Christmas countdown

Hi everybody!
Today we want to challenge ourselves! Can we make a top-notch escape game in just 10 days?!
Most likely NO (because some of the game’s making process is not up to us, for example proofreading and voice overs), but we’re still gonna give it a try.
We already wrote the game’s plot, so now it’s time for us to work on the game’s graphics. The puzzles will relate to the theme of the game and we hope that the game’s ending will leave your jaw on the floor.
We will be updating this post during the next 10 days, so you’ll be able to follow our progress!

Other than that, CrazyDad will be ready in a week or so 🙂

That’s all for today, we now have less than 10 days to create a spectacular escape game, the clock is ticking!

P.S. – The escape game will take place inside an arcade, so please share with us your favorite classic arcade games (or any other very old games that you used to like, such as DOS, Nintendo or any other classic platform).

Updates – Day 1:

We now have sketches for all three rooms of the game. It’s not very impressive right now, but we will be adding lighting & shadows and more details, so the final result will look great!

Updates – Day 2:

So here it is, our first background! We’re working on the 2nd background as we speak, and the game characters too.

Updates – Day 3:

Another day went by and we have a new background! Also, the protagonist’s character is ready. In contrast to mozt of our games, in this one you’ll be seeing his back for most part.

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