Dakota Winchester’s Adventures 2

The strong-jawed archaeologist Dakota Winchester is back!
Join him at Cactus City in the search for the second hidden ruby.


  • Damian Kuster

    Oh yeah, the first!

    • Damian Kuster

      it’s pretty stupid actually, I always hate the people who post this kind of messages. But know I am the first myself, it feels like a great honour. Weirdly.

      Carmel thnx again for another great game. You’re really great!

      • Carmel Games

        Make sure to visit our site tomorrow too 馃檪

        • Damian Kuster

          Another game allready?! God, you guys work too hard. But it’s apparently not for nothing, you’re to good for this world

          • nicole

            already why double l?

        • Tathagata

          awesome, you said you were going to make a special post about Vortex Point 4 this week! Is this about that?

        • MIGUEL

          Winchester estara en espa帽ol?

        • But why.What is on tomorrow?

        • zekra

          Today is 24th of September Carmel games u told that u will release a new game on 23rd of September but u didn’t why ?and I have been visiting this site from 2 days I don’t find any new games in these 2 days…….

          • Carmel Games

            Hi zekra,

            We said UNTIL the 23rd, and we did, Maple Junior High was released on the 15th – 8 days ahead of schedule 馃檪

  • Jessy57

    Yeees a new game! I was waiting for it, tomorrow we have more surprises 馃榾 vortexpoint?

  • noam

    what is your next game?

  • Bianca

    Interesting, and not too hard either!

  • Jade

    Great game guys! I check your site everyday and today I was like YAAAAAY! Could you please tell me when the Maplewood Junior High game comes? I can’t wait to see it. Will you also make Dakota Winchester’s Adventures part 3?

  • juma

    es fino el juego yupi novena en comentar

  • julie

    Very good game.

  • windy

    Yeah,so funny!I love your games so much !

  • rahul

    thanks carmel………….i was waiting for this day.

  • lola

    13 comment woow

  • thx thx thx

  • adi

    awesome game
    carmel games, you are amazing

  • Fernando Miyatake

    Amazing game, as usual. Can I translate the game to Portuguese?

  • Mie

    If you have 29 more i can give you Jesus hahaha 馃檪

  • Kunal

    THanks for launching but i havent played thus game

    • don’t you play games? i think you only promote your site.

      • i say to fastgameswalkthrough

  • vortex point

    great game , could end more surprisingly or exitingly but it was okey

  • vortex point

    were is this game(carmel games)
    company from?

  • Good game

  • Sonali Aswani

    Nice game! 馃榾

  • yamm

    Thank you for this wonderful game
    solve it in 15.16

  • and the guy wanted i dont remember his name but i thought we would find him

    • 馃槈 馃檪 馃槢

  • Michael Pineda

    I appreciate this quite a lot. Coming from work to play a great game.

  • asnphx

    Fun, I spent 26:44 to finish.
    The ending is a little bit odd.

  • Tathagata

    I think the one who was robbing the bank was Punko of Punko Hills from Cody’s Nightmare Vacation.
    Am I right?

    • yes, you are right i also see him.

    • rahul

      i also thought that………

  • Sam

    In the first game you never got the password to the bomb shelter????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????

    • Carmel Games

      You will get it in part 3.

      • rahul

        are you saying that the part 3 will also be in gustavo’s island !!!!

      • rahul

        the part 3 will also be in gustavo’s island…..

  • Sam

    Is there a secret password easter egg?

    • Carmel Games

      Not this time.

  • carmel games i have one idea for you or should i say two ideas for you.when the date of carmel games establiaton come,you can make a game in which charactars are yourself or when your birthday is you can make game about is my personal comment if you can do it do i also say something too all carmel games fan i want you opinion.please reply camel and all my worldover friends.ohh,i forget something i want to say that you launch thes type of games every year.

    with love and blessings,

  • Pragya

    hi, suhani! according to ur name, it looks like u too r Indian; me too! i just loved ur idea! my opinion is that when this carmelgames established the founders were going to different places around the world and there they found an idea for their first game that i don’t what was 馃檨

    • yes pragya ,i am indian .thanks for your opinion.what is your age? and in which state do you live?i mean i am so exicited. i want to your be friend means online friend.if you like to my friend i am so happy.i dont have any friends yet in carmel games if we are frinds we can chat every day through carmel games comment.

      with love and happiness

  • kevin

    what’s you’re next game >_<

    • kevin

      Please tell me

    • kevin

      Please tell me!

