It’s Friday the 13th!

Hi everybody!
The weekend is here and finally we’ve got some time to keep you updated with our latest work.
First things first: Tammy Jo has just been released with several language translations, if you’re registered on Newgrounds & Kongregate please take a moment to give us 5 stars 🙂
Other than that, our main goal right now is to finish the work on Creepo’s Tales 2 by the end of next week.
The work on the game’s backgrounds is going well as you can see below:
creepo's camp
We’re also trying to deliver a special surprise: A Creepo wallpaper for your desktop and mobile devices (we just hope we’ll have it ready on time :))

Luke updates

The remake project is starting to get shape: We have the sketches for Luke’s walk cycle animation ready, and even the game’s music is mostly ready.
Each location will have its own unique music track, composed by Mediatrix Music.
Luke walkcycle

We started writing short songs for Alexis. Since Damian is playing the flute, it was only logical to make Alexis sing to his tunes. Here is a short song for example:

We spent all the money and now we’re broke!
Oh my poor heart, I’m about to have a stroke!
I guess it’s time to find another man!
We’ll take his money, I even got a plan!
I want to find someone with a cool name like Hank!
But first I’ll make sure he’s got money in the bank!!

We would love to see what you can come up with 🙂

Brain Busters

Starting today you can find all of Professor Labcoat’s games in our new subsidiary’s sub-domain Brain Busters.
Since we have plans to develop more series of brain teasers game, we decided to gather them all together in their own department. You can access the new sub-domain from Carmel Games’ top menu.

Special thanks

$680 Have been donated so far for our full-length-game-foundation, so we want to thank each and everyone of you who donated and helped us turning our full-length-game dream into reality.
We would also like to thank Serj Cojocaru, owner of, for helping us with translating our games to Russian and Spanish.

That is all for today, have a fun weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE’S!

  • Barry M. Deep

    I just love the classics!!

  • andrea

    Ahahah fantastic song XD

  • TJ

    Ok… at the risk of sounding silly or terribly uninformed… I’ve read about Luke in a few of the blogs, and I thought I had played all of the games to date… but I can’t find Luke anywhere. Please help.

    • Guest

      Because Luke is the first adventure game they made, before Carmel Games was created it is not on this site. If you want to play it, you can RIGHT HERE

    • Hello dear guest, you can find Luke here:

    • gamer3756

      Because Luke was the first adventure game they made, before carmel games was created, it is not on this site so you can play it here.
      (also, sorry for the comment below, the link wasn`t working)

  • TJ

    Looking forward to all of the new stuff! Here’s a little something I came up with:

    Catching a man can be such a bother,
    But my Damian needs a good father.
    By good, I mean he has to have money,
    ‘Cause I need to spend it. It’s not even funny.
    And since I can’t snag me a king or a duke,
    I’ll take this one here, who calls himself Luke.

    • cgfan

      amazing!!!! bravo

      • TJ

        Thank you!

        • Anie

          Very innovative song . TJ

          • TJ

            Thanks Anie. 🙂

          • Marry786

            i want to be ur friend ok?????

    • It’s hilarious! I am going to use it in the game 🙂

      • TJ

        Awesome!! Glad you liked it! 🙂

    • Jayson Dannog

      I love it. Great job.

  • Red Spark

    Fantastic games! I wish you good luck on Creepo’s tales 2 and Luke 2 as well. I can’t wait till they come out! By the way, the poem is totally fine.

  • Verona

    So excited about Creepo’s Tales 2 & Luke’s Remake. Awesome song too!

  • Irenne

    Here’s something that can be useful if the player needs to remember what does Alexis want Luke to do:
    Go to the chapel, set a date there,
    And then you need something to wear.
    so find yourself a nice wedding suit
    (It has to be lovely, you need to be cute)
    And then you must, without hesitation,
    Make me, you and Damien a reservation
    At Heartbreak hotel for our honeymoon,
    But you’ve to be fast, tomorrow is soon!

    • Anie

      wow! This is so much better , so innovative 😀 , i would use this song if i was the game developer

      • Irenne

        You’re too kind, Anie 😀 Thanks!

      • Marry786


    • This stuff is great! Thanks!!

      • Irenne

        You’re welcome! 🙂

        • Hi Irenne, please write me here (or using the contact form) your full name so I’ll add it to the game’s credits. Thanks!

  • Kunal

    yo carmeloooooooo…………

  • nuha

    new games i like it.pls put new more games after these

    • We’re working on it 🙂

  • emmmie

    I spent all my money on beer and some junk
    I need a new husband I need a new hunk
    I look and I look and oh my fuck
    luke luke he can fill my junk in this trunk

    • Marry786

      what nonsense stupid song emmmie

  • Amaan Ahmed

    By looking Damien it is clearly apparent,
    That he needs another parent.
    Humorous,kind and rich,
    And who would not be such an itch.
    So I will as well take a fluke,
    In catching someone named………….Luke!!!

  • girlgamer

    when we can play it???

  • 79

    where is creepo’s tales 2?

    • gamer3756

      It hasn’t been released yet, but I think it will be out soon.

      • We’ll release it later today.

  • happy

    When will we get a new game ?????

  • linda

    hi i love this game amazing site

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