I want you to vote!

A hypothetical question:
Suppose we will be publishing a comic book/illustrated book, which book would you prefer it to be?
1. A David and Keithan book – The guys go out to investigate a mystery!
2. A Vortex Point book – The gang goes out to investigate a mystery!
3. A Tales of Carmelot book – Ryan O’brien goes out to investigate a mystery!

There sure are a lot of mysteries out there, but the potential theme of each book is quite different:
D&K will have that ‘Famous Five’/’The Goonies’ vibe – A hidden treasure, secret caves, villains etc.
VP will keep the same plot line as in our VP games – Another paranormal crime will be solved by the paranormal investigators.
In Tales of Carmelot we will have a fantasy theme all over the place: potions, magic, mysterious creatures and let’s not forget – Jayden’s Splashdown.

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If have something else in mind, please write it down in the comments section below.

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