Happy Halloween y’all!

Those spooky pumpkins above are from the Franklin County Pumpkin Fest (photo by Geoff Bluh), and while we were already in the holiday’s spirit, we had a crazy idea!
Vortex Point is our most beloved game series, so we thought: why not develop another paranormal game series, but this time you guys will be more involved in the making of the game!
It worked pretty well with D&K when you gave us great ideas for items to place inside the guys’ headquarters, so why no try it again?

Since we don’t want to make it look like another Vortex Point, it is important to have a difference in the new game’s atmosphere in relation to Vortex Point. We could make a funny game with a lite atmosphere or we can make a spooky game, something that will send shivers down your spine.

So let us know what kind of an atmosphere do YOU want to see in the game, which kind of items you want to see in the investigators’ office and anything else you have in mind. Your cooperation is very appreciated!

Below you can see the first sketch of the paranormal investigator (we don’t have a name for him yet)

And on a different matter, Marcela has just bought herself a new coat for the upcoming winter wonderland game 🙂

And with that we wish you all a Happy Halloween, personally we’re going to have fun with a scary movies marathon and we hope you’ll have fun too.

  • the master

    first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keep on making the loads of games you could have a gang but with crazy names and all love doing something.I want a scary atmosphere in the new games and can you make he cast more young like 8 year olds? please!!!*&&^%$$££””!

  • iRock

    Hi guys! Great idea! If you ask meabout the atmosphere, I’d go with spooky with just some touches of humor. Also, if you want to make it really different from Vortex Point, think of not using the “investigator” theme. I mean, VP and D&K already covered that genere.

    • cgfan

      extremely appreciate your thoughtfulness

      • faith

        Maybe instead of an investigator, he could be an undercover ghost hunter like he has a regular day job but at night he secretly does ghost work for an agency but his friends don’t know about it. His real name could be Dan and his code name is Shadow Spike

    • You got a point there, check out JFNeal’s idea above.

  • נועה אייל

    spooky us better!

  • נועה אייל


  • Milkwhiskers

    Well he looks like a Jack or maybe Dan.

  • I’d love to play a real spooky game.

    As for a name to the character, “Norman” is a great name for a paranormal investigator.

    and for items in the office, I’d love to see candles (for soft light and dark shades), shaded areas with periodically glowing eyes, a skull with a big knife stuck in its forehead, a shelf with several kinds of bottles (some of them with poison marking on them), a black cat napping somewhere and periodically opening one eye, a window with a full moon showing through it and tattered drapes, blood stains on the wall and off course – creepy background music.

    • It’s a real challenge to spook someone on the big screen – it’s even harder to do so with a flash game – and that might be the reason we want to go and do something like that. Thanks!

      • Vikhyat Agarwal

        you scared us at VP5 ending, and boy did you scare us bad!

      • Vikhyat Agarwal

        but you scared us really good at VP5 ending

    • ahmed mujtaba

      You can name him as Neil Mc’Donald

  • JFNeal

    Definitely spooky. As a way to differ from VP, perhaps have the investigator work directly with the spirit world as opposed to the physical world. As I write the idea it sounds a little lame, but nothing is wrong when brainstorming haha.

  • petroa

    Why did Marcela have to “buy” a new coat? Is she not capable of “making” it?

  • freaklikeme

    Big Carmel Games fan! I would like something really spooky. Spooky music is the key to send shivers down anyone’s spine. One thing that always make me feel a bit spooked are when something looks just a little bit off, like, you know it’s not right but can’t quite put your finger on why. Examples of this could be a room where photo frames are slightly tilted or a full glass of water in an abandoned house. Little features that you might clock and make you think.

    • Vikhyat Agarwal


    • Anudeep CVS

      Totally agree with that.

  • Delice

    I think a light atmosphere and terrible gadgets to make it harder for the character and call him a name you have never used maybe Terry Rodgers

  • Jimena Pereira Paz

    you should name the detective Dan. I would like the atmosphere to be spooky but with a funny touch

  • Myst

    Hi! like people are saying, go for a spooky atmosphere. Something haunting that can scare you out of your wits through out the story. Maybe have more of a combo between the spiritual and physical, like maybe the characters can travel to another dimension that houses the spirits, and they go to our world for a vacation or something. Or maybe they have the power to directly see and interact with spirits, and their spirit is their friend/business partner.

  • Irenne

    I would really love a spooky game 😀 Now, let’s give you some random ideas:
    – a main character who isn’t human (he could be a werewolf, or a ghost, or some half-human hybrid with special abilities);
    – a spooky allucination apperaring randomly and then suddently disappearing (for example, a human figure looking through the windows while you enter a room and disappearing into the shades when you notice him);
    – writings on the walls. They can be very spooky, but be careful what you are writing: once I played a game where I got stuck inside an haunted house, and the first writing I found said “go away”. My reaction was “bloody hell, that’s exactly what i’m trying to do!” and all the tension collapsed;
    – as other people said, the spooky music is essential, and if you manage to stop it at the right moment you’ll scare all the players;
    … and nothing, it’s late night and I’m sleepy, so that’s all I can offer for now.

    • Vikhyat Agarwal

      the sound should be crows. trees footsteps

  • Kunal

    Happy halloween carmelllooo…..

