Do you miss Creepo?

Hi everybody!
In just a few days we plan to release Anita’s Job (previously titled “Adventure Isle Adventure”) and we hope you’ll like it.
If you’ll look at your calender you will notice we have two special dates coming up next month: Valentine’s day and Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th sounds like the ideal date for Creepo to come back and give us a spooky game! You’ve heard right! Creepo is coming back this February!

Friday the 13th

More details regarding February games will be available soon.

We have three big projects we’re working on and plan to release this year: Luke’s remake, Carmelo’s Explorers Club and The Baron.

Luke remake

For those of you who don’t know, Luke was our first adventure game ever.
The work on Luke’s remake is taking place as we speak, and it’s going to be great! This time you’ll be able to sing along with Alexis and enjoy funny animation scenes.
And now for the best part: we plan to release the game on March, so you won’t have to wait too long 🙂

Carmelo’s Explorers Club

Carmelo’s Explorers Club is a new game concept for us that we are still testing. Basically it will combine the classic point-and-click games with a treasure hunt game. It is planed to be a long and big game, with 20-30 locations to explore.
We plan to release this game in the summer time, about five months from today.

As you can see we are still adjusting our new website to make things easier for you guys.
Our new names wizard is working great, here is how it looks backstage:


That’s all for today, see you soon!

  • Christina

    I love Crepoo’s tale!! It’s one if the bests ! I was just wondering if that dates on the wizard name’s is they B-day or not?

  • TJ

    So excited!! The Carmelo’s Explorers Club sounds great, too!

    • Glad to hear your excited Tammy 🙂

  • Yes i love creepo. Whats the name wizard and how can i join it?

    • Hi Luke,

      The wizard is for people that want to see their name in one of our games (and didn’t already have it), it can be accessed HERE.

  • Marcela

    Carmelo’s explorer’s club sounds great. And 5 months is not much time. I can’t wait for a new game, unfortunatly profesor labcout is not my type of games.

    • Hi Marcela,

      We know, neither can we 🙂
      We hope to publish a new game today or tomorrow!

  • Kevin Mask

    Loved Creepo, happy to hear he’s coming back, whatever game with some horror background is great for me

    • Well we figured there’s no day for horror like Friday the 13th (except maybe Halloween) 🙂

      • Kevin Mask

        Anyday is good for a horror story 🙂

  • andrea

    Good job! You’re the best!

    • We’re trying to be 🙂

  • i miss iit so much

    • It’s going to be great! Creepo got himself a makeover!

  • parul

    yep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m so exicted love u cg

  • riya

    when is this game gonna come Anita’s job???

  • Kathryn

    Hooray! I love Creepo!

  • gamer3756

    Creepo’s back! I can’t wait for it!
    Is the Luke remake going to be a sequel or the same story?

    • It will be the same story with some modification.

  • Jolo

    30 years ago, a great skateboarder lived in a town somewhere in California, and he could do amazing stunts, like riding on the backs of vehicles. Now, in 2015, he lives amongst technology in a burger store (seen above)

  • Joy97

    Ha ha ha! The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Creepo’s sketch was that he seemed to have grown old and then I remembered he was supposed to be dead (or alive?). I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Guest

    oh i miss the Creepo like a lot .. it’s one of my fav game <3 well i can't wait at all .. i'm sure it's gonna be awesome 😀 goodluck with the games c:

  • Red Spark

    YES! Finally, Creepo is here! I’ve been waiting for such a long time for this!

  • Cassandra

    yes,i miss creepo so much

    • Not too long to wait Cassandra 🙂

  • dia

    i want some new type of game not so easy but there are no type of games

    • Hi dia,

      We also plan to release some harder games this year.

  • yash

    happy republic day to all my indian brothers and sisters……..

    • Anie

      Seeing this real late , yash but same to you! We went to the embassy on 26th as we don’t live in india

  • Talia

    omg Luke was released when I was 8, and it’s still like my favorite game EVER. Can’t wait!

  • Verona

    I can’t wait for all those games.Yipee!!!!!

  • Your fan

    Hey carmel games i can’t wait for your new games can u please make vortex point 6 thanks and please replay

    • Hi there,

      There IS a Vortex Point 6 coming out this year! Hopefully not to long from now 🙂

  • pranamika

    this game is really good… well done carmel games group

    • Thank you Pranamika 🙂

      • pranamika

        welcome to u.

      • pranamika

        carmel can u tell me what is the date when the new luke will be relise or come..?

      • pranamika


  • pranamika

    and i am also very exsited for luke 2…

  • Aadam

    Didn’t O.K Interactive make Luke? Just wondering

    • Hi Aadam,

      We are OK Interactive, we created the Carmel Games brand and switched to it. It is now our main focus.

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