Family Funday

After a day filled with fun family activities, it’s time for the best activity of them all – lunch! The problem is that the only restaurant nearby is all out of food.




0:33 – take knife
0:38 – take 50 pence
0:44 – take magnifying glass
0:59 – safe combination, get lightning rod
1:24 – use lightning rod
1:35 – get seashell
2:01 – use knife, get rope
2:27 – use seashell, get one pound
2:45 – use magnifying glass
2:58 – use 50 pence, call 5551343
3:35 – get rope
3:46 – use ropes, get fishing net
4:09 – use one pound
4:45 – use fishing net
5:03 – use red gem
5:53 – use potato and fish

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • TJ

    That was great! Loved his corny jokes, too! lol

    • Thank you Tammy, as corny as they may seem it wasn’t easy creating them 😀

      • TJ

        Well, I loved them! And if you ever need any extra corn, I’m one of the corniest and punniest people I know… lol 🙂

        • Thanks Tammy, we’ll keep this in mind 😛

    • And they are really corny, just to make it clear 😛

  • Jin Sang

    Most probably because of my computer, but the fish puzzle worked really slow. The image just freezes, yet I can hear the sounds. Had to quit the game because of this 🙁 do you have any tips on what I could do? The whole exterior of the lighthouse scene was slow, the rest of the locations worked fine.

    • Hi Jin,
      We’ll try to look into it, thank you for reporting about it to us.
      By the way, do you have the most recent flash player version? Did you perhaps try playing it on a different browser and see if it helps?

      • Jin Sang

        thanks for your reply. I played the game on a different computer which seemed to have no problem. It had indeed a different browser. Great game & keep up the good work!

        • Hi Jin,
          Thank you for updating us, we’ve come up with a solution which we’ll implement in the final version of the game.

  • Irenne

    Great game! The fish puzzle worked slow on my computer too, but everything else was amazing 🙂

    • Hi Ireene,

      Glad you liked it, we’ll look into the puzzle problem.

  • YESS!!!! YES!! YES!!! And nice puns too ! hehe

    • Glad you liked those puns 😛

  • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

    one of the first ppl to play the game .. good game carmel games

  • Cido Marques

    The combination to the safe (4364) is not working

    • Did you spot that the direction of the arrows beneath the numbers makes a difference?

    • Hi Cido,
      The combination is:
      4 right
      3 left
      6 right
      4 left
      Please look at the walkthrough for a better understanding of this puzzle.

  • pranamika love

    why you have uploaded this game in snapbreak..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it don’t work in my computer.. i was waiting for this gam to play and it had released but i can’t play it.. WHY IT IS LIKE THAT WITH ME…
    PLEASE upload it in or in other website where i can play it… i am very disappointed…. 🙁

  • pranamika love

    why you have uploaded it to!!!!???? this website never loads in my laptop…
    i was so excited to play this game but now it is not loadind…please upload it in or in other website where i can play it… please do it fast…!!!

    • martinmartinezj1

      scroll down the screen when you open it in

    • The game will be available on too very soon, just a little more patience 🙂

  • Panda Kelly

    omg yay a new game!! im gonna play it now i bet its amazing like all the others 🙂

  • dynamic

    how the hell are we suppose to figure out the combination to the safe!?

    • The bookcase holds the clue.

      • Indeed, listen to Ricky, he’s a smart one 😀

  • cgfan

    a ton of thanx for andding my name!!!

    • You’re welcome Pragya 🙂

      • pranamika love

        please add my name also in one of your upcoming games… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Please put you name in our Name Wizard.

          • pranamika love

            i have already put it earlier… 🙂

          • So now just wait some more, eventually I promise you’ll get it.
            Is it “pranamika” or “prana mika”?

          • pranamika love

            its pranamika. 🙂

          • Okay 🙂

  • cgfan

    love u cg!

  • cgfan

    4 u!

  • harraps

    Not bad, but not as good as the others. Especially this crackers game is – for me – hopeless to solve. The versions in the other games where the pieces are swapped or turned is much more fun and solvable within a reasonable time.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we’ll think of a possible solution for this for the final version of this game.

