Escape Inc

It’s Gideon and Reed’s first escape room and it’s gonna be a blast!
They only have 60 minutes to break out of Dracula’s castle or else they’ll stay locked inside forever! Wanna join the team?

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  • SliffTiff Baca

    Really cute game. Thanks for the entertainment guys!

    • Thank you for playing! 😛

  • Emmily

    I did an escape room once, it was pretty similar (more puzzles ofcourse, and no chainsaw). I love the way you kind of make fun of them by making an escape game about an escape room.

    • You got it, it’s a total inception 🙂

  • ooouuu

    this game was very fun but at the end when i escaped it was funny lol

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Cristina Ahí Ta

    Really nice game!!

  • Jin Sang


  • Aura

    Innovative… i really liked those puzzles…..

  • Fast Walkthrough:

  • Pam

    ok I wasn’t ready for this ending xd

  • Excellulite

    please make more of these

  • Joel Saltmarsh

    what happens if you wait the full hour?

    • Pam

      Your computer turns off forever

      • chris

        Can confirm, no longer have computer or internet

    • 😀

  • Chris


    • chris

      I haven’t ever had any issues with Mousecity, maybe the browser you are using doesn’t agree with it. I use chrome and it works great. Sucks that it is giving you problems though, I hope it gets resolved!

    • Hi Chris,

      Did you try Newgrounds or Kongregate instead?

  • sdi

    My first game without the walkthrough! Yay!

  • TJ

    LOVED it!!! And I think we all have encountered a Reed in our lives, so I kinda really enjoyed his “help”… lol

    • Glad you loved it Tammy! And yeah, the Reed characters is right on the money 😛

  • GreyhunterWolf22

    -Waited for full 1 hour or 60 minutes OR 3,600 seconds-
    Well,everything’s fine but still an awesome puzzle games!I really don’t like escape games that much but this game is so SO awesome!

    • It’s an escape game about an escape game (about an escape game), that’s why unlike any other escape game it’s awesome 🙂

  • footloop80

    awesome game carmel … u guys r awesome ….. keep up the awesome / good work…..(>_<)/

  • Takkun Genkyo

    aw poor Gideon he could’t get the prize awesome game though!

  • Joe E Dangerously

    Okay, that block color puzzle… What even was that?! I’m sorry, I don’t have a degree in cryptography so I had no idea how to solve it. It made no sense to me and it would really, really be nice if you could make games that a normal person can solve. I can solve 99% of the puzzles in these games but that one… WHAT?!! How the hell did that work?! It’s just… Huh?! Look, I showed that to some of my friends and none of them had any clue what the hell you were doing. I’m willing to bet most of the commenters used a walkthrough and did not admit it. I just… I just think it would be better if this weren’t so opaque to anyone but obsessive puzzle people. What if a normal person without OCD wants to play this? It’s a bad puzzle. It just is.

    • It is harder than usual, which is why we’ve put a hint button inside the game, I’ll quote: “think of it as a box which rotates clockwise. With each rotation, gravity takes its course and the cubes fall down.”.

  • Barry M. Deep

    what of i wait a hole 60 minutes

    • Nothing special would happen, don’t sweat it 😛



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