Meet Andrew

Hi everybody! Five years ago we developed a Facebook game in which the player takes chance in creating the perfect tourist island upon a small patch of land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In the game there was a fair amount of hotels, restaurants and attractions to build and lot’s of tiki medals to earn. The game’s graphics was inspired from the Caribbean architecture style. hotels

Some of the game’s hotels


And a few more…


Some of the shops the player could build


Some of the island’s attractions

The game didn’t do very well so we removed it six month after it was launched, it was our first (and only) big project, but we learned a lot from it. Today we are thinking about bringing Andrew, the game’s character who used to help new players, into his own new point and click game (You can see Andrew doing guest appearances on Mermaid City and the first Dakota Winchester game.) So if you have an idea for a Caribbean themed game we would love to hear about it.

And this is Andrew!

Your opinion needed

We’ve released six parts of Professor Labcoat‘s games, and now we are considering developing a new series, with the same game mechanic and questions style, but with a different theme: a Vortex Point theme! It will not replace the regular VP series but will come as an addition. You can see the style of the games we are referring to on the new Carmel Game’s subsidiary: Brain Busters. So what do you think? [yop_poll id=”13″] That is all for today, Have a beautiful day 🙂

  • Blume

    Yes!First comment!And first vote!

  • Aarsh Khare

    what was the name of the game

    • Hi Aarsh 🙂
      The game was called Islandfest.


    you can make a game name mystery of tiki man in which Andrew uncovers the mysterious killing of people by tiki man

  • notmyrealname

    you should remake the island building game you deleted it sounds fun

  • Musical Lover

    you should do one where Andrew and some other people are on a Caribbean cruise but a storm comes and they all get stranded on a island and they fight for survival

    • Awesomestgirl882 MSP

      good idea ^.^ carmel games do this one

      • Musical Lover


    • Something like Hunger games?

      • Musical Lover

        yea kinda like the Hunger Games

      • Charly Gulati

        you can make a game name mystery of tiki man in which Andrew uncovers the mysterious killing of people by tiki man

      • girlgamer

        yeah like a hunger games that make more cool

  • Kyle Lumane

    whats the name of game?

  • areesha

    there are only 2 brain train games on your blog and everywhere but there are 6 walkthroughs on youtube i want to play all 6 how can i play?

  • jamie

    you should make it where Andrew must try to fix something (I saw a waterslide in the first picture maybe fix that?) and incorporate all the old buildings in Islandfest that would be so cool!

    • TJ

      I like that… or maybe like the island had been hit by a hurricane, so now he needs to restore it to its former glory…

    • Marry786

      Hi Jamie i m back….. 🙂

      • Jamie Hamilton

        Yeah, there’s another jamie here

        • Marry786

          No Jamie Hamilton i m talking to u 🙂 how r u?

        • Marry786

          But i m talking to u!!!!!!

  • rahul

    maybe you can make mermaid city 2….in which andrew is the lead character and all the goods from his shop has been stolen…….

  • Verona

    You can make the game have some problems on the hotels,shops, or attractions (maybe 2 or 3) then he’ll fix it and find out who done it.

    • Verona

      actually the “done” is did. sorry.

  • Musical Lover

    when is creepo 2 coming out because you said last week it should be ready by the end of this week

  • rahul

    maybe you can make mermaid city 2 in which andrew is the lead character and all the goods from his shop has been stolen……..

    • An interesting turn of events, thank you rahul!

  • girlgamer

    where you can play it??

    • Verona

      Actually, it’s removed.

  • girlgamer

    where you can plat it???

  • adi

    you can do that a tsunami hit Andrew’s boat and Andrew gets stuck on a island inhabited by natives and then he tries to find a way to get off the island. In the end he can find enough of the right items to rebuild his boat to sail home.

    • I like the hurricane idea, but maybe we can make it follow along the lines of the facebook game, and so Andrew ends up liking the natives and moving in with them to help chaaracters on the facebook game.

  • Musical Lover

    When is Creepo 2 coming out

  • Maite


  • Dianne

    You can make Andrew is going to his marriage. But while he was going, he hit a lovely and beautiful girl. He ask the girl name. The girl said her name was Melody(because she had a beautiful voice). Andrew proposed the girl and the girl agreed but what Andrew did not notice that a evil witch was watching them and she was angry. Melody was the witch’s daugter but melody was not evil. She has a sister who was Andrew fiance Harmonica who was evil. Melody told everything to Andrew and told Andrew not to marry her sister Harmonica. While Andrew was thinking how to get rid of harmonica, Harmonica is already there at the wedding. She was worried if Andrew already found melody. And she already found out that Andrew found melody and she cast a spell on melody. she turn melody into an evil witch and melody joined harmonica and her mother. Now andrew must find his true love and break the spell. at the end andrew found himself lost again help him find his marriage place and get married the end

    • Eliza

      That was a good idea

    • Hi Dianne,

      This is a very interesting idea, thank you for sending it to us 🙂

    • pranamika

      really it is a fantastic idea…!

  • Red Spark

    I hope you do well on your project! I really liked the Brain Busters. Speaking of Dakota Winchester, when is the 3rd one going to come out?

  • Red Spark

    I hope you do well on your projects! I really liked the brain busters. Speaking of Dakota Winchester, when is the 3rd one going to come out?

    • Thank you Red Spark.
      We don’t know when Dakota 3 will be released yet, maybe in May.

  • Red Spark

    I’m confused. How is the theme of the Brain Busters like Vortex Point?

    • Same concept as Labcoat, but with VP style (UFO riddles, ghosts question etc.)

  • Kyle Lumane

    Where can i play this game?

    • Hi Kyle, this game is no longer available.

  • Adika Prayogo

    when it will release carmel

  • הדס דהן

    The man’s game with lab coats have done only in English so if you are developing a new game you can do it in Hebrew because I really like your games and I’m not good at English and it’s also fun to play and understand what is going on in the game and just click on things. Thanks 🙂

    • היי הדס,
      האם את מדברת על המשחקים של פרופסור לאבקוט? אם כן אז אין יותר מדי צורך בהבנת הטקסט. פשוט צריך לפתור את החידות ולהכניס את התשוה המתאימה לכל שאלה בקוד של הכספת. אם ענית על כולן נכונה אז הכספת תיפתח.

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