Goodbye 2015!

Hi everybody!
We wish to thank all of you for your positive reviews of The Gatekeeper. We’ve put a lot of effort into it and your positive feedback is worth a lot.

At the end of each year we are checking the achievements we’ve made during that year, the performances of our games and of course, our annual profit.
On the bright side – things are better than last year: we were able to provide you more (and a higher quality) games and throw more contests than the year before.
On the less bright side – the games’ ad revenue is on decline, because people are more into mobile devices (and let’s not forget about ad blocking).
Our games are limited to a single genre, which means we have a limited audience.
That is why we had to come up with a new strategy for 2016. We will be focused on creating shorter games (which are more profitable) for a while and wait with the longer games for a better time (this means The Baron is going back to the freezer for now).

We will continue to produce Vortex Point 7 and The Gatekeeper 2, and we do plan to have one big game to be released in 2016. It’ll be a redesigned version of Skip Around The World, only this time we’ll be focusing on a single city. The game will include interesting facts and trivia questions. You could say it’s an educational game – but in a fun way.
The best part is – you’ll get the chance to choose the city the game will be based upon!
So if you live in an interesting city (or even a small town), with characters and a story to tell, please write the city’s name down in the comments below so we can have a look.

And now… For the big news!

Like we wrote earlier, people today are more into mobile devices… So it’s about time for Carmel Games to go mobile!
We are transforming Tales of Carmelot to a mobile version as we speak, and that’s only the start!
Once the work on Mobile Carmelot will be over, we will start developing new games for mobile also, along with remakes to some of our earlier games. The mobile versions for all the games will include additional content that did not exist in the browser versions.

In the top picture and these below – two of the games that never were (The Baron and Eddie-venture):
game concept

game concept

We hope you had a blast this year and wish you all will have a happy new year!

  • Abdullah Imran

    happy new year carmel games
    i hope you will succeed in making mobile games

    when the mobile games will release i will play it on my tab

    • Thank you Abdullah! It’s good to hear we mobile customers already 🙂

  • Bilal Khan

    Happy New Year Carmelo And Thanks For Taking Our Advice I Suggest The Small Town Should Be Peshawar,Pakistan Thanks ^_^

  • Abdullah Imran

    In the skip around the world

    the city should be lahore because it has many places

    1 . lahore fort

    2 . badshahi mosque

    3 . minar-e-pakistan

    4 . lahore zoo

    5. Joy land amusment park

    6. Sozo water park

    7 . Safari park

    8.Lahore meuseum

    9 . pearl continental Hotel (P.C)

    And many more places

    • Hi Abdullah,
      I just looked at some photos of your town and it really is impressive 🙂
      Thank you for your suggestion!

      • Abdullah Imran

        Your Welcome
        carmels games is best
        i started playing your games about a year ago in mouse city . i played your 7 games in mousecity . i thought that mouse city were making that games . when i noticed the carmel games logo in the start of game , i opened your website . then i realized that carmel games is making that games . i started playing your games in your website in 2014 . and i was the first to comment on this post .

        • Thank you Abdullah,
          It’s always nice to meet loyal fans who keep track of us for such a long time. Mousecity are not making the games but they do sponsor over half of our work so we love them for that 🙂

          • Abdullah Imran

            OH ok thanks for information

  • Мария Николчева

    why not Sofia or Varna

    • Why not? Maybe. Everything is possible 🙂

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    … i think it should be somewhere in rome cause u know ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME and also there are many historical sites in rome

    • You are correct Vikhyat, Rome is an interesting option indeed.
      Thank you for suggesting it.

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    and pretty much sure that educational game includes history- much to my despair 😛

    • If there’s something we’re good at, it’s teaching our players and visitors history in a fun way, and not just history, so don’t worry about it 🙂

  • Laura Marano

    Hello Carmelo How about you make a game about the beautiful and awesome culture of Pakistan You can ask me everything i know about Pakistan

  • Laura Marano

    Hello Carmelo you should make a game about Islamabad it has many famous places including National Art Gallery, Islamabad
    National Herbarium Islamabad
    National Monument Islamabad

    Margalla Hills
    Shakar Parrian
    Islamabad Zoo
    Rawal Lake
    Lake view park
    Anchorage, Islamabad
    Peer Sohawa

