Brain… We want your brain!

Hi everybody!
When your passion begins to be your job it’s sometimes hard to stop for a bit and enjoy what you’re doing: you have deadlines to meet, budgets you can’t break and there are times you must cut corners just to get the game out in time.
We really don’t want this to be the situation with H17 (our new blog project which we talked about last week), which is why we’ve set its deadline for October. That should give us enough time to create something unique and learn some new skills (we already started learning how to edit videos for our book reviews).
But the H17 project is not just about books and movies reviews, its about adventure games too!
This is where we need your brains!
The basic plot for our H17 game is ready, but we really want to hear your ideas (which is another way of saying “we’re all out of ideas for this one”).
This game will be very similar to A Night in Crazyville – you need to get people out of your way in order to advance in the game (there’s also a point to the violent behavior presented, which will remain a secret for now).
In Crazyville we tempered a little girl’s drink with detergent, set the gallery manager’s head on fire, electrocuted a rock singer, dropped an iron and pottery onto people’s heads and more.
We’re looking for ideas just like those – how to get rid of people in funny ways we can animate.
Other than that, creative use for items is appreciated as always (e.g. wash a dead skunk and turn it into a scarf).
So please share your ideas with us in the comments below (feel free to ask us any question, we’ll try to answer as fast as we can),
And if you really feel like you can turn this game into something spectacular please contact us!)

On a different subject, have you seen this screen lately?

Chrome started blocking Flash content on websites, so you’ll might see this screen, if you haven’t seen it already.
Either way, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions on the screen, and click to enable Flash.

The Ritual part 2 is ready and will be published by MouseCity soon (we don’t know exactly when yet), The Clue will also be ready soon.

That’s all for today, have a great day!

  • Kathryn

    I’m excited for all of the games, and I’m glad that you’ve set yourself a deadline you feel is good and will hopefully put less stress on all of you! As for ideas, hm… I’ll have to think about that!

    • I love your ideas!
      I will definitely use the balloons + coffin as a boat (now that I think of it, I think I saw something like that in Goosebumps).
      Fantastic ideas, thanks!

  • Jeroen Wapenaar

    Maybe a bookshelf falls on someone’s head, or a piano, maybe you lure them onto a high building and take away the ladder/destroy the elevator (time bonus?), maybe a lamp mysteriously falls, slippery stairs, tamper with their car, change road signs (you should have bought a squirrle scene in rat race always gets me), lock them in a freezer cell, get someone an ice cream with some very interesting flavours, get someone arrested for shoplifting/clothes shopping…no really I DO have great friends. 🙂

    • James Palmer

      Piano on the head makes me think of an old joke, so maybe Music professor who wants you to give him A Flat Minor. You drop a piano down a mineshaft and behold, a flat miner.

    • I love it! Piano on the head was pretty popular on cartoons when I was a kid.

  • andrea

    Maybe somebody could be scattered with honey and being hunted by a wild bear…somebody could be trapped in a steam bath until fainting….a person could be pushed into an abyss and while trying to hold to a cliff may be tickled (like your Alexis in Luke) and forced to fall….somebody could steal an object from a wrestler, give it to the victim and accuse him to have stolen the object making the victim hit by the wrestler….but i don’t know if these ideas are too specific and useless for your games; if that’s the case sorry if I made you lose time and thanks again for the fantastic games! 😉

    • Thank you Andrea, I love your ideas.
      Any idea is a good idea, because sometimes even a “bad” idea leads, after some thinking, to a good idea.

  • Guneet Singh Chadha

    Two big characters,each in different areas, are an obstacle for collecting two items that you need. Each person claims that they’re great fighters, and so you use each person’s claim to get them to fight. The fight results in the two characters knocking each other out, allowing you to get the items.
    Since it’s likely going to be a cloud of fighting, maybe make items/characters from other games randomly appear from the cloud.
    An additional possibility is that the fight reveals a hidden path needed to progress.

    • Interesting idea, I’ll need to think about it.

  • Dora

    maybe a narcissistic self obsessed character and you give them a hat filled with hair removal products and then when they put it on their head, their hair falls out and they freak out and run away

    • Nice one! We can also put paint or glue inside the hat 🙂

      • Dora


  • Arceus

    What about an annoying bunch of trick-or-treaters, and perhaps you have to scare them away using items related to their costumes? I.e. garlic to get rid of someone in a vampire costume.

    Just an idea for you to consider.

    • I think the garlic won’t do any good unless it’s a real vampire (unless the guy who wears the costume is allergic to garlic)

  • petroa

    An idea I have for the H17 game would be to spray gummy worms with paint (to make them more realistic) and glue (to make them more adhesive). Then, throw them in a villain’s hair and watch the hungry birds swoop and terrorize. Potentially, very Hitchcock-ian.

