Marrakesh Club

Every tourist who comes to Morocco knows that he must visit Marrakech Club, the only problem is how to get inside. Help Joseph pass the Moroccan tea test.



  • Ida Musdalslien

    First comment! Love the game!

  • daisy

    the puzzle is hard

    • It was a lot harder. Even we could not solve it πŸ˜€

  • Bagala Zsolt

    Challenging game, harder than usual, but defintely one of the best. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    awesome game

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    Please give a link for another website in which you have posted this game mouse city doesn’t work on everyone’s computer these days.

    • Hi Vikhyat, right now the game is available exclusively on MouseCity.
      It will be available on other websites in a few weeks.

      • Mr.Blah Aka Shubhan Agarwal

        Carmelo, can you please make the games longer… because since you started using the graphics used in ‘space on the case,’ your games have become shorter… except Tammy Jo Superstar, and as you are aking a bit more time than earlier to release your games…(and they are a bit shorter than expected).the games are too easy now, so can i start expecting the point that the games will be longer from next time? please reply…

        • Vikhyat Agarwal

          hi dude sup

          • Mr.Blah Aka Shubhan Agarwal

            follow me vikhyat!

          • Vikhyat Agarwal


          • Mr.Blah Aka Shubhan Agarwal

            ja bhand mein jaa, i wont follow you BEEP

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            you follow me

        • Hi there,

          Some of our games are a bit short, that is correct. But some of them are not short at all, we believe Marrakesh Club is one of these longer games.

          • franklai

            Well, but it is predictable. It actually is really predictable. I actually looked at the thingies at the counter and knew instantly there was going to be a puzzle. And that’s what makes it short, what about adapting some wild card ideas from your fans?

          • Hi,

            Some people find them predictable, some don’t, some find them easy, some find them too hard. We do our best to please everyone, of course this goal is impossible, but we still try.
            We’re always open for ideas.

      • Vikhyat Agarwal

        On mouse city the page says Download the free flash player. now!

        and when i click on the link it goes to and it says

        Page Does Not Exist

        pls reply im a big fan

        • Hi Vikhyat,

          Please try updating your Flash Player here:

          • Aarsh Khare

            It doesn’t work on mousecity

          • girlgamer

            it work guys kindly wait it also said on me but i reload it still ten now it work you need to relax and wait go to mouse city (not here) so if you are already at click point and click then find you game(marrakesh club) anyway heres the link

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            BOY do u need english classes! no offence:-p

          • girlgamer

            im a GIRL not a BOY does it work

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            1. It DOES NOT WORK
            2. BOY is an expression

          • girlgamer

            are you sure ? it dont work it work for me im pointing 2 items there i dont want to fight im try to help you just type on the search box mousecity the point and click then find your game dont click the link try it

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            nope doesnt work

          • Aarsh Khare


          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            You see im a big fan and i have been looking for a solution from the time i started playing carmel games (quest for milkshake had just released then) . I’ve tried everything but cant find the solution.

          • Did you try a different browser maybe?

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            no dude ;-( ;'(

          • Hi Vikhyat,

            Which OS version are you using? Also, which browser and what version?

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            windows 7 ultimate, google chrome 43.0.2357.81 dev-m

          • Vikhyat Agarwal

            did u ask that for G.K or something? If not then why not reply! Im a big fan and im getting angry now :-0

          • We asked so we could do our best and solve your problem.

      • girlgamer

        I have one question why we dont discuss the vortex 5 and its not on your site why?? really want it to be discuss but no disscusion about vortex 5! WHY?

    • Mr.Blah Aka Shubhan Agarwal

      Vikhyat, I’m Shubhan here dude… Carpool wala!

    • girlgamer

      it work just try and try

  • pritha

    awsum game man!!

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • gamelover

    I love this game. Carmel games how about making vortex point 6 now ?

    • Our next game is most likely gonna be CrazyDad 3 (all depends on the poll result)

  • yoyomom

    This game was pretty funny.

  • TJ

    Fantastic!! <3

    • Glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  • thx for the new game

  • ioanna

    it was an awesome game!!!!Also the puzzle was hard but i solved it.Oh and i liked the part with the moon when he poured the tea to the glass on the earth

    • Glad you liked this punch ioanna!

  • Irenne

    Great game, as always πŸ™‚ Loved the person who says “That is correct, sir, no-one’s inside”

  • awesome game

  • AtomicBow

    Very nice game! I hope you make many games based around a certain country and pick out a certain tradition for the game to be about. Keep on making amazing games, hope you get the best inspiration and motivation you need to make games. We’re here for the motivation and inspiration, so inform us if you need any ideas!

    • Thanks AtomicBow, we will indeed have more games that take place in a certain country πŸ™‚

  • Cora

    Was there any use for the lit candle?

    • gamer3756

      Yes, you need it for a light inside of the hatch near the fountain, but it just stays in your inventory after you use it.

  • gamer3756

    Awesome! I loved all of the puzzles you added in (especially the picture, it was hard!).

