And the winners are…

Hi everybody!
The Carmelo mug contest has ended, thanks to all of those who participated.
We sent a message to the winners, so please check your email.
If you did not win, there will be a new contest which will start on December 1st, more information below.

Carmelo’s Art Expo 2016

On December 1st we will launch our new contest. This time your goal will be to make something creative that relates to Carmel Games.
It can be a new logo, a new character, fan art for one of our games, concept art for a new game or anything else you see right.
The winner, chosen by Carmel Games, will receive the Disney Kingdoms – Seekers of the Weird comic book (hard cover and includes some cool concept art!)
The contest will end on January 7th.

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird

Other than that…

In the meantime we’re working on our (late) Halloween game. It’s more fun for us to work on a game with goofy characters:
Our Christmas game will be ready in a few days (hopefully not after Friday).

That is all for today, have a magical day!

P.S. – The correct answers for the Carmelo mug (D&K) contest were 5 clocks and Texas&Turkey flags.

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    first comment

  • Vikhyat Agarwal


  • Romina Ogieglo

    Hello! How could be possible that the second answer was “Texas and Turkey flags”? The question was: “The flags of which COUNTRIES have appeared in the game?”. Texas is not a country!

    • Jennifer Scott

      I believe the date that was referred to for the flag (1838 I think) was when Texas was recognised as an independent sovereign state, ie. a country in it’s own right. So on that basis the question was valid as asked. Sorry to be a buzzkill, I just like my general knowedge.

    • Hi Romina,

      Yes, this was indeed kind of a trick question.
      In the game it was referred to the flag Texas had back in 1838. At that time Texas was not a state but a country on its own (Republic of Texas). Texas also had many other flags over the years. Eventually when Texas became a state the flag that was chosen was the same flag which appears in the game, and so it remained to this day.

  • AtomicBow

    Who actually won? I entered with my sister’s email address, and she often deletes her emails every time without actually looking. I’m quite confused now.

    • The winners are:
      Olivia Yates from Georgia USA,
      Uri Chachick from Israel,
      Parul Agrawal from India
      and Olivier Bouvet from France.

  • Irenne

    Great, a new cotest with an interesting theme, and it ends on my birthday, too!
    By the way, I really like that scarecrow in the last sketch. It’s so sweet! 🙂

    • Make sure to participate Irenne, we all know you’re talented 🙂

      • Anudeep CVS

        True that!

  • pranamika love

    Can I give any draw in the art contest, carmelo?
    Can I give a drawing of a girl out from your game?
    And also where i have to sent the draws to enter the contest…?
    Please the me in details carmelo….

    • Hi there,
      The contest didn’t start yet, when it will start (December 1st) we will announce all the details.

      • pranamika love

        okay thanks…

  • pranamika love

    aww! i have not won the cup contest but there i have given the answers correctly..

  • fadrique

    I did get the correct answers but didn’t win a mug ): so sad

    • Don’t worry, maybe next time 😉

  • Anonymous Kyle

    So going to participate…..PRBLY!!
    P.S. I thought the Christmas game was the Cap’n Marcela’s Winterland….

    • Good luck!
      And no, that was our “pre-Christmas” game 🙂

  • AtomicBow

    For the competition, Paint.NET is a good piece of software, which allows your mind to be as creative as possible. Have fun messing about with it!

    • A neat recommendation, thank you!

  • Aarsh Khare

    Well all my answers were right but i didn’t find any email??

    • Hi Aarsh,

      Only the lucky winners received an email notifying them of their win.

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