Come and see the new VP HQ!

Hi everybody!
After many sketches and a couple of sleepless nights, we finally managed to draw the new headquarters of the Vortex Point gang.
The only times in which you saw the outside of the gang’s headquarters was in VP4 and VP5, where the building had a Victorian architectural style.
This time we went with something completely different. It’s a mix of Gravity Falls, Disneyland, and a typical fishing village.
The headquarters shall be named ‘Point Base’, and will be used as a new home for Kevin and Caroline’s investigation agency.



Down the road from Point Base, you’ll find Craig’s curio shop, and the Travelator – An underground tunnels system with moving walkways, allowing the residents and tourists of Vortex Point to travel from one place to another (it’s environmentally friendly, no cars in VP!)


And that’s just one background out of the ~18 backgrounds VP8 will have (not to mention the cutscenes), so there’s still a lot of work ahead. If VP8 will be a hit, there’s a huge chance that we’ll also have a VP book! (but that’s a subject for another post).

On another matter, the porting of Midnight Cinema to mobile is currently under work. There are several adjustments needed to be done (like moving the inventory to the right, making it vertical instead of horizontal), but overall it looks pretty good, and it’ll might attract a new audience to our games.


Speaking of mobile games, we recently placed a link to Dreamcage Escape, a free game for mobile, on the top of our website’s sidebar (to the right).
Though this is obliviously not our game, we would like to hear the opinions of those of you who tried it, since this is most likely the kind of games we’ll soon be developing for mobile (minus the 3D graphics).

That’s all for today, have a great day!

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