    • Reminds me a scene from Home Alone 2, good idea!

  • James Palmer

    Some ideas. Hope some are useful.
    1) An old fashioned geek whose spectrum has stopped working. You make it work and they return to their game of The Great Escape.
    2) A housewife on washing day. You cut the washing line so the washing falls to the floor. She goes to sort it out leaving the coast clear.
    3) A ferocious cat that is quiesced by a ball of pink wool
    4) One of those vacuum packed flannels. It looks like a pellet but put it in water and it expands to be a useful cloth for cleaning things
    5) Put an armadillo into an old-fashioned clothes mangle and it becomes a piece of body armour.

    My brain is weird. lol

    • I like the way you think! The washing line idea will definitely be in the game. I like to use retro items in my games, so a Spectrum will fit too 🙂

  • Jin Sang

    1. good old fashioned slip on a banana peel – how you get the banana could be one of the puzzles.
    2. Caution signs removed. Like a Caution, wet floor! sign removed from a building the villain is chasing you in or a Caution, fresh cement sign removed from the pavement on the street.

    3. Staring at the sun without sunglasses
    4. Hearing the word ”moist” over and over again until the villain blacks out

    • Thank you Jin. Stealing “wet floor” sign is a good idea!
      You have to get rid of the shopkeeper first, only then you can steal it. Later on someone else slips on the floor right into the bottomless pit 🙂

      • Jin Sang

        If you think you can use the idea, please do, I’d be thrilled!

  • Leonie Hauri

    1) Find a Wanted Poster. One of the characters looks really similar to the person on the poster, except that they need thick black eyebrows and brown hair. Use black caterpillars on their eyebrows and use mud on their hair, then turn in the Wanted Poster to someone and they will get caught by the police and taken away.
    2) Put an air pump in someone’s mouth and inflate them like a balloon until they float away
    3) Create a scarecrow that looks like someone the character knows – maybe they show you a picture of their lost daughter or wife/husband. It can be a challenge to collect the items to add to the scarecrow (clothes, ribbon, hat, marker to draw facial features, etc.). Once the scarecrow is finished the character will run to the scarecrow and start crying.
    4) Give someone one of those ‘magic’ hats that rabbits get pulled from. Either have the person disappear into the hat and get replaced by a rabbit (or nothing at all), or have a rabbit come out of the hat and attack the person.

  • Martin Bak

    I will suggest, that you use a moment to watch this video:

    This was made for education of frontliftdrivers in Germany

    • Nice one. Klaus should be the star of a horror movie 🙂
      It certainly gave me some ideas.

  • Martin Bak

    A garlic-hater will leave, if the air con filter is switched with one moistered with garlic. An alcohol lover will pass out, if he gets a bottle of 80% rom. An animal lover will run to rescue any animal in trouble. (elephant with a stuckd snable?) A member of the citzitent firedepatment will throw everything, if he thinks theres a fire somewhere.

  • sdi

    1) A writer whose pen is jammed. You unjam it in some way and ink explodes all over their face.
    2) Someone who wants to dye their hair. You give them hair removal disguised as dye.

    • Smashing pens is good, thanks!

  • Jade Bercy

    Why don’t you do something like in the animation Up? You could attach some balloons to a chair so the guy flies away and has to drop what you need in order to get rid of some weight…vOr he could just go to hell and stays up to give you the space you need for whatever bad things you’re doing 😉

  • John Jones

    Rig a soda machine so it falls on someone and squashes them flat. Spray someone with pollen so they get chased by bees. Steal a urine sample and serve it as lemonade.

    • This kind of lemonade goes well with Vova’s pizza 🙂

  • FlyingPoop

    When is the next game going to come out?

  • chillybeanie

    I think you should have to get to know the characters, determine their character traits, use those as their flaws to find ways to pit them against each other to solve your problems for you. So one example might be you need to get a dude to be out of the picture for awhile, and you need a feminist woman to stay away from a certain neighborhood from now on for whatever reason. You find out a dude has boorish views on women and that he usually eats at restaurant b. You know the feminist woman usually frequents restaurant a, which is in the neighborhood you don’t want her in, and you find out she has just become a mom. So you sabotage restaurant a with a burst water pipe to get feminist mom and her baby in restaurant b together when dude is there and now the baby is super hungry. The dude makes some unsavory comments about taking the baby to eat in the bathroom, and the mom beats him up. Now dude is out of the picture in the hospital for months, and mom only frequents restaurant b because she wants to take out any other boorish dudes that might potentially eat there.

  • Tom

    1) Have a frozen meal or some other hard object but disguise it as cooked so they eat it but break their teeth.
    2) But something metal in a microwave exploding the room.
    3) Change to water to acid when they take a shower/bath
    4) Add poison to their drink

    • Water to acid… That sounds like something CrazyDad will do!

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