    • Carmel Games

      Our next game will be ‘A day at the library’.

  • Grace

    Please could you put my name in one of your games?

    • go to name wizard if you want your name in a game

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Grace, we have your name in Carmelo’s name wizard, we will use it in the future.

  • Djordje

    One more great game ! 馃檪

    • Carmel Games


  • Tj

    Great game

    • Carmel Games


  • rahul

    the game was good but so easy…………i can’t find punko anywhere in the game,other than the poster……why you have made the poster……..carmel

    • sid

      it’s to tie in the games together

  • When is part 3 releasing?

  • sid

    what a let down. the first chapter was so much better

  • hen

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  • Its an awesome game! Great work, guys! 馃檪

  • tonia

    why when i press click here to play it loads then says download the new flashplayer now? does anybody know why that happens??

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Tonia, it means you need to update your Flash player.
      You can download it *HERE*.
      We recommend on using Google Chrome to view our games.

  • when are you realeasing a day at the library

    • Carmel Games

      A Day at the Library was released, just in case you’ve missed it 馃檪

  • adi

    When the game will be in Hebrew?

  • Guin

    Is there a written walkthrough?

    • Carmel Games

      Unfortunately not Guin, we stopped making written walkthroughs now that we have the video walkthroughs 馃檪

  • Hila

    when you do in hebraw ?

  • Carmel Games

    To everyone that is asking about translated versions, they will be released sometime this month, we don’t know exactly when. It’s taking time because we’re working hard on all of the new games and because of all the holidays.

    • Hila

      Okay, Thanks for all games !!

  • i love your games very much but i am not getting that how to play this game is there any walk through written

  • reply please you reply sooo late

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Raaeha,

      We reply late because we’re busy all day making games and reply in the night 馃檪
      You can find walkthroughs to all our games (except the really old ones) at our YouTube channel

  • katherin

    cuando lo colocaran en espa帽ol?

  • katherin

    hola carmel cuando lo colocaran en espa帽ol?

  • John

    Fun game, but slightly annoying that you go through all of that to get a pickax when there is a pickax in the mine.

  • hen

    hebrew!!!!!! when???? admin!

  • hen

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    • Carmel Games

      讛讬讬 讞谉,

      讛讗诪转 砖讛转专讙讜诐 注讘专讬转 讻讘专 诪讜讻谉. 讛住驻讜谞住专 讗诪讜专 诇讛注诇讜转 讗讜转讜 讘讬诪讬诐 讛拽专讜讘讬诐.

      • Aadam


  • hen

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  • Carmel Games

    Notice for everyone!
    A new version with 7 different translations was uploaded, check it out:

    讙专住讛 讞讚砖讛 注诐 转专讙讜诪讬诐!

  • SeanStobbart

    Excellent game,i love the western theme and the puzzle was nice to do in it,i look forward to Dakota’s next adventure in the future

  • i am not able to play dakota winchesters adventure.carmel games please help me

  • please give response to my question

  • how to get the lantern from Andy Baker???????

    • Carmel Games

      You need to make him leave the place… I think he’s a bit hungry 馃槈


    was i the only one who thought that mr.punko would be in the abandoned mine?where was he?was he even in the game?if he was where was he?i just saw his poster!!!! please reply carmel games……please tell me…us! what are you really planning………….wait………………. i think something big will happen .something FANTASTIC!!!!! please reply carmel games.

    • Carmel Games

      Hi there KHAN,

      Well, Punko was in town BEFORE Dakota has arrived, he did some crimes there and that’s why he’s wanted by the sheriff. He was already out of town by the time Dakota got in.


        was it just a cameo??

  • Jolo

    @Carmel Games, should the first location be renamed “Jules Verne Time Train Station to September 2,1885?

  • pranamika

    hi carmel games, when u make part 3, as this game said that there are 3 ruby and dakota had found only 2 ruby and one is left…

    • Yes you are right, there will be at least a 3rd part for Dakota’s adventures.

      • pranamika

        so when u r making the part 3…
        and PLEASE make the 3rd part longer and funny…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xiaoyu Luvsrainbowlooms

    when are you going to make a part 3 of Dakota Winchester’s Adventures??

    • We’ll start to work on Dakota 3 on 2016.

  • Fathima Rifa

    what is that pickaxe for?

    • The pickax is to be used on the rock inside the mine.

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