    Pakistan Monument

    Pakistan Museum of Natural History
    Islamabad Museum

    Shah Faisal Mosque

    Fatima Jinnah Park
    Rose and Jasmine Garden

    Shakar Padiyan

    Sporting facilities

    Jinnah Sports Stadium
    Liaquat Gymnasium
    Para Gliding at Margalla hills
    Margalla cricket Ground
    Rawalpindi cricket stadium
    Islamabad club golf course
    Yachting facility at Rawal lake
    Islamabad club tennis courts
    Mushaf Squash Complex

    The Centaurus Mall
    Safa Gold Mall

    • Abdullah Imran

      Lahore is best it has interesting and historical places

      • Laura Marano

        Pakistan is the best no matter which city 🙂

        • Abdullah Imran

          You are right but the carmel games said us to suggest one city or town not country , continent or planet
          so we cannot suggest them pakistan

          • Laura Marano

            Yea but if they make game on any Pakistani country that will be Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Abdullah Imran

            ohhhhh fighting with you is imposible

          • Abdullah Imran

            you said
            yea but if they make game on any Pakistani country that will be awesome
            you said that they have to make game on any country in pakistaN
            There are no countries in pakistan
            pakistan is a whole country with cities
            you are saying that there are countries in pakistan
            so why are you saying any pakistani countries
            you have to say anu pakistani cities
            edit andcorrect that mistake and arguing with you is impossible so i do not argue with you about lahore and other cities

          • Laura Marano

            Sorry i was just saying that they should make game on Pakistani cities that’s all and Pakistan Rocks

    • Thank you Laura for suggesting Islamabad

      • Laura Marano

        You could also make game on murree it has pindi point kashmir point patriata ayubia national park it has a famous shopping area Mall road

        • We’ll make sure to check it out.

  • Luciana

    It will be translated or will only have in English ???

    • To which game are you referring to?

  • Aria Fairy

    could skip around the world go to scotland
    also i know you r very busy but could you make a sherlock holmse story
    oh and i have a game plot listen
    at carmelo studios the electricyti goes out and a certen moti saves the (the whole buildin and the doors run on electrycity)
    Have a good 2016.
    P.S. sorry for the mistakes

    • Hi Aria,

      Scotland is a good suggestion, we actually already started working on a UK themed game but stopped because we did not find the time, maybe we’ll try to continue this project.
      Happy New Year 🙂

  • aliada#1

    you can make skip around the world in buenos aires, Argentina or in transylvania

    • Romina Ogieglo

      Yes, I want a game placed in Buenos Aires too! You have so many topics: football, tango, mate.

      Have a happy new year!

      • Buenos Aires is a very interesting suggestion actually, even if it won’t be this game, maybe in a more later game.

        Happy New Year!

  • aliada#1

    Happy new year!

  • pranamika love

    you can see Assam, Guwahati city.. its a very nice place and you can get nice picture to see….

    i hope you may like some of the pic..

    • cgfan

      even i’m an indian!! 😉

    • That’s a nice suggestion but considering the fact that Skip has already been to India we’ll probably try to diversify 🙂

  • Wai Yan Vivian Tsui

    I know that there are already lots of suggestions for Skip around the world, but just to add one-Hong Kong, a small but international city. The Western culture are perfectly blend with the Eastern culture, and it is known as the food and shopping paradise.
    P.S. Do not miss the night view! It ranks third in the most beautiful night views, and it can be seen from the Victoria Harbour and The Peak!

    Here are some sight seeing places:

    Victoria Harbour
    The Peak
    Ocean Park/Disneyland
    Lantau Island
    Clock tower
    Wetland Park
    Lamma Island

    And famous public Transports
    Ngong Ping 360( Cable car which leads to the Lantau Island)
    Star Ferry( Travels in the Victoria Habour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula)
    Just a suggestion but I hope you can consider it. Thanks!:)

    • Hi there,
      We’ve never been to Hong Kong but we’ve heard it’s an amazing place, I have a friend that lived there for several years and came back with some amazing stories. Also it has a Disneyland, which in our opinion always makes any place a great one 😛
      Thank you and a happy new year!

      • Wai Yan Vivian Tsui

        Thanks for replying! I am sure that your friend had an interesting experience about the fast pace here. Happy New Year and I am looking forward to the new Skip game!

