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Hi everybody!
It’s been a long time since we started writing this blog, and there’s no better time than today for you to meet our team!
So on the left we have Or – the guy who codes our games, records walkthrough and answers your comments on our blog.
On the right – Goran – He’s the guy who draws our games’ backgrounds, characters and animations.
Last but not least, in the middle, it is I, Moti. I write the blog posts and also the games you play, and turn Goran’s graphics into something Or can work with.
I used to draw our games’ backgrounds and characters before Goran was on our team (all of the games before Crazy Dad 1 – Sweet Revenge), but it was taking too much of my time so we had to bring someone else to do it.
I sure miss it, but I still draw the backgrounds from time to time (for example in Midnight Cinema and Love Chase).
Since we all live in different parts of the world, we don’t have an actual office. Each of us works in his own apartment and we use Skype and email to communicate. Here’s my workstation:

Besides us three, there are also James Kaylor and his sister Sarah, both have been working with us for almost 4 years now.
Vortex Point 2 was the first time we used their voices, and since we liked it a lot, kept working with them ever since.
There are also other people, who translate our games voluntarily, we’re very grateful for that.
We can honestly say that besides making games, we really feel like we’ve earned ourselves some friends all over the world.
The last piece of the puzzle is you – the player. Your opinions have an effect on our work and we always find it useful consult our players about future games, ideas. etc.

I think this covers most of the “behind the scenes” tour and it’s time to move on to our upcoming games:
There are 3 scheduled – Pizza Quest, which we will release next week, Jack Dagger’s Treasure (featuring Brewster from “The Story of Brewster Chipptooth”) and Crazy Vacation, which we will start working on soon.

That’s all for today, cya soon!

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Check out The Birdcage, a new game from the same publisher of Murder Mall. It's a 21 levels game with puzzles, and although it doesn't have any goofy characters, like the those you'd find in our games, it's still pretty nice.

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