Just a short update

Hi everybody!
Those of you who follow our blog must be wondering what’s going on with the 10 Days 1 Game Challenge –
Well, it started off good, but on the third day I decided to change the plot a bit, which in turn caused some delays.
By the fourth day I caught the flu so I hardly worked on the game during all the time I was sick.
The good news is that I’m now back on my feet and the game is already 90% ready.
We’re taking a couple of days break for the holidays, so we’ll release the game by the end of next week.

On behalf of our small team here in CG, I want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.
May the holiday season bring you lots of joy and happiness 🙂

Introducing Farm Days by Plinga

We’ve recently added a new game by Plinga – Farm Days. This is in addition to the existing games: Charmfarm, Klondike, Knights and BridesRoyal Story and Family barn.

In addition, there are now some special events and promotions for the holidays:

22-26 Dec: Christmas Bonus Promotions (available for all Games)
31 Dec-1 Jan: New Years Eve/New Years Bonus Promotions (available for all Games)
13-15 Jan: Winter Stock Exchange (big bonuses available for all Games)

The games are available through our website’s top menu, under the Games->Partners category, through our home page under Partners or just click HERE to check it out.

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