


  • i’m the comment monster!

  • ha ha thats just a joke

  • hey , have you used my name(HARI)in any of your games or are they still in the list?

    • Carmel Games

      No, we haven’t used it yet.

  • Yura

    make Vortex Point 5 please~ ^-^

    • Carmel Games

      We will start our work on VP5 right after we will finish the work on Ray&Cooper 2.

  • yoshin

    is my name on the list?i recommended about two month ago

    • Carmel Games


      • noam

        new game?

  • Tathagata

    Carmelgames, the monkey has disappeared from your website. Why, it was cute! Whatever you told Jasmine that the next update will be on Monday to Tuesday! Where is it? I check every day in the website to see if you have updated something or not.

    • Johnny Boy

      Checking all the day waiting for Ray & Cooper 2 News… Yeah we are on the same boat.

      • Carmel Games

        Ray&Cooper 2 is still under development.

  • reness

    You are right tathagata…..I too check every day .

  • Dustinyount

    Can you guys Please make another game of maybe another vortex point game.. if you cant do that yet possibly can u make another game with a girl avatar or a “make your own character” thing and then start a game.
    Thank you,
    Dustin Yount.

    • Carmel Games

      Hello Dustin, we will soon start to work on Vortex Point 5.

  • Ed

    It must be tough seeing so many requests that border on the ridiculous to sentences full of typographical errors with no punctuation, and yet there are people asking you guys to churn out games nonstop even after you just completed one.

    I would like to thank you people for the games you produce. I greatly admire your artistic style and I am glad you are not going for the minimalist style advocated by Google/Apple. I appreciate the beautifully drawn backgrounds and the dialogue boxes and have been trying to replicate them unsuccessfully on Inkscape.

    I wonder, is Motel 401 part of your work? Because I cannot find a mention of it on this site but the style is very similar and it was what eventually led me to your games on MouseCity.

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much for your feedback, it’s very nice to hear such compliments 🙂
      Motel 401 is one of our earlier works, before we’ve established the Carmel Games brand.

  • johnny

    when will you make like vampire like son 2?

  • When will you release Ray & Cooper 2?

    • Carmel Games

      In about two weeks.

  • russell

    hey im suggesting to you,Carmel games,to make a game with inkagames team because they also makes escape games.You are my two favorite point and click gamesites.If you made this and your game will be a big hit.I love you Carmel games.thank you.hoping for your reply.hehe…

  • russell

    my suggestion for a new game:the story is about a superhero who need to defeat that.or just use superheroes characters in your next games

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Russell, thank you for your idea, we do plan to do something with super heroes in the future.

  • carmel games when will vp5 be released cuz’ im so bored

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