Detective Sir Biscuit

Someone has sabotaged Mr. Green’s restaurant’s neon sign. There are six suspects who had motives to do so, but can you guess who did it on your first try?


For those of you who can’t play on MouseCity, you can now try playing at SnapBreak.


  • Marcus TΓΆrnquist

    It was an ok game but i like the other kind of games more.

    • That’s totally acceptable Marcus, thanks for replying!

  • VirgKiss

    I got it in 4 seconds!

    • Guessing doesn’t count πŸ˜›

  • Binh Cao

    I think it’s too short, too easy. Nothing much to play. I like the old game better

    • This is not much of an adventure game, more of a “being a detective game”, but we agree it did not came out the way we planned, maybe more evidence collection and items use was needed.

  • nice game. a bit to easy. but i like this new type of game as long as it comes only once in a while and not become the main game format.

    • Don’t worry, this was mainly and experiment and as you can see with our most recent release – will not become a main game format πŸ™‚

  • Colleen Lategan

    I do agree. Very very short, too easy. Nothing much to play. I like the old game better also

    • Torrie Johnson


    • Sorry about the game’s length Colleen, hope you’ll find our most recent release better from that aspect.

  • Jake Terror

    It was way too easy, I thought there was going to be more to it than what the revelation was. Also, blue ponytails were so last year.

    • Any suggestions for the next character’s hairdo? πŸ˜›

    • Torrie Johnson

      I prefer the fun challenges of their old point and click style games

      • Well I prefer that as well.

  • And we could say here is only an answer:

  • Emmanuel Ajagun

    I normally download carmel games swf files to play them with adobe reader software that’s not embedding in any browser. But the thing is I can’t play any of your latest games that way. Please carmelo, can u fix this….i have a youtube account were I play your games online and it’s easier to record it that way cuz I’m on windows 8 and windows 8 fraps (the software I use for recording) does not record the games played via browsers

    Please, Please, Please

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Please tell us the exact name of the software you are using to run the game and we will check. Also please notice that in the first 2-3 weeks the games are locked to the sponsor’s website so that could be what causing your problem. For example we just released the viral version of VP7 yesterday, so please try it now and if it works now (and didn’t before) then it means that was the problem.

  • RockyRockz

    i dont like this type of game i like the old style that was so cool and it is too short

    • Thank you for the feedback Rocky, we will create more “old style” games, and if we will do a game like that again we would make sure to put more items interaction inside.

  • Dora


    • Thank you Dora, although you seem to be in the minority regarding this one πŸ™‚

  • Cris Without H

    I picked the most innocent looking one of them and I guessed correctly. I mean, I didn’t enter any buildings or anything, I just clicked “I know who did it” button, picked the suspect and I was right. You guys gotta work on this. Like, I shouldn’t be able to just randomly pick a guy and be right, I should first gather some evidence.

    • davd

      You just got lucky, it’s not a problem with the game! You chose randomly, you could have been wrong.

      • Cris Without H

        Sigh. I explained what’s the problem with the game. I don’t need any evidence, I don’t even need to play the game. I can just right away click the button, look at the least suspicious guy in the group and bam, game beaten. Like, they could at least try to make them look different than “stereotypical evil guy, so it can’t be him, too obvious” and “total goody-goody, so it’s obvious it’s him”.

        • Tom

          I guessed the Granny first as I thought he was to obvious.

        • Sorry but I must disagree with you about this one. The game specifically asks you before the guessing part if you want to make the guess, you don’t have to answer yes, you chose to, knowing that you have no idea what you’re doing. When you something like that the obvious thing to do is answer no and keep exploring, which is what 90% of the people would do.

          • Cris Without H

            Sorry, but I needed no evidence to point out who did it. You can just guess and if you’re right, the game’s over. In the old Dick Tracy game on NES, you needed to gather evidence, otherwise you’d get reprimended by your superiors for accusing people with no evidence. Also, I doubt that’s what 90% of people did, because 99% of people considered the game too easy, short and predictable, with all respect.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree about this point.
            The game was too easy, short and predictable, we agree on that, but that’s besides the point of the guessing part.

  • Pam

    Nice game!

  • Cido Marques

    Sorry, no speak english, How long it takes to translate to Portuguese?

    • About a week from now, this is not final.

  • sdi

    I’d say meh. The ending is dissatisfying. What if, at the end, you could only guess once, and if you got it wrong you’d have to start over? It would make it harder to just randomly guess.

    • That’s an option, we’ll consider it.

  • Abdallah Amin

    i want more games about crimes and detective it is the best games make sherlock holmes with so many chapters like vortex point plz it will be awesome

    • Thanks Abdallah, we’ll take this into consideration.

  • Mirissa Stewart

    Too boring.

  • Sakshi Sethi

    it was a really easy and very very very short game!!

    • Yes, you are correct, the game came out shorter than we anticipated.

  • Mayank Agrawal

    I was expecting better game from you

  • Mayank Agrawal
  • VirgKiss


  • nisarga nisu

    i totally disliked it
    if we could have collected and thn listed prime suspects ourselves and thn found the criminal tht would have been good

    • Thanks for the idea nisarga, we’ll might implement it if we’d try to make a similar game in the future.

  • Talrice

    I liked the choose-the-suspect ending! However, I would’ve liked if the game was a bit longer and more difficult. I know you usually highlight important items with bright colors and lights to distinguish them from background items, but I think in this case you should’ve muted the colors more to make it more difficult. I also would’ve liked more interaction with the environment / the character’s inventory.