  • Cap’n Marcela

    Great game. I love the puns..rofl….Keep up the great work!

  • Marcela

    Had no idea what to do with a rope. But I think you improved graphic.

    • Hi Marcela,
      You need to give both ropes to Ren (the mom) at the restaurant.

  • You know what carmelo when ever i play games i JUST play your games and nobody else… and i am saying this true

    • Thank you for your loyalty Isabell ♥ 🙂

      • No thanks Carmelo, your team is great 😉 Keep it up

  • Carmelfan

    The book a holic owner is from david and keithan, Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes 2, the cashier is the protagonist from love burger, the lighthouse owner is the restaurant owner from skip around the world india, the merchant from love burger too, and the fisherman is familiar, but I can’t place it…

    Good game by the way Carmel!

    • Thank you!
      And yes, there’s was a bit of characters recycling in this game but we did change them a bit so they would still be the same people but look somewhat different 🙂

  • fadrique

    great but too short 😛 really like the little details like the dirty ground, also the toy machine was great, loved the colour

  • VivianT

    This game is really interesting, although I took some time to solve the fish puzzle. Also, I would like to suggest something… Perhaps you can make a game underwater, or in the desert? It seems like more interesting if the story is based on these environments.

    • Hi Vivian,
      We do have an underwater game planned (with mermaids) but there’s still some time for it, stay tuned!

  • adi

    i cant do the puzzel!

    • Hi adi,
      We’re working on a way around this problem, but it’ll take some time as it’s not a generic solution, please keep following.

      • adi


  • cxxco

    omg this game was released on my birthday!! good game 😀

  • Serena Regel

    this puzzle is soo hard 🙁

    • We agree Serena, that’s why soon in the final version of the game there will be an alternative puzzle 🙂

  • Kevin Mask

    The lighthouse location goes terribly slow, along with the fish puzzle

    • Thank you for reporting about this Kevin, we’re gonna look into it and see what we can do.

      • Kevin Mask

        let me know when it gets fixed, also the puzzle itself is not really my cuo of tea, I read you had an alternative puzzle in mind, hopefully it’s gonna be more to my liking 😉 thanks again for the attention

        • Hi Kevin,

          The new version, with translations, fixes and an alternative puzzle will be released on Monday 🙂

  • Mrs Zuoz (CMFFTW)

    Must say that I’m really glad that you put up a little sign to choose another version of the puzzle. Would’nt been able to finish the game without that!

    • It’s good to know!
      We had many people complaining about the difficulty of that puzzle, which was high indeed, that’s why we added the an alternative version for it.
      We’re glad to hear it helped 🙂

  • Maxxie18

    great game guys !

  • Kohee Gurung

    i tried the puzzle in the book-a-holic. it doesnt work when i put 4364

    • Notice the arrows direction.
      The combination is:
      4 right
      3 left
      6 right
      4 left
      Please look at the walkthrough for a better understanding of this puzzle.

  • Kohee Gurung

    plz answer

  • David

    Just a couple of points as this game seems to be set in the UK.
    1. That is not a pound coin. Looks more like a ten pence piece. Pound coins are a brass colour and (strangely) smaller than a fifty. Also when you hover over the fifty it says half a pound. We would never say that. Oh and UK phone boxes are a minimum of sixty pence now.. 🙂
    2. You don’t put Mayo on chips! We are not in Belgium here! Ketchup would be more like it, but salt and vinegar is correct.

    Otherwise a good bit of fun as usual, thank you.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your feedback, it’s too late to make any changes by now, but we’ll remember that for future games set in the UK.

      • Cameron Biggar

        Also the phone numbers are the wrong format for UK, we don’t have 555 numbers, they all begin with 0. Here is a list of the different formats we use, for future reference:

        • Cameron Biggar

          Plus mayo on chips is very common in the north

        • Hi Cameron,
          We’re using fake phone numbers in order to prevent callers from bothering real people by telephoning numbers they see in our games.
          Thanks for the link anyway 🙂

  • Chetna Pandey

    Where is fifty pence ?
    Can’t find it !!!!!

  • Jorge Malagamba

    The link is not working.

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