Into The Wild

Join Crystal Rose Divine at her new TV show, as she explores the mysterious MugaBuga tribe.


  • melike

    that was easy 🙂
    what happens then you jump off the cliff? 🙂

    • Rick

      You drop into MugaBuga’s tribal camp feet first, for a second try at solving the puzzle.

    • you end up back at the camp i know i tryed it

  • thanks for the gameeeeeeeeeeeee

  • that was easy peasy

  • Eva

    Very well, guys, nice game, nice story 🙂 But I think it could be a bit harder, you know… I´ve done it in like 5 minutes.
    By the way, what games are you working on? 🙂
    Good luck!

  • rjhk

    Why the game is not in Hebrew???!!:(

    • AnnieT

      It takes them a while to translate.

      Also, great game as usual and can’t wait for Ray and Cooper 2


  • herbert

    Argh a way too easy… nice though

    • Carmel Games

      Hello Herbert, We create games in various difficulty levels, the harder and more complex games come out on a lower frequency than the easier ones because they require longer development time.
      For example I am sure you will find our recent game Vortex Point 4 more challenging.

      • herbert

        I have played/finished all your game i really enjoy them.
        But you seem to spend a lot of time with graphics (sketching/drawing) … So IMO it would be better if we could enjoy/play the game a little longer if everything wasnt that obvious.
        The is in the middle of of the cave screen, the old tree too. If both re hiden a little bit, it could have raised the difficulty a little bit

        Anyways keep doing some great game

  • Tobias

    Like it. Not super long, but still quite good. Still I want a lot of conversation as well. The combination of puzzles, minigames and conversations is what makes your games so good. Hoping that Ray and Cooper two will be great and have all those part.

  • minnie

    coooooooooooooooool game!!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Boy

    Well my review is that the game is very easy, but yeah I like the graphics, and this game is the first to have lots of “nature”.
    The BIG new thing in this game was a female character as main one and nothing else, it’s easy to beat, the hardest puzzle wasn’t very different from the ones we saw before and the chatting was poor(MUGA BUGA).
    By the way this game difficulty makes Ray & Cooper 2 having some responsability of being harder and better in points of chatting and puzzles.

    In the terms of a review:
    Challenging: 3/10
    Graphics(For flash games): 9/10
    Chatting: 5/10(I liked Crystal’s voice and MUGA BUGA).
    +1 point for the first female character.


    Johnny Boy

  • Tommy Nielsen

    fun game but too easy

  • I cannot describe how high-quality this game is. I completely enjoyed the art and animation of this game. While it’s nice having a challenge, I also like to play an easy-going game after a hard day’s work. It helps me relax and it’s always nice playing a game that doesn’t require much thinking. I appreciate what you guys do. Keep at it.

    Your fan,
    Michael Pineda

  • kim

    Enjoyed this too. Nice seeing a female lead. Thanks!

  • allison

    the last part was funny

  • Lavnish Gupta

    the game was as usual really very good and adventurous 🙂

  • reness

    Everyone said it was easy,i agree though. But it was fun. Actually we ask for games early,don’t we? The games shouldn’t be like chewing gums…..All over it was pure fun of 7:29 minutes.

  • when is ray n cooper 2 coming? cant wait for it!!

  • but what you mean by the game’s ending

  • riya

    how to solve the puzzle

  • Rachel

    “I will take that giant rock with me?” Uhm, even I wouldn’t carry around a giant rock…

  • Rachel

    I love yours games! Thank you Carmel Games 😀 you make me happy each month. Keep up the good work!

    • Carmel Games


  • Wow i been waiting for this a long time, Fast Walkthrough is coming ^^

  • Here’s the fast walkthrough 🙂

  • jai

    wat is the next game coming …………………. i am always in such a hurry for ur games

    nd really dis was also gr8

  • Renee

    Stupid game!! Liked it anyway!! 🙂

  • I love your games and please can you tell me when is Ray And Cooper 2 coming. And I am your biggest fan in the whole world.


  • Joanna:)

    very good game! I really loved the ending! 😀 But i didn’t like her voice so much, but great game though as always!! Keep it going!

