A Night in Crazyville

In this game you’ll be playing Jason, a guy who finds out that his date is actually a wanted criminal.
Help Jason turn in his date into the police and get his car back.

Click here to play!

  • thanks for the games

  • chloervp

    i am addicted to all the games here!!!!!
    thanks for producing so many great games!!!!!!!!!
    love carmel games

    • Carmel Games

      Glad to hear you are enjoying our games 🙂

  • chloervp

    and one more thing
    the human test is kind of funny hahaha

  • carmel games

    i loves this game

  • carmellover

    carmelgames is the best! they make very good en smart games, and you don’t just play them in a minute. it is during 30 minutes bevore ou have the game don.

  • Aadam

    The fortune teller was a reference of Zoltar, an app by OK Interactive.

    • Yes Aadam this is correct, you are very perceptive!

      • Aadam

        Which platform is it on, iOS or Android?

        • It was on Facebook, long time ago.

  • jazzy

    u guys make best games -addicted-

  • daisy

    good game

  • I_RULE

    Did I just hear the dial-up tone while playing the arcade game? Now that’s an arcade machine you can use to surf the Internet… 🙂

    Also, why does the hotel only have 10 floors? I live in a building that has 23 floors!

    • You heard right 🙂
      And since Jason has nothing to look for in most floors, there was no point in making more than 10 floors.

  • John Jones

    I love that the main character basically murders (or least viciously assaults) seven people to catch a fugitive con artist car thief.

  • footloop80

    this game is crazzzy awesome i love that small screaming girl # dont talk to strangers

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