    • Abdullah Imran

      carmel games should make a game on hong kong also it is a great option

  • Abdullah Imran

    please make that city lahore below i mentioned some great places of lahore

  • Abdullah Imran

    is there any other links of gatekepper
    my mousecity website is not loading
    plz reply as fast as possible

    • Not yet, but there will be.

  • Cido Marques

    Suggestions to skip around the world:

    1- An adventure to Rio de Janeiro and its natural beauty during the Olympics

    2- A stroll around Paris, the fashion capital and the mysterious Catacombs

    3- A romantic and mysterious adventure through the castles of Edinburgh

    4- The alien mystery of Roswell, could create a new version of the legend

    5- A lost character for Las Vegas trying to remember what happened last night.

    • Charly Gulati

      I think 5th one is excellent.

    • Helena

      Rio! <3

    • Diego Banks

      You suggestions from 2 – 5 sound more like a Vortex Point story

    • Thank you for the interesting suggestions 🙂

  • Red Spark

    Hi Carmel Games! I can’t wait for the new games for 2016. Also, I always play your games online and don’t have a mobile available. Will I still be able to play the mobile games online?

    • Hi Red,
      What we’re working on right now will be for mobile only.

  • Wiktoria

    Hi and for the city thing i suggest scotland because it has a lot history and myths like the *lothness monster. There is also a small town called lennoxtow and it has a lot of cool stuff like there is a broken graveyard stone (which looks like a lady’s head) and it is called green lady and if you disturb the grave you get bad luck or there is an other grave that is tall and it looks like an angel and if you look into its eyes you get bad luck for the day.

    • Hi Wiktoria,

      Thank you, we’re considering Scotland as an option, probably not for this game but for another one.

  • Lydia

    I know it’s not very interesting, but I live near a small town in Minnesota named Princeton. It would be pretty cool to see it in a video game! If you want an even smaller town, I suggest Pease, MN (pronounced like “peas”). The population was 242 people as of 2010!

    • Lydia

      By the way, I hope you have a happy new year too. 🙂

      • Hi Lydia,

        We actually have no idea what is a Minnesotan accent, or a stereotypical one, if we’ll do such a game we’ll make sure to research it properly beforehand 🙂
        Happy New Year!

        • Lydia

          Haha, sounds good. 🙂

    • Lydia

      Another thing I should add: if you decide to go with either of those towns (though I doubt you will), don’t do the stereotypical Minnesotan accent; please! I barely know two people who truly sound like that. Our accents mostly show up in subtle ways. “Most of us here don’t talk like dis, ya know!” It’s annoying that people think that. 😛

  • Shivangi

    Why not The “Lost City OF Atlantis” ? Many tales and mysteries are related to it. For references you have wikipedia,magazines and even movies. 🙂 Hope its good !!

    • Thank you for the idea.
      For this game we want a real existing city from our time. Atlantis would be a good idea for another project of ours 🙂

  • Maria Kontazi

    You say that you will make educationals games. You can make them in countries with big history, such as Greece(Ancient Greece) or Egypt. Also you can made the game in Rome or Paris.

  • Maria Kontazi

    You say that you will make educationals games. You can make them in
    countries with big history, such as Greece(Ancient Greece) or Egypt.
    Also you can make the game in Rome or Paris.

    • Hi Maria,

      These are all excellent ideas, thank you 🙂

  • Krissie

    Santa Cruz, CA! 😀

  • TJ

    Happy new year, everybody!! Sorry to hear the ad revenue is down, especially since you all work so hard, and produce such excellent games.
    Have you considered the Bermuda Triangle for any of our beloved characters to explore? If not for Skip, maybe for our crew from Vortex Point… just a thought.
    Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!! 🙂

    • HI Tammy!
      Yes, it is sad about the revenue, but that’s just how things are and that’s why we must adjust ourselves to the market, if we’ll stand in place we’d stop being relevant and wither.
      Bermuda Triangle is a good idea, we’ll see if we can put it into one of our games 🙂
      We wish you an excellent year too!

  • Kunal

    Awesome ideas carmello…!! I am waiting for your new ATBB game

  • Lisa Mary Smilth

    Skip’s twin brother wedding but the special cake ruin by Skip. Skip has to make the special cake before noon or he will ”disappear” if you know what i mean.