  • anjana

    thanks carmel games. the new game is awesome. one of my favourite games. thanks once again

    • Good to hear anjana πŸ™‚

  • Renee

    That was high enough all right; but what about gravity? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ You guys are funny

  • Renee

    Wonderful game.. Liked it a lot!!!!!! Thanks for such an excellent game!!

  • Splendid, Marvelous !! i liked it a lot <3

  • AnnieK

    I always love the humor in your games. The puzzles were very nice too. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you like our humur AnnieK, it’s good to know some people get it πŸ˜‰

  • Rochelle

    this was really easy except for that puzzle,it was hard and took

    4 min. to complete it still it was easy and i’m waiting for VP6

    • Hi Rochelle,

      VP6 is coming in a few months.

  • Marcela

    I really enjoyed this game. It was more difficult than usual, but one of the best of your games. It was like your past ones. Really good work!

    • Thank you Marcela!
      We aimed for a harder than usual game, so it’s good to know me succeeded πŸ™‚

  • Anindita

    good game but expect more from you !! keep it thank you

  • mason mason

    a very good game! but the puzzle was very tough. keep up the good job!

    • Hi mason,

      The puzzle was even harder at first but we made it easier before we released the game πŸ™‚

  • Joseph Looked like Nathan Drake from uncharted 3 owo but in a different version

    • KitkatX_XD

      Omg Yes … I love Uncharted 3 and he so does πŸ™‚

  • Yaman

    Hi Carmel
    Thanks for the game
    it was too easy

  • Phi Loan Pham

    When will be new game appear again ? I really love playing you guy ‘s games πŸ™ . Can’t wait for the new game

  • Andrea

    Great work Carmel. Appreciate your hard work.

  • Gembey Dela Cruz

    carmelo what is the next game?

    • According the recent poll results, looks like it will be CrazyDad 3.

  • Verona

    It’s a great game and the puzzle is very hard. BTW, how did Joseph get to the moon ?

    • By Teleportation of course πŸ™‚

  • Euanne Alexis Navarro

    THANK YOU CARMELO! for making this game hard!
    this what i wished for on my other comment!
    and please if you can use my name in other games that you would be releasing…that would be great right?

    • Hi Euanne,

      Please insert your name in our Name Wizard.

  • Renee

    I didn’t find that puzzle too difficult

    • arshia

      it is too dificult

  • Aarsh Khare

    Please upload the game on another site as Mousecity does not work

    • Hi Aarsh,

      The game will be released on another website only in a few weeks. Please try using a different browser for the game and tell us if it worked.

      • Vikhyat Agarwal


      • Aarsh Khare

        Thank you

  • Emilio83

    it was fun!

  • Rachel

    On mousecity, I can’t see the full game, just the center of it. This confuses me, and makes it nearly impossible to play the game. Below is what my screen looks like. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!

    • Irenne

      Try clicking somewhere outside the game screen and press Ctrl + (i mean ctrl + plus)

      • Rachel

        I tried, but it didn’t work. This has also been happening to other carmel games on mousecity.

    • Hi Rachel,

      The problem is with your browser. If you use Google Chrome, this is the button you need to click to fix this. Other browsers are different but similar.

    • girlgamer

      rachel can you try what carmelo said then post it here again reset first

  • laΓ­sa

    awesome as always πŸ™‚

  • Great Game but i noticed a small glitch when the main character cleans the lamp the hand that cleans the lamp is not his hand. Watch it and you can see the the hand that cleans the rag is coming from a weird angle and you can totally tell its not his hand and it looks like a weird third hand. but other than that it’s a great game.

    • Hi Luke,

      This is not a glitch but it is intended, the hand is your (the player’s) hand, helping the main character in his quest πŸ˜‰

  • footloop

    it was

  • Aziza Alshggaa

    What an awsome game…

  • AI

    I didn’t even play last two games because of this snapbreak website!!!!!!!!

  • Bahi

    more! more awesome games like this!

  • Aria Fairy

    i plaied all of your games whithout a


  • Aria Fairy

    hows moti

  • Aria Fairy

    whens the next game carmel

  • ananto

    hi! carmel can you please make vortex point 7,i love the game

  • Kunal

    superb game

  • ananto

    carmelo will you please make the vortex point 7

    • girlgamer

      sure they will make but first i think they will make 6.5 is released and heres the link 6 will be released this year as carmelo said of me

    • As Francine said, VP6 will be released this year. Regarding VP7 it is not known yet.

  • Flavia

    You know the puzzle from the man in the alley, in area 3 is not the same as the one shown in the turtorial, please fix the on in the tutorial

  • franklai

    Just so you know, I believe your art looks like 19th century french art. That might be a tiny bit excessive on the eye candy department.
    Try the first one. Maybe you could dial back on art and focus more on the gameplay. We have enough art in our lives already.

