Are you ready to play?

Hi everybody!
Yes, we’re still on a break, but we’ll release Midnight Spooks in just a couple of days!

That’s not all – Soon, (and by soon we mean 1-2 weeks) we’ll release another new game, which we hope will turn into a successful series, called Trapped. Our goal is to bring you the escape room experience at the convenience of your own home (and for free!)

Trapped is the name of a fictional company which run escape room attractions all over the Carmel universe.
In this upcoming game you’ll be getting a chance of entering Wayne’s chamber – the room of a psychotic killer. You’ll need to find framing evidence which will send the infamous killer to their punishment. It’s a one room game, so we can’t reveal any screenshots, but we’ve put many efforts in it and we hope that you will love it.

Make sure you check out these two new posts at Carmel PLUS, see ya soon!

  • Abdallah Amin

    i am so excited 😀

  • AThornAmongRoses


  • davd

    Hi! These games seems great, but is “the gatekeeper” canceled? You don’t talk about it anymore!

    • Not canceled, but on hold.

  • andrea

    YEEEESSSSS!!!! Can’t wait!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Samuel Moses

    This looks like a fascinating game 😉

  • Rabbit

    I can’t wait for a new game. Its been so long.

  • lindsey krontz

    You all still contining Vortex point too? I liked those past games.

  • Dora

    please release ! its been a few days and schools starting soon, i need ur game to cheer me up

    • I’m pretty sure school will cheer you up too 🙂

  • jo

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  • DaGeniusGamer 360


  • Martin Bak

    Please give us some news. Its about 5 weeks since you said 3 weeks. And now its 5 days since you said a couple of days. Can you get closer to when we can expect a release for real? We are waiting on the edge of the chairs out here 🙂

    • Hi Martin, I’m sorry for my late reply.
      You probably saw we’ve released a new game 3 days ago.
      I hope we’ll release another game next week.

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