Habla Kadabla

Habla Kadabla is a nice witch who owns a small shop in Moonfield. One morning she discovers that her enchanted cash register was stolen. Help Habla Kadabla to get it back!

Click here to play!

  • i love them games

    • Sheila

      Same here!!! 😀

  • hello
    can u tell me when u are going to release vortex point 5 and the dakota adventures 2

  • bj carmel games pouvez vous mettre ce jeu et presque tout les jeux en francais

  • alexa

    so, i did the secret potion (easter egg) and got some code. what am i suppose to do with the code? i don’t get it. please tell me.

  • pranamika

    can u make same games like this..

  • Sarah

    this game takes ages to load!!!

  • Sarah

    its still loading!!

  • Sarah

    but still i loved this game sooo much!!! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      We’re glad you liked it, sorry it took a while to load, maybe it’s because it’s an older game.

  • MrBrightMK2

    Please do another game with Habla Kadabla she is really cool

    • We don’t know about another game, but there’s a chance for a Habla Kadabla mobile game 😛

  • footloop80

    this is sooooooo fun

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