Good Vs. Bad

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Benjamin Franklin

Hi everybody!
Today we would like to hear you opinions about the characters’ actions in our games, and the way they affect your opinion about the game.
Not so long ago, we used to let the games’ protagonist do almost anything: throw pianos on other people’s head, poison their drinks, electrocute them, etc. No one was badly hurt (well, most of them), but still, the protagonist had to do controversial actions in order to achieve his goal.
Take Jason from A Night in Crazyville/town for instance:
He spikes a little girl’s drink with detergent, steals her hair spray, uses it to set the art gallery’s guy head on fire, electrocute the guitarist at the night club, drops irons and pottery onto people’s heads etc.
Some would might say that he deserves a night in the slammer, but in the end he gets a reward from the police for catching a fugitive.

What do you think, is it legitimate to perform these actions in Point&Click games in order to achieve your goals, or does it send the wrong message to our players?

Upcoming games update

Right now we’re at the backgrounds drawing stage of four games:
CrazyDad 3 (which most of you voted as the game you want to play next), Andrew’s Island, Into the Wild 2 and our latest addition, Bosko.
The latter deals with Bosko, a young guy who inherits a dirty restroom in the middle of nowhere.
He doesn’t want to clean it (because it’s gross) so he must think of a creative way to turn it into a tourist attraction.



That is all for today, have a magical day!

  • Marcus Törnquist

    I like it when the main charcter does everything he/she does whatever it takes to win… even some bad things

    • Charly Gulati

      I appreciate your idea. well I also like it very much.

  • Renee

    I think it’s fine.. It’s just a fun game.

  • Red Spark

    I think the main characters do have to do some bad things in order to achieve their goal. After all, it’s just a game. I can’t wait for the games! They all sound exciting!

  • andrea

    I think it’s fine, usually characters who withstand bad thing deserve it, i personally like cynic characters and i love your games 😉

  • Irenne

    I think it’s not a problem if the main character does someting bad, the important things are that the game is funny (and it will always be :D) and the character doesn’t do incoherent things like, for example, make the character bypass the guards in a long and difficult way and then – puff! – stun and immobilize a random peasant who saw him into a secret room, making the player think “why i couldn’t do this to the guards too, then?”. (this wasn’t obviously in any of your games, it was only an hypothesis)

    • RockyRockz

      yeah ur right dear and ur comics i like it

  • RockyRockz

    these things will make games funny because laughing is medicine

  • Chris Toney

    Hey, I grew up watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. I know the difference between cartoon violence and reality.

  • Milkwhiskers

    Hey its sorta everywhere these days i mean i watched bugs bunny when i was young and tom and jerry and these days most people (not all) play Assassin’s Creed and im sure nobody has really copied what happens in the game(s)/tv show(s).

  • Aria Fairy

    i think you can do those things but when the game starts warn about these things

    • Charly Gulati

      GOOD idea

      • Aria Fairy


  • Aria Fairy

    Hey, I grew up watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. I know the difference between cartoon violence and reality.I think pepole my age or smaler now this

    • michael

      SAME HERE ARIA ! I miss the old Looney Tunes Shows ! 🙁 Even Speedy Gonzales ! He was my favorite !

      • Aria Fairy

        THANKS ;P

    • Worldwonder3

      Yeah Aria does have a point. We have all seen cartoons with completely crazy violence, but I’m pretty sure everyone can separate a game and reality. If not then the parents would have already been on it. 😉

      • Aria Fairy


      • Aria Fairy


  • clobug2232

    I don’t think they should say bad words. There are kids playing.

  • Sara Elisabeth Steen Olsen

    ”Don’t go changing,to try and please me
    You never let me down before” -Billy Joel ‘Just the way you are’

    • parul

      from where do u belong ?

