Taking a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hi everybody!
See that old hard drive above? That used to be inside my old PC, which I got 10 years ago, the very same PC I’ve been using when me and Or founded OK Interactive and Carmel Games later on.
In 2013 I bought a new PC, and while I was trying to transfer files from my old PC to the new one, the hard drive of the old PC crashed and I was unable to restore its files.
Today, 3.5 years later, I finally managed to restore the old files.
It took me a couple of hours of trying, but I did it! I now hold some of our never-been-seen-before work, including some concept art for Vortex Point, 3 escape games that were never developed and thus were never released, the first concept of Carmelo (at first he wasn’t a genie, but a gorilla!) and a lot of more cool stuff.
I still need to sort it all out, then I will publish it all in a special post for CG’s 4th birthday which is coming soon, but for now I’ll give you a small taste of the stuff I’ve found:
Our first game ever!

Platformer game sketch

Arcade game sketch

One of the escape games which were never released (I have no idea why)

Another platformer-like game


An early screenshot of our website in its first days

Other than that, I’ve finally finished the graphics for our Halloween game, “Midnight Cinema: Slash”. It took a lot longer then expected, but now that the game is being currently being coded by Or, we will be able to move on to our next Carmel+ project very soon, which will most likely be Vortex Point 8.

A new game will be released tomorrow or the day after, so be on the lookout!
That’s all for today, have a great day!

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