Cap’n Marcela’s Winter Wonderland

Every year pirates from all over the world come and buy supplies at Marcela’s shop at the Winter Wonderland fair. But this year, Marcela’s merchandise did not arrive. Where can it be?



  • Jennifer Scott

    Always love seeing a new game up from Carmel, can’t wait to get started!

    • Hope you liked it Jennifer!

      • Jennifer Scott

        Loved it as always! Great mix between fun, puzzles and comedy!

  • Carmelfan

    Second review!Good job Carmel Games!

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • pallavi srinivas

    Any other website where I can play this game?!

    • Not yet but there will be in around 2 weeks.

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    waiting long time for a new game and the time’s here!!!!!

  • AtomicBow

    This game has brought me into the Christmas spirit already, that’s how good it was executed!
    Possibly another game about Cap’n Marcela? If so, I can’t wait!

    • Tomorrow we will release the actual Christmas game for this year 🙂

  • Irenne

    This was a great game, but during the puzzles my computer started to go really slow. Any ideas why?

    • Are you referring to the square puzzles?

      • Irenne

        Yes, I am.

  • Red Spark

    Love it! The game is awesome!

  • Christin Sebastian

    Hey Carmelo, I am a huge fan of Carmel games and I’ve played all of your games from the begging. Could you please include my name in any new games . Thank you very much. And plzz putt me as a male character.

  • TJ

    That was a lot of fun!! Thanks guys!! Loved the ending!

    • Glad you enjoyed Tammy 🙂


    please add my name in any of your games. i love all your games. my name is ashwanth goldin


    lol Guybrush Threepwood 😀

  • snowleaf

    very nice! 🙂 is there anything to do at the clock tower?

    • Kevin Mask

      was wondering the same thing

    • Not in this game, maybe in the next one 😛

  • Kevin Mask

    I think puzzle games are boring

    • So which games are you into Kevin?

      • Kevin Mask

        Call of duty! ahaah joking, I think you got me wrong this time, I love point and click games, by boring puzzle games I meant the ones you’re pitching in recently, like reordering tiles or Rubik esque mini games

        • So you’re more into the adventures type of games? Stay tuned tomorrow then, I think you’ll like our next game more 🙂

          • Kevin Mask

            I’m into games like your Vortex Point, so horror themed games but I also liked all the others, I was just referring to the “minigames” you’ve been adding, like putting pieces together to form a picture, that’s what I find boring, but I love the rest, I’m basically into “find the object and place it in the right spot” games, like the original resident evil or silent hill, and of course monkey island style games

          • Hi Kevin,

            So did you like our recent Christmas game (A Christmas Blackout)?
            I hope you did, by your description it sounds like it is more to your liking.

          • Kevin Mask

            Yes, but I liked Marcela’s game also, I just find those tiles minigames annoying that you’ve been putting everywhere for some time, but that’s just my opinion, if majority likes them just keep putting them, I’ll hang in there till I finish them, no probs, I’d be curious to know what other people here think about it though.

          • Hi Kevin,

            Well, from reading pretty much 95% of the comments here, we can tell you that the opinions are divided, that’s why we do both kinds 🙂 Also in our newest game – Monster Love – there are no puzzles like those you’ve mentioned.

          • Kevin Mask

            yeah I’m gonna play Monster love now, I haven’t played it yet

          • Enjoy 🙂

          • Kevin Mask

            ah I hate shoot them up and war games, I was only pulling your leg

  • pranamika love

    is this game is in other website?

  • I love it, its awesome!

  • RockyRockz


    • Thank you 🙂

      • RockyRockz

        Your welcome

  • Awesome game….. love it, but i played it late because busy in translating a game…….really cool game

    • Hi Pragya,

      Thank you, and thank you for the translation also 🙂

  • ipatch = 10,000 $ XD

  • Adam Pendleton

    This is a great game carmelo, I just made my account so I’m new here. I really love “The Gatekeeper”! Keep it up guys! 😀

    • Thank you very much Adam, we appreciate it 🙂

  • Selvi Ravi

    You have a created the best games that is worth of time to play, Carmelo. When I started playing one of your games, I became addicted to play more of it. Yeah, I am a new player now. Thank you for the adventures games that you have created, Carmelo. Can’t wait to play more of you games. BEST OF LUCK:)

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