Cody’s Nightmare Vacation

It was supposed to be the best vacation ever for Cody, but on his way to the airport the taxi driver got lost along the way and dropped him off at Punko Hills – a small town ruled by a villain named Punko.


  • Awesome game! I did it in 23:03. 😀


  • Joanna:)

    I really enjoyed the game!The song at the end was superb!!
    But what happened to the town?

    Good job!

  • Casey

    I made it in 10:03

  • kevin

    very nice! felt a little like a remake of “the proposal” though

  • M

    I like the song on the end of the game !

  • M


    • Carmel Games

      Our new game will be ready in about two weeks.

  • Mary


  • moonlight

    i like your games …….its soooooooooooo awesome….please dont stop
    keep going

  • nice game

  • gargamel

    your are the best……………….

  • may i asked the owner of this website, after this game what game are you going to do next. I’m hoping for the game you said it was like vampire like son.

  • i already finished all of this games may i ask carmel games what game are they making next.

  • can you give the exact date your game is going out ?

  • Sarah

    Love your games.

    Finished this one in 7:26 minutes

  • carmelgames can you reply to my comments ????????????

    • Carmel Games

      Sorry for my late replay, I was out of office and couldn’t reply any comments.
      I hope that our new game (Like vampire like son) will be ready on November 11th.

  • As

    Awesome that you also put danish as a language! Im from Denmark and it makes the game much better for me 🙂 Im excited for the next game!

    • Carmel Games

      Glad you liked it 🙂

  • ooooo

    i looooove your games so much make more

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you!

  • what is the next game

  • i love ur games !!!!!!!!!!! i finished the lake in 5:05

  • mia

    heyy mousecity whens your next game going to come out

    • Carmel Games

      In about a week.

  • What would be awesome is if you made a massive game that you had to save your progress on and you play it for days or weeks or maybe even months

    • Carmel Games

      That’s our plan. We’re trying to raise money for it.
      If each player will donate 1$ (or even 50 cent) we will be able to create
      a game with lots of animation scenes, professional music, songs etc.

      • That wouldn’t be that good for me because my Computer doesn’t have any speakers so I cant do anything sound related, I also have no idea how you donate

        • But it would still be nice to have good songs in but keep subtitles in your games

  • more games hebrew

  • ooooo

    its taking soooo long for your games

  • Aries

    when the like vampire like son game come out?

    • Carmel Games

      The game is ready, It will be released soon.

      • It doesn’t even matter about if the games are released late because you can just play them over and over again but you don’t get bored

  • hey i thought vampire like son game is already ready why dont you release it now im being bored now because i already played all of this games over and over again.PLEASE releasethe other game quick im dying to play some new games.

    • Aries

      yh i am getting bored

      • Tracie


  • sathvik reddy

    come on when will the next game release??????????????????????
    ive been waiting for 3 weeks

  • Queena Lee

    Cute games

  • Tracie

    loved this game!!!!

  • fiona

    haha, still trying to imagine, how he has put the 50 kg bag of cement in his pocket 😀 great game!

    • Carmel Games

      He’s been working out 🙂

  • Did it in 18 minutes !!! WOOO

    • Oh and just to say , i can go on this site on the weekends now !! yay , i don’t have to wait anymore

      • Carmel Games

        That’s nice to hear 🙂

  • kevin


    • Carmel Games

      There will be no part II for this game.

  • not played yet

  • WOW! This game is so awesome i cant even….. By the way i did it in 4:21 (FEELING LUCKY) ok lol i have to sleep you know school is tomorrow and im so tired :p Bye! THIS GAME IS NOW MY FAVORITE LOLZZZ

    • Carmel Games


  • HEY CARMEL GAMES!whens your next game im so bored i want to go there to your office. please tell me its tomorrow cause im so bored playing the other games over and over again.

    • Carmel Games

      Our next game will be released in about ten days.

  • carmel games whens your next game. bored

  • gianna09

    when is your next game coming

  • Kimiko Uzumaki

    What is the name of the song that plays when the game is over? I would be eternally grateful to know.

  • sara46461

    hy everyone what to do when they are in spa

    • Carmel Games

      Go to the hotel’s basement floor. Use the Towel on the wheel to open the filter’s container. Use the Cement on the the container to pour it inside. Go back to the spa.

      • sara46461

        but where is basement floor

      • sara46461

        I don’t know basement floor where it is ?

        • Carmel Games

          Hi Sara, Use the Knife on the Wedding cake, you will get a Piece of cake. Give the Piece of cake to Father Drunko, he will leave. Click under the table to take a closer look. The real reverend will give you a Key. Leave the wedding chapel.
          Go back to the elevator at the hotel.
          Use the Key on the keyhole on the bottom left, you will get to the hotel’s basement floor. Good luck!

  • sara46461

    anyone reply plz

  • Pragya

    sara, u can watch the walkthrough

  • saman

    the way u show priset is drunk isn’t right they try to direct us to right patch it’s not right to show them like that

    • Carmel Games

      He’s not a priest, he’s a friend of Punko who kidnapped the real priest.

  • sara46461

    where is basement floor

  • sara46461

    l want to complete this game

  • i finished in 7;43

  • anonymus

    Hill Valley: A Nice Place To Live

  • pranamika

    its very funny and interesting game and the music is also funny..

  • pranamika

    hey carmel game, in this game when panko and his sister got stuck into the cement spa the dailog
    of cody is mistaken.. if u see and hear carefully coby said cement instate of concreat…

  • Aria Fairy

    punko is wanted in texis

  • Aria Fairy

    find the game in which he is hiding

  • Lisa

    Yes yes yes yes

  • Sarah Blommaert

    Whats the name of the song at the end?

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