Nightmare Adventure at Deadmoon Manor

  • first

  • hahaha

  • reness


  • third

  • OH GOD WHY. Ending, me man cool!

  • Helya



    My game is not working, it stopped loading. please someone answer that what will happen in the game

  • meghna

    awesome game . did you guys make it?

    • Carmel Games

      No. The game is based on a comic story from Owl magazine, we sure liked it too.

  • Mary

    haha cool game

  • Ankita

    Good game…!!

  • aanchal

    this game is good

  • Dylan486258

    I love the idea of chosing in a game .Also this gamer reminds me the cartoon when i was a child ‘” Little vampire whose name is Petit Vampire in french “

  • uhhhhhhh? this game was the best could you add another one please?pretty please?

  • Yulien

    It’s so good!

  • Mido

    Simply Cool 😀

  • Mido

    Cool game 😀

  • reem

    hey ya you can male the chat like :hi

  • kevin78

    what are the sandwitch and the ketchup there for? any use thorugh the game or they are just irrelevant objects?

    • Carmel Games

      You need to have the ketchup and give it to the vampire.

      • kevin78

        so you turn into a warewolf and that’s the good ending?

  • lalalalalallalalalalalalalalalala

  • Can you give me a tutorial for this?

  • rocky 501

    Pls do not make games like these. It shall spoil your reputation. Instead make games like stealing the diamond, infiltrating the airship, etc. fed up with this stupid game for babies

  • sara46461


  • Walkthrough:

    1.Walk Past the swamp
    2.Stay where you are
    3. Open the heavy, metal door
    4.Look at the chemicals on the table
    5. Drink the red liquid
    6.Give Hans a present
    7.Give perfume
    8.Go upstairs
    9.Look at the portrait of the old lady
    10.I sell beauty products.
    11.No you’re not
    12.Use the duster on the mirror
    13.Take the candle
    14.Use your candle
    15.I have just what you need
    16.Use your moonstone

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