  • Grace

    Hi, I finished the game but I have two questions. What is the lit candle for and what is the lady in the market supposed to give you? She said come back in one hour but she did not give anything πŸ™

    • Hi Grace,

      Great questions!
      1. The lit candle is for entering the trapdoor at the town’s square (where you get the coins and the knife), i you don’t have it the protagonist will say it’s too dark to enter.
      2. The woman isn’t supposed to give you anything, she’s just there for the fun of it. However, you’re supposed to use her fire for the candle.

  • Amanda ☺

    I had an idea for a game.
    A caveman is hungry: He hasn’t eaten meat for days. But,one day,he saw a delicious mammoth.He waits and goes to kill him,but,suddenly a caveman appears and kills the animal! The caveman needs to revenge.

    • Hi Amanda,

      This is a nice idea but sounds a bit too simple for now πŸ™‚

  • This game is so AWESOME!!

    • Thank you Tanisha! It’s nice to get feedback like that from people πŸ™‚

  • girlgamer

    Hi Carmelo,
    I like All your games hope you create every monday and friday not only 1 day per week you know so maybe we can play 2 games even it short you know(im just suggesting) Keep the great games up even it takes 2 week can you put my name in your next game Thanks you!
    Francine Anne,

  • girlgamer

    Carmelo CAN YOU MAKE VORTEX 5,6,7,8,9 AND 10 i wan to play vortex pls make vortex 5!!!! pls reply

  • girlgamer

    I have one question why we dont discuss the vortex 5 and its not on your site why?? really want it to be discuss vortex 5 but no disscusion about vortex 5 why?

  • stubby

    Very nice game, one of your best in my opinion. The quest with symbols is really a nice one.
    Don’t be afraid to make your games a bit harder – after all, there’s always a walkthrough if someone is stucked for too long. Anyway, thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Glad you enjoyed it stubby, we are making some games harder than most πŸ™‚

  • humberto pedroza

    boys can not make a game in Spanish , not all citizens of the world speak in English!!!
    Β‘yo hablo en espaΓ±ol!

    • We release all of our games with translations some time after the initial release, stay tuned to the newer version with the translations!

  • Omg! Thanks Carmel Games For Replying To My Questions! Most Websites Don’t Reply To Us You Are Truly Awesome Thanks Again!

    • We try our best to reply to as many questions as possible, we like our fans happy πŸ™‚

  • Shane Brakstad

    Totally thought the purple Carmelo genie was going to be in the lamp.

    • We’re keeping Carmelo for a future guest appearance πŸ˜‰

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    Hi carmel games, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease put this game on other sites you told u would do it in a FEW weeks but its been 4 weeks and u haven’t. Any site will do: flonga, 9fish, snapbreak, etc… I check this site (and mousity!!)everyday for you to post another message but then just close the tab out of frustration because this game is only on mousecity which DOES NOT WORK ON MY -and many other people’s- COMPUTERS, AND WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PLAY MANY GAMES BECAUSE OF THIS.


    A crazy fan

    P.S i loved Payphone Mania

    • Hi Vikhyat,

      Marrakesh Club will be released on other websites when our next game (Andrew’s game) will be released, which will very hopefully be next week. Also when we’re releasing games on other websites we release them with translations, and we’re still working on getting a Spanish translation for Marrakesh Club.

  • Yashvardhan Singh

    Lol! that funny moment when joseph pours the tea from the moon! hahahaha

  • Queen Elsa Frozen

    wow an arabic game you know something i am an arabic girl i am from Eygpt and i know already how to make tea but it is so silly to get the things in this way but thanks it is a great game

  • Aarsh Khare

    how to get the teapot??

    • Use the knife on the rope at Marrakech Alley.

      • Aarsh Khare


  • Amr

    I am Arabian…and in this made the Arabians look stupid….I can’t believe you did this

    • Hi Amr,

      1. The game is not about Arabians is general, it is specifically about Moroccans.
      2. The customs depicted in this game are REAL Moroccan customs.
      3. This game, as all of our other games, contains humor, there is no intention whatsoever of hurting anyone’s feelings.
      4. One of the people who worked on this game is in fact himself Moroccan!

      • Amr

        I am sorry it is been 6 days…I just felt kinda upset while playing it…your games are great…but I see a lot of people saying the Arabians are bad because of games and films…but it’s okay… Just keep it up πŸ™‚ and I am waiting for the new game πŸ˜€ and
        thanks for your reply

  • Parto

    this game its wonderful special different hello

  • VirgKiss

    You should have made the puzzle easier. I can’t complete it.

    • Hi there,

      In hindsight you’re probably right, unfortunately it was a long time ago and there’s not much we can do about it at the moment except suggest that you’d use the walkthroughIn our newer games we put an alternative puzzle option if we think the main puzzle is too hard.

  • sdi

    I think this is my favorite game so far. It’s challenging without being too difficult, and it’s a good length. Will there be others like this one?

    • There will be similar games but it’s hard to say if you could call it “like this one” πŸ˜›

  • Fathima Rifa

    I can’t play it in mouse city. pls do something so that i can play

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