Luke Deluxe

Damien is a diabolical kid who loves money.
Alexis is Damien’s mother. She’s living large and she loves it.
After Alexis and Damien’s money ran out, it was only a matter of time until they tried to trap someone like Luke, a young millionaire who’s looking for the love of his life. Try your best to save Luke from the hands of Alexis and Damien.



Play the original LUKE here

  • Carmelfan

    First comment!
    Nice Carmel games!

  • pranamika

    wow carmel games…!! as i thought , this one is sooo fantasticoooo…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i am happy that i commented at second…

    and at last, THE WAITING IS OVER….!!

  • andrea

    That was AWESOME! Congratulations for the fantastic work!!! You’re the best!

  • TJ

    Fabulous job!! The animation, the comedy, the little songs were great, too (I saw that mine was among them <3)! I also loved the funny stuff after clicking on the characters repeatedly! Too awesome!!

  • Jeremy Reed

    I loved the Eagles references !!!!

  • Irenne

    Amazing game, everything was great! I’ve just played it twice in a row to check if I saw every animation 馃榾

  • Yaman

    Hy Carmel!
    This game is awesome
    I took a long time to play it, I love hard puzzle game
    thank you very much

  • gamer3756

    WOW! That game is awesome! I loved how you could use the characters lots of times, now how when you click on an item, you drag it along and the graphics were awesome too! Thanks for the awesome game 馃檪

  • Nathaniel Obtinalla

    at last its released love you carmel games

  • Mickaela Aspuria

    Yes! It’s finally here! Can’t wait to play it! 馃榾 I remember playing the original Luke not so long ago. (aah memories…)

  • Reness

    I thought my piece of saying was good…But you did not use it… 馃檨 Why?


    in the song it is heartbreak hotel but he makes reservation in hotel California . btw nice game

    • Irenne

      Yup, I noticed it too. Heartbreak Hotel was the hotel’s name in the original Luke, but in Luke Deluxe they changed it forgetting to also change the song

  • Renee

    the game isnt opening

  • gamer580

    It was very enjoyble, the signs were the best part

  • Aarsh Khare

    when is the next game coming

  • Aarsh Khare

    Can you use my name in your next game please

  • Aarsh Khare

    hey Moti and Or
    could you use my name in your next game please guys

  • Aarsh Khare

    the game isn’t working on mousecity

  • Renee

    nice game!! the hula dance was soo cute

  • RockyRockz

    i m lovin it what a lovely i will give 5 star

  • Marry786

    nice game

  • chloe

    5 out of 5 stars

  • amazing i wanna try it

  • lol the poems are so funny

  • Marek


    I spot that previous games long time ago made me feel more interested during playing. You are improving graphics, but I think that You have forgotten about the content. The story was weak and not interesting at all (You have made a game with similar story, am I right?) and the puzzles was easy. Remember that the game Gothic I and II are still popular although the graphics in them are quite old. The story inside makes the game more enjoyable.

    Your previous games was more interesting than the latest 3 or 4 games You have made.

    I hope that next games will be more engrossing and takes more time to finish them

    Best wishes

    • Mickaela Aspuria

      Well it’s kind of a remake of the original Luke. But yeah, I hope the games will be more interesting. More challenging too…I’ve played all the games so far and it’s true they’re improving. But I want them to make a game with a unique story.

  • Helena


  • Janset

    your stories are so similiar. i cant see any difference between this game and night in crazy town. both main characters had to marry a crazy girl. wish this game had an unique story

    • Mickaela Aspuria

      Well you can at least say you enjoyed the game. I don’t know what I like better: the original Luke or Luke Deluxe.

      • lancerusselvalmeo

        i like luke original because when their at the pool it looks more crazy hahaha

    • Aadam

      For ‘A night in Crazytown’ the girl was a wanted criminal… and anyway she was the main character’s date.

    • Well, this entire game’s plot has been written years ago. This game is a remake of the first adventure game which we did several years ago, so we couldn’t mess with the plot too much.

  • RiletashaumTheGreat

    Just over 11 minutes. Fun as always!

  • Aarsh Khare

    the game isn’t working

  • Jardine

    I just started the game and had to come here to thank you for putting Pineapple Lumps into the game! Made me so happy!!! Love the game so far GOOD WORK!!! 馃榾 馃檪

  • Tahsin

    I really loved the poems or songs.. whatever that was..! enjoyed the game as usual.. 馃檪

  • Verona

    I really like it when they start to sing. So FUNNY!

  • AK

    awesome love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AK

    great job!!!! 馃檪 馃槈

  • AK

    well must say u r excellent carmelo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 馃檪 馃槈

  • AK

    thumbzzz uppp!!!! yohooo

  • Rey

    Why the little kid has a pentagram on his shirt?

    • Irenne

      Because he is a diabolical kid >:-D

  • Aadam

    There’s no sound when the hotel receptionist says welcome to heartbreak hotel!

    • Hi Aadam,

      We’re aware of this, we had some technical problem with this one, it will be fixed in the next version release.

  • Molly Nicholson

    Such good graphics and it had different shops etc. which made for different challenges but the same ending as the original! Loved it and can’t wait for your next game, they just get better each time! The best games on the internet 馃檪

    • Thank you Molly, your comment really made us happy 馃檪

  • Aadam

    You forgot something in the game, the hotel receptionist says something without a voice. Play it and find out!

    Oh, and the barman says something diffrent than what the voice is.

  • Aria Fairy

    i whish you would write a

    Walkthrough in letters

    • Hi Aria, unfortunately we don’t have the time to write a walkthrough for the game.
      If you need help you can ask whatever you want here and I’ll do my best to help.

      • Aria Fairy

        thank 馃榾

  • hadas

    why you dont do it even in hebrew? i love your games and so i want this game will in hebrew

    • Hi Hadas 馃檪
      The game will be translated to Hebrew, Spanish, French, Dutch and more in a few weeks.

      • hadas

        Thank you

  • Here’s a fast walkthrough, a bit late 馃榾

  • Aria Fairy

    love the game

    i have an idea for the next game

    lets say a princess hoo has too save a prince

  • Varga Tekla

    awwhh I’ve just started to play Luke Deluxe. He moves his head it’s so cute!!! 馃檪

  • isa bela

    The game is currently not working. I doesn’t open inside the page.

  • Joy97

    Nice touch with the singing. It made it a whole lot funnier. 馃榾

  • Isabelle

    hello, I love yours games but most are in English and I don’t very good understand English. please can you make a french translations one day?

    • Hi Isabelle, unfortunately we can’t translate our older game, but we will translate all of our future game into French.

      • Isabelle

        Okay thank you, it’s a good new (:
        Good continuation.

  • ifa

    your games are my favs! great job carmelo! i’ve played all your point and click game 3 times or maybe more haha. cant wait for the next game 馃檪

    • Hi ifa,

      Thank you very much! We’re happy to know you’re enjoying our games so much and hope you will keep enjoying our future games too 馃檪

  • GyuWifey

    totally worth the wait!!
    plus, i really like Luke.
    do come up with more amazing games.

  • That little demon of a crazy woman , i hate him. but this the first game of yours is GREAT!!

  • Hila

    诪转讬 讗转诐 注讜砖讬诐 讙讬专住讗 讘注讘专讬转 ?

  • D茅bora

    I can’t acess the game!

  • jonathan

    its not coming in mousecity

  • Gwen

    It would be amazing if the kid was sold to the circus. X3

  • ayesha andrew garfield

    me to

  • I_RULE

    I like the 1st version better. Trust me, I played it before playing this one.

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