    • That’s a nice idea, not very suitable for Skip, but for one of our other games it could be.

  • Anonymous Kyle

    Belated Happy New Year Everybody…here’s a DOGE…probably…
    XD XD XD XD =) =) =) =) =D =D =D =D <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Katie Kinder

    You guys should have Skip go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! City of Bridges, Mt. Washington, Primanti Bros (sandwiches) Steel City, Monorail, and more! I think it would be cool to see my beautiful city in a game! 🙂

    • Hi Katie,

      I know people who’ve been to Pittsburgh and had some nice stories to tell 🙂
      We have some plans for it, unfortunately there’s still a long time until we’ll get to them.

  • Jardine

    Im excited for you to go mobile!!! Then I have an excuse for replaying your games…again 😛
    Anyway, I think I live in a family intreating town which you could perhaps use for Skip?

    I live in Mount Maunganui (Tauranga), New Zealand. You could tell the story of the Maori tribes settlement/the war that went on. Or the mountain thats here (Mauao) and its popular legend about how he was a small, nameless slave mountain and in love with Puwhenua (a female mountain) but Puwhenua was in love with Otanewainuku. And the nameless one basically decided he wanted to drown so he called on the fairies to drag him to sea, but they can only come out at night and while he was being moved morning came and he was stuck there. Mauao

    means caught by the sun, which is how it got its name. Theres heaps and heaps of history here and so many other, true, stories to tell! Not to mention Mount Maunganui being one of the best/most visited beaches in not only NZ but the southern hemisphere. You can read more about the legend here

    Anyway I hope you found this somewhat interesting and consider it for your game!

    • Jardine

      Family intreating? Definitely ment to say fairly intriguing…well I guess I did anyway haha

    • Hi Jardine,

      Sorry for the late reply here, but as you probably saw, we’ve found this location interesting enough to include it in our poll:

      Thank you very much for suggesting this place, it looks amazing and we’re sure it’s a very fun place to live in, too bad we can’t join 😛

  • cgfan

    Paris- fashion capital plus city of love (so called) 😛

  • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

    i think number 1 is the best anyway happy new year carmel games

  • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

    Carmel games can you make a the skip around the world game in china when it is Chinese new year.

    • We’ll do some game in China for sure, we don’t know when yet.

      • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

        cool break the news in your blog when you do know thx carmel games all the best.

        • There’s still some time until this will happen, but this is simply a country we can’t skip on (no pun intended) 🙂

  • Emmily

    I live in Bruges, very historical and it still looks like a city in the middle ages.

    • From what we can see online it is an exceptionally beautiful city 🙂

  • harraps

    Suggestion for a location: The Hague, NL. Not only the location of the ICC, but also brilliant museums like Escher and Mauritshuis (Girl with Pearl Earring), Madurodam and the Pier at the beach (just a few locations). Rotterdam and Delft are just round the corner.

    I am no fan of playing games on mobile devices, but if there’s the money, it will be of course wise to serve this market. I belong to the ancient league of the Sierra Quests players: Great adventures on a decent sized screen where alle the details can be enjoyed.

    • Hi there,

      I don’t know about Hague, but we’ll probably make a game in the Netherlands sometime, there are just too many interesting locations and cultural references in this country, that it would be foolish of us to not make a game there 🙂

      We’re also among the Sierra Quests players, so we know where you’re coming from, we’ll keep developing for the desktop of course, but we must spread to the mobile market as well.

  • krystal

    I know i’m a bit late but i think that you should do Dallas,Texas it has lots of artifacts and its the best!!!

    • Texas is an amazing place altogether, we had plans to include it in a future game of ours (it will be part of a road trip the player does across the USA), we don’t know when it will happen though.

  • Josip Roncevic

    I don’t live there, but Skip could visit Rome, or maybe some town of Balkan, maybe Mostar( in Bosnia and Hercegovina) if you know where is that. Maybe Dubrovnik or Split (Croatia).

    • Hi Josip,

      There will be a game in Rome, we just don’t know what game and when exactly it will happen. The places you’ve mentioned are amazing, especially Mostar! We’ll definitely take inspiration from them.

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