Halloween 2016 countdown

Hi everybody!
The Carmel+ game for this Halloween is 99% ready, and will be release on October 2nd, which is only 13 days away!
Halloween point and click

But that’s not all! We are also making another (smaller) game for Halloween, in which you’ll be playing a journalist who seeks the truth about the Dark Order – a secret society that gathers around routinely and sacrifices humans! (or so they say…)

Until then we hope to release two regular games we’ve been working on – Save the Clock Tower and Quest for Éclair.


Vortex Point updates and a special request

As you all probably know, we are working to improve Vortex Point – our most successful game series.
We are rebuilding the town from scratch and giving the game’s characters the attention they deserve. Up until today Kevin, Craig and Caroline had no last names and no one knows how old they are or how they began dealing with the paranormal.
So while we will be writing the bio for Caroline Parker, Craig Harte, Kevin Clayborn and other new characters, we will appreciate the help from those of you who like to collect tourist traps brochures. We are searching for brochures of attractions that relate to the supernatural (for example mystery spots or fortune telling), sideshows, fairgrounds, etc.
If you have one (or more), please scan it/take a photo and upload it here to the comments below, or contact us using the contact form. It will help us greatly with the development of VP.

That’s all for today,
Have a great day!

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