    • Thank you for the detailed feedback Talrice, we take it all to our attention.

  • disqus_cci5ihPRc6

    Strange, the game doesn’t work for me – on both mousecity and SnapBreak.

    • This has been fixed, sorry about that!

  • Irenne

    Well, the title screen looks good, but… the game doesn’t start. When I click the “play” button the background turns black and I can only listen to the music, watch the walkthrough or adjust the volume – which are all nice features, but I want to play the game! πŸ™

    • Irenne

      Good, now it works. As everyone around here said, the game was quite short, but still enjoyable πŸ™‚

      • Sorry about that Irenne, the game did not work for about half a day until we fixed the issue πŸ˜›

  • rkthespos

    All I get is a black screen – tried Chrome, Edge and IE, same for all.

    • Sorry about that issue, it’s all better!

  • Molly Nicholson

    Hi, the game is not working on Mouse City or SnapBreak, it is just a black screen when I press play on the game? I’m not sure what is going on as with all your other games my laptop is fine.

    • Sorry about that issue Molly, the game indeed malfunctioned for about half a day.

  • Sn3per

    I cant play it when I press play it goes to a black screen and onl plays music

    • Sorry about the temporary problem!

  • Red Spark

    I can’t play the game. When I press play, the screen goes black.

    • Sorry about the issue Red, it’s been fixed though.

  • TJ

    I can’t get it either… on either site. It’s the same for me as the others have said… a black screen and music. :/

    • Sorry Tammy! It’s all good by now πŸ™‚

  • Steven Wertenberger

    I cant play its just blackscreen and music

    • Sorry Steven, there was a temporary problem.

  • Kamil Nx

    Game is not working. After Play, getting black screen.

    • Sorry Kamil, the game is okay now that we’ve fixed it.

  • Khaalisah Khairulanuar

    Game isn’t working on both MouseCity and SnapBreak. The screen goes black and you can’t play anything. Please fix it so I can enjoy the game. :'(

    • Sammy

      yeah same for mine too

    • Sorry guys, hope you checked again to see that it’s working.

  • Ann

    Can’t play the game πŸ™ All I’m getting is a black screen and the background music

    • Sorry Ann, should be okay by now.

  • Χ Χ•Χ’Χ” ΧΧ™Χ™Χœ

    I couldn’t play the game on both websites. The screen just turned black after I pressed play.

    • Did you try again?

      • Χ Χ•Χ’Χ” ΧΧ™Χ™Χœ

        Yes it worked fine

  • Sammy

    i couldn’t even play it, because the screen just turned black when i tried to press play

    • Sorry Sammy, the problem has been fixed.

      • Sammy

        thank you πŸ™‚

  • TJ

    Awesome! It’s working now… it’s nice to have something a little different. Great game!

    • Happy to hear you tried again Tammy πŸ™‚

  • TheOneWithin

    I quite liked the game but, as with everyone else, found it a tad short.

    I wasn’t a fan of the suspect-selection at the end of the game whereby if you selected the wrong character you could simply select another, though I DID like that if you got it wrong it explained the reason why.

    It would be nice if there were some variety to the culprit, for example if it were randomised at the beginning of each game – though obviously this would then mean that there would need to be ADDITIONAL variables (for example, in this instance if the owner of the key-cutting shop were the culprit the lock would not have needed to be sawed in half) which is probably quite difficult to achieve..!

    A relatively enjoyable short game but I am looking forward to your next “long style” game..!

    • Thank you very much for this quite detailed feedback. You’ve brought up some interesting ideas which some of them we’d definitely use in the future in case we’d try to create something similar. Regarding our long style game, it’s out now and it is REALLY long πŸ™‚

  • Ayesha

    toooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did not expect that from carmel oh my

  • Mukta Roy

    you could have made it more interesting

    • Agreed Mukta, and we will in the future.

  • VirgKiss

    I wish to see Mr Biscuits again

    • Mr. Biscuit’s been executed by us, he’ll might return again as a zombie πŸ˜›

  • laila

    after i press play the games does not load on both site

    • Hi laila, please clear your browser’s cache, it should be fine by now.

  • pranamika love

    its really a easy game…

    • Yes, it’s easier than most.

  • Joey Goh

    I much prefer the Sherlock Holmes games!

    • There will be more Sherlock Holmes games Joey πŸ™‚

  • Arial

    OMG I loved this game! Please make more games like this, but longer!

    • Thank you Arial, we’ll make similar games but not like this one, they’ll be more like Sherlock Holmes.

      • Rian Helen Sitbon

        I loveeee the Sherlock Homles is there gonna be a series? Like Vortex Point?

        • We don’t know about “a series”, but there is gonna be another one.

  • Jason2003gamer

    sorry to tell that but I just pressed the button i know who did it and witm my detective skills I found the right one!So only 30 seconds gameplay :-{

    • Hi Jason,
      You’re always welcome to restart the game and play regularly πŸ™‚

      • Jason2003gamer

        I’ve already done that!!

  • Kristina

    A very good game. I like it so much and I solved it. Please please more Detective Sir Biscuit Games :))

    • Thank you Kristina.
      This series has been axed and there will be no more further sequels. However there will be many more other good games, and that’s a promise πŸ™‚

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