Darker Ride Escape

You got locked up inside a dark ride at an abandoned amusement park. Do your best to find your way out.

Click here to play!

  • No offence Carmel games but compare to your other games Boo! Its not as fun and exiting its so boring so please don’t make a sequel or other games like this please.

    • That’s true Bruno guy I agree!

  • Hmm… Almost nobody commented!

  • I dont like this game half as much as i like the others

  • kim

    I love the other games better. They are funny and engaging.

  • Renee

    Its graphics are not like other games… Why???

  • Lollipop

    I must admit that this game wasnt as good as all the others, this one doesnt have a storyline. I absolutely ADORE all your games its just this one had no character and no story.

    I love your games!!

  • Kyleigh

    i honestly hated this game the graphics were awful i think there should be more games like luke and the proposal

  • Carmel Games don’t listen to what their saying you don’t deserve these HATEFUL comments.

  • And that everyone who wrote those comments should be ashamed to tease this cool and awesome game website.

  • pranamika

    hey carmel games yivan is right.. u shouldn’t listen to them.. for me this game is awsome like other games..

  • Kristina

    Haha good game. I like it.

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