Happy 4th birthday!

4 years ago, on November 1st 2012, we’ve released our first game “The Proposal”. Since then we’ve released more than 80 games. We owe a huge thanks to you, our devoted fans, who inspired us and gave us the will to keep on making games.
In this post we’ll share some of our early works, as well as discuss the future of CG.

The Past

It’s always a good idea to take a pause, look back and see the progress one has made over the years.
When we first started our way we used Fidget the gorilla as our brand’s mascot. 3 months later we removed Fidget’s image from our site and seven months later we revealed Carmelo for the first time. In the picture below you can see Carmelo’s early sketch. Yes, he was initially green!

Our first game ever was supposed to be Mad Head: A mad scientist who tries to take over the world using his evil machine, a typical idea for many of the point and click games in the ’90s.
Because we weren’t sure if the young audience would be able to relate to such a story, we eventually decided to go with a love story, and that’s how we ended up with The Proposal.
mad head

We tried to promote the release of The Proposal with some mini games we released on Facebook, such as Mr. Fortune Teller:

After the release of our third game, Ray&Cooper, we wanted to create another game with the same mysterious vibe R&C had. Watching Gravity Falls at the time gave us the idea to have the new game deal with the paranormal.
The initial concept was inspired by Gravity Falls:

vp concept

The characters were extremely ugly too, look at Caroline!

Another game series that we initially had a different idea in mind for was… CrazyDad! He was supposed to be CrazyChef at first – A crazy chef having a TV show, in which he teaches how to cook (but it doesn’t go very well).

A different genre we wanted to try at the time was simple escape games. It makes the work a lot easier: no characters, no dialogues and no voice over. We wrote 3 escape games and prepared their graphics, but never released them, because most of you prefered having a character in the screen, along with dialogues.
In the picture below you can see a screenshot from Escape the Theater, a game which was never released.

The Present & Future

During the last 12 months we’ve launched Carmel+, released our first mobile game and developed a game with full cooperation from our fans. We’ve recently started working on a new chapter for Vortex Point and some of our games are being ported to mobile for free distribution as we speak.


The rapidly growing mobile games industry, along with the decrease of online browser games popularity, will force us to make changes. Though we have no intentions of leaving the online gaming industry, we will start to focus more on the mobile games market.
We have 4 short web games which are waiting for release and after that we will be taking a break for a month or two, in order to work on some new mobile games (which we will distribute for free), along with Carmel+ games.

So once again – thank you all for your support and feedback for all this time.
We hope you’ll all enjoy our work for many more years to come!
Moti, Or and Goran

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