  • melike if it is so easy tell me the answers

  • when is vp5 coming

  • joetex

    it is so fantastic all your game, please do not stop! however i will like to see some game with dinosaurs. peace xx

  • maya azizi

    why you stop to translate the games?

  • Fadrique

    Good game but very easy, please if you ever work on VP5, make it long and difficult with lots of scenarios and puzzles. I really like playing your games guys.

    • Carmel Games

      We will soon start to work on VP5, this time we plan something scary 🙂

  • really

    Hey, you have a bug in the game.
    When cutting the tree with the ax, the ax was gone.
    Which created a problem when I was playing, because then I could not break the bottle with the ax.
    After I started the game from scratch, and at first I broke the bottle with the ax and then the tree it worked.
    But the game was fun (:

    • Carmel Games

      Hi, You can break the bottle using the log, mortar&pestle or the giant rock.

      • really


  • really

    not scratch – start**

  • David

    Cuando saldrá la versión es español ???

    • Carmel Games

      Talvez esta semana, depende del patrocinador. Pero podrás jugar Into The Wild en español muy pronto.

      • Ivo

        Espero que se pronto

  • Heidi

    Totally awesome game, as usual, but way too easy. I’ll admit I struggle with some of your games but that one didn’t have the remotest hint of a challenge to it, I managed it in less than 5mins

  • LIOR

    wow !!! this game rock’s !
    and it’s pretty long so… it’s great 🙂

  • PointerRuz

    Haha! Now this is one of the many reasons why I play your games: it’s hilarious! The plot/ storyline, the ridiculous exchanging of items (e.g., an item so rare for something so common…!), funny sidestories (including the eating with the cannibals), whimsical characters, and most of all,the exaggeration of things that is comical, not bad and the purpose of the journey (Ms. Crystal Rose going all pick and combine items just to be able to interview the Muga Buga Man..!! xD)!

    Seriously you guys rock!


    • Carmel Games

      Thank you 🙂

  • ahmed hassan

    pretty good game.what is your next game?

  • TJ

    Great Game! Easy but still fun and entertaining.

  • Not a muga buga

    I’m tired of the harmful stereotypical depictions of Black people ~~in da jungle oo canniballzzzz ooggaa booogaaa savages~~ It just alienates and is lazy… there is really no need for it at all.

    • Carmel Games

      Our games are meant for fun and enjoyment only.
      We have no intention of disrespecting any person, regardless of ethnicity, country, nation, religion etc.

      • Not a muga buga

        Then you would really know that the images you have of “jungles Africans” is harmful – at least if your schools weren’t lazy. The cannibal, ooga booga stuff, in loincloths stuff needs to go from your future games. I love your games but that’s the one negative thing about them.

    • Caroline

      Your talking nonsense…
      First of all, there are black people who lives in the jungle, so I don’t understand what you want.
      Second thing, carmel game sometimes used white people to play the villains or stupid characters etc. does it mean I should be offended? hell no, it’s a game, and it’s funny!
      And last thing, they do used black people as positive characters (like the girl that Cody falls in love with)

    • Caroline

      What I meant to say is there are black people who live in jungles in south america but there are no white people living in jungles anywhere in the world

  • Ashraf

    hi carmel games your some games are stupid like into the wild if you make those game easy people like it

  • Mr. Moose

    you’ve never had a colored person as the main playable character in any of your games, so the next game that isn’t a sequel can you have someone colored as the mane character.

    • Carmel Games

      Yes we can.

  • this is easy and i saw your other comment you will make vp5 scary now i cant wait until it now aaaahhhh

  • David

    Cuando sale la versión en español

  • Sheila

    This game is easy but so funny!!! What a brave girl for jumping out from the valley like that! 😀 That moment sure is extremely surprising me! 😛

  • mariela

    fuera mejor si lo pusieran en español para poder entenderlo

  • mariela

    cuando saldra la vercion en español?

  • Jamie Hamilton

    FINALLY a female character!

  • Aadam

    How can she fit a log in her PURSE?!

    • pranamika

      its a game. any thing can be happen here.

    • It’s a magical purse…

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