      • Sara Elisabeth Steen Olsen

        umh… Norway

        • parul

          actully u r so so so cutiiiiiiiii

  • franklai

    It’s funny, it’s fun. I like the near comical art there. It was funny. You aren’t going to get sued by anyone for too much violence, and certainly I must say these games are becoming kindof fluffy. You used to be adventourous. Now you have a reputation and you aren’t willing to be innovative to try new things.Controversy drives fun. It’s fun to do something like make a guy on fire. I bet I could actually post your new games on kindergarten websites and no one will bat a eye. What happened to your willingness to make enjoyable games for slightly older people? It was fun back then when you cared about gameplay and story and thought about it like: “how can we make it the most fun” Instead of: “How can we make it most appealing to the widest range of audiences” Unfortunitely, kids these day are different. Have you seen the stuff out there. This just doesn’t feel real. I mean a tribute to sesame street? Think about the propasle, Vortex point the early ones and your old games. Those were much more fun and long and realistic. I like your games, But I would like to see a bit less fuzz and a lot more enjoyablity.

  • AnnieK

    Hmm. It *would* be better if morally questionable acts were kept to a minimum, especially where the victims are innocent bystanders. For example, spiking that little girl’s drink – so she turns out to be a rather obnoxious little girl, but as I recall (I only played that game once, and no coincidence…) the character had to do something already questionable before he even finds that out.

    An even more memorable ‘wrong’ was in Vortex Point 2, where Kevin steals an innocent – and even helpful! – character’s lunch. The photographer? Especially ironic in view of the detail that in Vortex Point 3, the motel keeper steals Kevin’s dinner, which of course makes him the scum of the earth. Well yes, but, um, double standard? :p

    When the villains of the games are the victims, that’s not too bad, and this fits in more with the Bugs Bunny, etc. “cartoon violence” view. But I’d prefer not to have to be mean to characters who hadn’t done anything to deserve it, in order to complete a game.

    I’m glad you started to think about it! 🙂

  • Helena

    when crazy dad 3 it’s going to update?

  • Chris Chros

    Your games are cartoonish, and the violence is cartoonish. I like it. As long as you have different games that cater to different people’s tastes, I don’t see a problem.

  • Charly Gulati

    it is legitimate. I would say that I LOVE this this part of your games very much.

  • Charly Gulati

    i like your games just the way they ARE.

    • Renee

      Yes exactly

  • petroa

    It mainly depends on who you believe to be your target audience. (I would say that the difficulty in most of the games would make them appeal mostly to players over the age of 10 or 11, and I think that the “mature”/morally questionable content you have is appropriate for that age group.) Anyway, by that age, the player should already be developing an independent moral compass and should be able to judge if the actions of the protagonist are consistent (or inconsistent) with the player’s sense of right and wrong.

    It is not your job to walk the gamer through a Barney the Dinosaur/Mr. Rogers/Sesame Street-style experience, offending nobody and hurting nobody. Rather, your job is to create fun games that surprise, amuse, and challenge the players through story and interaction. The “mature” content that you choose to include (or exclude) should (or should not) be there, depending on whether the content contributes to (or detracts from) the game’s overall play-ability and enjoyability.

  • Ramiro

    Those bad things make me laugh 😀
    If they gone then it will become boring.But i haven’t see any violence in your game yet

    Don’t worry guys EVERY THING is fine, was fine and will fine 🙂

  • CG fan

    Well according to me it’s totally ok to have such things because they r just games. moreover, these games r played by elder children who can solve the mysteries. so the minimum age of children playing these games is quite high. thus they r mature enough not to follow those actions. so plzzzz carmel games, don’t remove such actions

  • TJ

    It’s all in good fun. Someone earlier compared it to Bugs Bunny, and I was thinking the same thing. We play your games and escape the reality of an overly sensitive world… and it’s hilarious!

  • parul

    when next game will release

  • pranamika

    i think to achieve the goal the main character could do bad thing and also its a game and to make it funny u can do it..

  • rodney

    Does anyone know of any point and click adventure sites like carmel games? I love carmel games but I have played all of their games!

    • Worldwonder3

      Carmel Games are great! If you’re interested in more click and mouse games they have some on

      • rodney


        • rodney

          Ive played these before.. its just not as good!!

    • petroa

      Another website you could try is . The games there are a little more puzzle-driven and less story-driven than Carmel Games, but they have a certain charm to them.

  • Jardine

    I think its fine! Makes the game more interesting!

  • Aarushi Rawat

    can you make vortex point 6 ?

  • My favourite show is tom and jerry………but I like the way your games are .The success of the game is when we / any other person like the PICTURE just the picture ,of that particular game.To me your games Best!!