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    make it really scary so theres a part when you are observing a pattern really carefully and then you dont notice some creature creeps up screams and the screen is covered with blood. NOO! i take that back how about you see its face like five nights at freddy’s!

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    and you could make an escape game in the graveyard!!!!!

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    HOw about making a game in which WE are the VILLAINS!!!!!!! we could be possessing a hotel or some place and we could possess other guests who can never leave the hotel # Hotel California by Eagles(is a song)

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    by the way carmelo your youtube bedtime stories are really good you should make some more and publish their links

  • Flora


  • Carmelfan

    (Im honestly a scaredy cat about horror movies,but I cant resist designing,so yeah.)

    Maybe there are newspaper clippings of supernatural and historical events that took place,with red circles and writings on them.A cupboard full of books,some voodoo heads,supernatural photos,a weird cackling noise once in a while,dark walls,a glowing pumpkin.

    Maybe there will be artefacts,like a werewolf’s fur,vampire’s fang,witch’s cauldron,yeah you get the idea.There will also be a collection of skulls.He might wear an interesting accessory too,such as a sea serpent teeth necklace.

    Maybe a picture of Damien from luke deluxe,because we all know he is a diabolical kid.XD

  • shaheerabbass

    I will go with spooky because we have played very funny games till now I have an idea in my mind use night in this game and I have a name for the first character you have drew name it Frank taylor.Carmelo you didn’t put my name in your games my name is shaheer or shery plz and of course use some ghosts or monsters in the game……..

  • Aarsh Khare

    funny game with horror , for that’s what vortex point is known as
    Stick to the orignal

  • cafelove

    Please make a very scary game.

  • Elad Gitelmakher

    I think it will be cool to have a spooky game that resembles “The Blaire Witch Project”.

  • huda khan yousafzai

    happy halloween carmel games

  • TJ

    Wow… this is great, and there are so many great ideas on here already, so I’ll just add this thought. Perhaps there could be some eerie and mysterious secret about the investigator that everyone is extremely curious to find out… and by everyone, I mean the other characters in the game, as well as the fans… with each game leaving small clues, until finally you could have a sequel with a big reveal. I think it would definitely leave us with eager anticipation for each one.

  • Anonymous Kyle

    You mean you change the characters of Vortex Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

    • Anonymous Kyle

      P.S. Please make it Scary XD

  • Red Spark

    How about the name of the investigator: Justin Case? How about the game being scary? The decorations with skulls hanging like a banner. People ONLY uses red ink pens. Or a window behind the “investigator” with a scary looking tree and a scarecrow in the shadows(that looks like a human) hanging from it.

  • Trevor Pope

    I was just thinking what would be a good name for that guy! How about Zach, Trevor, or Jacob

  • Charly Gulati

    I think you guys should make a really spooky game, with scary voices and…, sudden paranormal actions.. that CAN scare maybe all of us……:-)

  • aanchal

    I would prefer a spooky theme we already have too many in funny

  • aanchal

    i can provide you with a fresh story which I am currently writing
    p.s i like writing

  • aanchal

    oh for your scary movies marathon don’t forget to include the exorcism of emily rose

    • This is one of the scariest movies that I have ever seen!

      • aanchal

        so do you believe emily was haunted by demons

  • AtomicBow

    I love the new and different look for the character. Regarding the name for the stunning character, I believe Brian could be a possible good name. ”Brian, the paranormal investigator.”
    I agree and disagree with iRock, I do believe it should be a spooky theme, or a collaboration of many themes. Perhaps spooky and horror, as they both match together well. Don’t forget the humour! The investigator’s office should include a variety of items, such as souvenirs of his previous encounters. They should make him keep a certain object from his encounters, as a reminder of what he did and what he had to endure through.

  • Rachel Figueroa

    I like a supernatural atmosphere in a game that sometimes plays on the idea of folklore or fables. Maybe local legends like the Moth Man. Go WV!


    you can make a game like vampire are all around world and we are the only humans that survived and are searching for safe house

  • Jess Tredneer

    The paranormal investigator guy kind of looks like Flynn/Eugene from Tangled!

  • Angela Tinkerbell

    Weeeellll I am a girl but I loveeeee vortex point and I like scary things soo you can make a scary game and I will really like it if you make it a bit like a game with a vampire or the other things it would be soooo cool 😉

    • Scary game it is 🙂

      • Angela Tinkerbell

        Thx 🙂

  • Kashif Ali Sabiri

    please make a spooky game
    name the investigator Qasim

  • Kashif Ali Sabiri

    also have a jump scare like in the end of VP5

    • I think most people hated it back in VP5, but we’ll write about it in our next post.

  • Мария Николчева

    I quite like the name Sebastian or maybe Calvin . Maybe he would be called by a friend telling him that something weird has happened and he is calling him because he remembers Sebastian’s ( Calvin’s) passion for the paranormal . It could be a poltergeist. Once i read in an encyclopedia about strange things have begun to happen in a lawyers office since his new secretary was employed. Some people say it was poltergeist because she hated her job . When she quit everything returned back to normal . I think it would be cool to do a game with this scenario .

    • That’s is a really good idea, thanks!

  • Happy Halloween to you guys as well
    P.S Sorry for the late reply

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