Anita’s Camp

Anita is the new manager of Camp Lakota and she is having some minor difficulties with one of the campers. Can you give her a hand?


For those of you who can’t play on MouseCity, you can now try playing at SnapBreak.


  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • andrea

    Nice Game! I really love the idea of the crossover!! 😀

    • Thanks andrea, glad you love it 🙂

  • nina Lee

    I love it!

  • SammieEm

    Anita’s camp was fun

  • Basma Anaoar

    i miss the old games

    • Which games exactly Basma?

  • Cambria

    Isn’t that bratty blond kid the same as the one in “Luke”?

    • athulya


    • Exactly, that’s Damien 🙂

  • athulya

    nice game

  • athulya

    when vortex point 7realesed

    • No known date yet but it’s under work.

  • Jeroen Wapenaar

    Good game, as always, but I don’t get the Note puzzle. I mean, I do get the numbers, but..(don’t wanna give away spoilers)

    • It’s the number of butterflies (3) times the number of paws (5) that appears in the game (=15).

      • Jeroen Wapenaar

        Ahh..boing 😀 Tnx

  • draph91

    hasn’t Anita appeared in a previous game?

    • Yes, Anita’s Job, that’s the sequel 😀

  • Panda Kelly

    OMG yaaaay a new gaaame!!! I checked daily to wait for a new game and yaaay finally there is oooone!! *backs away to play the game*

    • Thanks Kelly! Keep checking, we’re always working on new ones 🙂

  • Oren Elmoznino


    • Indeed, that’s Damien 😛

  • Kevin Mask

    Great game as always!!! When is the next Vortex point? and how about the Gatekeeper?

    • The next Vortex Point (7) is under heavy work at the moment and is the next game to be released.

  • John Jones

    I like this game, especially the character of Anita. She’s clever, creative and has a mean streak toward those who deserve it.

  • MrBrightMK2

    The background music on this one was amazing is it avaible for download ?

  • Sidharth

    you guys keep releasing such amazing games always……but still this game was no less of a surprise….ahhhh and i im eagerly waiting for vp7;)

    • Thanks Sidharth, VP7 is coming soon 🙂

  • athulya

    love your games

  • TJ

    That was great!!! It’s always good to see Damien get what’s coming to him… lol
    Will you be combing more characters in upcoming games?

    • Hi Tammy!
      We don’t know yet, but probably yes, the Carmel Games universe has some inner collisions 🙂

  • petroa

    I didn’t really understand the point of the berry book. The game already seemed to know which was poisonous and which was safe.

    • The poisonous was more for fun 😛

  • PN

    Oh no, Damien is back!

  • Mukta Roy

    great game!! loved it.i am eagerly waiting for vortex point 7

    • Not much longer to wait 🙂

  • gurlfran

    why would you give a Juan a fork to heal his mosquito bites…? I wasted a lot of time thinking that the extra poison berries and the book on the shelf talking about berries would be the cure. There’s no logic. Also, the voice acting in all of your games is so terrible, to the point of downgrading the experience and making the game obnoxious. It’d be better to just have the text. And the character of Juan is obviously playing off of racial stereotypes as ancient and groan-inducing as the era of “Speedy Gonzales”…. as a Mexican-American game design student, everything about this was offensive

    • Hi gurlfran,

      The logic is: The fork is being used by Juan to SCRATCH himself because the mosquito bites itch him, it’s not used to HEAL him, but instead to relief his discomfort. The poison berries, along with the book, are both a Red herring and also there to add some fun and more things to do.

      Regarding the voice acting, at the moment we have budget limitations, so our only options are to either leave it as is, or drop voice acting altogether, which we’re sure would disappoint many of our other fans. There’s an option in settings to mute the voice acting, this way if one doesn’t like the voice acting on can mute it and still enjoy the game.

      Regarding Juan’s character – What are you talking about? What’s racist? That he’s Mexican-American? That he has an accent (like many Mexican-American do)? That he has a foreign name because he wasn’t born in the USA? How is any of that offensive? If we wouldn’t put foreign characters you would’ve said that we discriminate them out of our games, that they’re underrepresented, but when we do – it’s racist? Damned if we do, damned if we don’t?

      • gurlfran

        I think the answer to your question can be found in another question: did you use a Mexican-american voice actor? Or did you use an actor of another race imitating their perception of Mexican-American people? Whether or not you intended it, your “representation” of other races in this instance translates poorly. It seems more like you are poking fun at stereotypes, and that’s just mean. Hopefully you’ll keep the idea of how your players view the characters in mind as you continue to make games.

        • As said previously – we work under pretty tight budget limitations, meaning we can’t just go around pick any voice actor we want out of some imaginary pool of 100s of actors with different qualifications and characteristics. In practice, we work with a few regular voice actors, most of them are american (some are European), who do the voice for all of our games, we use them and not others because most of the volume of voices we need are American/European.

          We can’t go on scouting for different voice actors for each and every game and make sure that each actor will have the same accent as the characters, we are not a multi-million dollars AAA global developer, we are a smaller than indie developer with some very strict and real life limitations, especially for most of the games we make which are relatively small.

          If and when we’ll do a real big game with a real big budget of course we’ll take care of all the small details, including a thorough scouting of voice actors per each character on a personal basis. However, this is not the situation we are currently in.

  • Sanu0668

    I loved it! Thanks carmel for makin these strong female characters. Carmel make a pokemon mystery game. Thank ll be fun!

    • Glad you liked it! We really do incorporate more female protagonists into our games, we’re happy to see our audience enjoys it 🙂

  • Mukta Roy

    fabulous game.keep it up carmel game.!!

  • John Jones

    What’s the timeframe from when a game is released here and it ends up on Newground?

    • Hi John,
      The time it takes is about 2 weeks.

  • VirgKiss

    Damien is in this game, from the game “Luke” and “Luke: Deluxe”!

    • Yes, this is the same Damien 🙂

  • VirgKiss

    When Anita said “cut”, it sounded like the “Technical Difficulties” beep!
    anyways, I like this game.
    For your next game, I made a female person. She should be controlled in your next game.

    • Yes, the goal was for it to sound like that 🙂

  • VirgKiss

    I made a character Deety she is a bad guy

    • VirgKiss

      She has blonde hair, a red skirt, and a blue shirt.She also wears pink shoes,with blue polka-dots.

      • Is there somewhere we could see this character? Is there a sketch?

    • VirgKiss

      No, you can make her.

  • RockyRockz

    i like that game thats cool keep it up guys

  • VirgKiss

    Carmelo, can you please make another sequel where Damien returns to steal the gruel what the chef made. Then, we need to find ingredients for the wild-berry gruel. If we finish the game, we get a spoon of the gruel what we need to give to Myles because he is hungry.

    • If there will be a 3rd Anita game then it might be possible.

  • Mehul Gupta

    I don’t get how you were supposed to know what the combinations for the safes are! I only got the combinations from the walkthrough!

    • Hi Mehul,
      1st safe:
      On the sign at the first screen, the 3rd, 6th and 7th letters are highlighted
      2nd safe:
      The number of butterflies (3) times the number of paws (5) which appears in the game (=15).

  • Leonie Hauri

    Love the ‘Oh no! You killed our chef! I hope you’re happy with yourself!’

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