  • Jin Sang

    It’s innocent fun, don’t worry about it. We love your games!

  • Jess Tredneer

    I think you’re games are just fine! People should realize the difference between cartoon violence and real life. Also, I have a game suggestion: Ray and Cooper 3! The first two are my favorite games on here!

  • Tarun Samantha

    i want to learn animation and creating games so can you please tell me the software name which you are using

  • AI


  • Bad actions are good if we have to do a good work.

  • Marry46461

    When will crazy dad 3 come I am almost crazy for it

  • Aria Fairy

    thank you guys that you appreeshiatetat 😀

  • Aria Fairy


  • Thomas Sausner Jr.

    i dunno, what if peoples get ideas of there own? consequences could be nasty

  • really excited for new games

  • João Marcelo Vaz

    I think you should explore this part of good and bad actions, like in the game Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishiments, where you can do the justice or be Nice with the villain, but I think it should be more like the game Stick Rpg 2 where you have a karma bar That is affected Bh the actions you do, like the part That there is a suicidal goth guy That is trying to jump off the Island and you can give him poison ir your Karma is Low ir give him a self help book of your Karma is high

  • Gwen

    Your games are awesome as always. Regardless of good or–
    (light turns on in the background)
    voice: Hey! Who’s up there!?
    Uh oh. Gotta go. That is an example of bad!

  • Reness

    Violence!! I never particularly noticed them. I thought the character was just pulling out funny tricks. People of our age or even smaller can take it in a light way. The way we look at things and take them positively or negatively is what matters the most. Nevertheless, I think people who find such things offensive are narrow-minded. Duuuhhhh. THAT’S SICK.C’mon people.
    I love your games.And I don’t know nothing.I don’t care.

  • Reness

    Guys, Did you notice the Vortex Point Junior game.Its sweet.Most of you might not have noticed it,apparently.

  • To be honest, I think your games are just right! Sometimes, violence can be funny, too. And for proof, watch Looney Tunes. The old version. Still keeps me laughing

  • George Moloney

    I think they should do more controversial things because it makes games way more entertaining

  • shilla

    if you really need to, you can set up the “don’t do it at home” things for the futures games.

  • Cido Marques

    Deixa de frescura, todo mundo que joga esses games assistem South Park e jogam GTA, se tirarem isso vai virar canal infantil, nem as crianças de hoje em dia gostam de coisas politicamente corretas.

  • matt_pk

    The characters singing in the games (Tammy Jo for example) does nothing for me, so by all means feel free to give that a miss.

    On the violence, all you need is a disclaimer at the end stating “No actual coyotes were harmed in the making of this game.” Beep Beep!!!

  • matt_pk

    Characters singing the games does nothing for me, so if you gave that part as miss it would improve the games considerably.
    As for cartoon violence, I think a disclaimer at the end of each game stating that “no coyotes were harmed

  • Marry46461

    when will the new game come

  • Marry786

    Hi Friends! I would like to tell u that i want ur ideas plz help me! My summer vacations is going on and i want to do something amazing in my vacations do any one have any idea??? Plz give me ur ideas Friends!!! Like any courses of arts, english courses… etc… Carmelo i need ur help too….

  • taysizz

    Dont wait just finish I played all your games hurry

  • Rachel

    When is the next game coming out?



  • Marry786

    Anyone didn’t replied on my comment 🙁 🙁 Friends help me plz!!!!!!

  • Helena

    and the new games???

  • Is snapbreak your own site??

  • disqus_S3erDCdMlf

    Why should you change it, I don’t even understand where the idea comes from. It’s just a game, I’m sure people will know that. Especially, because the games aren’t killing random people with guns or knives, like you see in other games.. 🙂

  • Zoe

    i think small acts of violence are fine as long as there is no goor (shooting,squirting blood etc)

  • Verona

    The Bosko game sure is exciting.It’s like “what he’s gonna do with it to make it fabulous?”. Also, still waiting for CrazyDad 3! BEST DAY EVURRRR!!!!

    • Verona

      I forgot this:I LIKE FUNNY VIOLENCE!

  • anoushka Gupta

    if there is any type of violence in the game idc. i just wanna play the game.

  • anoushka Gupta

    when will other games release CARMEL GAMES?

  • anoushka Gupta

    when will the game release?

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