Back In Time 2 – Walkthrough

Pick up the magazine on the right, it shows that to be cool you need a cool vest, a hat and an earring. Go left.

Go to the City Mall.
Go right. Click on the trash to get an Empty cup. Pick up the Voucher from the bushes in front of you. Enter the “Mister Hipster” clothes store. Talk to the saleswoman, she will give you a Tape. Click on the clothes pile on the right to get a Safety Pin.
Exit back to the map and go to Block Bluster.
Give the Tape to the clerk, choose the Horror Movie, you’ll get a Red Tape Leave the store.
Go to the Arcade.
Give the Red Tape to the kid, he will leave. Play in the arcade machine on the right, you’ll get Pogs. Pick up the Dollar Coin and the Plastic Eye from the floor. Use the Plastic Eye on the Safety Pin to get an Earring. Leave the Arcade.
Go to “Lazer Quest”.
Give the Voucher to the clerk, he will leave. Enter the Restrooms. Use the Empty Cup on the soap dispenser on the right to get Soap. Leave the place.
Go back to the City Mall.
Give the Dollar to the Frozen Yogurt salesman to get Frozen Yogurt. Use the Soap on the Frozen Yogurt to get Soap covered Frozen Yogurt. Go right and back into the “Mister Hipster” clothes store. Talk to the saleswoman again. Give her the Pogs. She will give you a Cool outfit. Use the Cool outfit on the changing room to the right to change into the Cool outfit. Leave the store and go left. Talk to the girl at the Auditions entrance. Talk to Mick (leftmost blonde guy). Use the Soap covered Frozen Yogurt on him.
You’re done!

  • yusra

    what about the earing we cannot go into the dressing room without the earing

    • Carmel Games

      Use the safety pin on the teddy bear’s eye.

      • Lian Benedicto Quitlong

        but where’s the safety pin?

        • You’ll find it at the clothes shop inside the mall.

  • zainab

    Thank You For Helping Me Again!!!! 😀

  • aillua

    where did we can get the voucher? i finished the game, and get stuck after i make an earing.. help me

    • Carmel Games

      Look for it inside the mall.

  • wish carmel games can create new games every day

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