Taking a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hi everybody!
See that old hard drive above? That used to be inside my old PC, which I got 10 years ago, the very same PC I’ve been using when me and Or founded OK Interactive and Carmel Games later on.
In 2013 I bought a new PC, and while I was trying to transfer files from my old PC to the new one, the hard drive of the old PC crashed and I was unable to restore its files.
Today, 3.5 years later, I finally managed to restore the old files.
It took me a couple of hours of trying, but I did it! I now hold some of our never-been-seen-before work, including some concept art for Vortex Point, 3 escape games that were never developed and thus were never released, the first concept of Carmelo (at first he wasn’t a genie, but a gorilla!) and a lot of more cool stuff.
I still need to sort it all out, then I will publish it all in a special post for CG’s 4th birthday which is coming soon, but for now I’ll give you a small taste of the stuff I’ve found:
Our first game ever!

Platformer game sketch

Arcade game sketch

One of the escape games which were never released (I have no idea why)

Another platformer-like game


An early screenshot of our website in its first days

Other than that, I’ve finally finished the graphics for our Halloween game, “Midnight Cinema: Slash”. It took a lot longer then expected, but now that the game is being currently being coded by Or, we will be able to move on to our next Carmel+ project very soon, which will most likely be Vortex Point 8.

A new game will be released tomorrow or the day after, so be on the lookout!
That’s all for today, have a great day!

Carmel games story writer and graphic designer

  • FlyingPoop

    No offence, but the brick breaking game looks quite boring. Other than that, the rest of the games look awesome. Also, your old hard drive looks kind of like a map for a game…

    • That’s the way you start – by doing simple and boring games, but we’ve made a long way since then 🙂
      Nice observation on the HD 😉

      • FlyingPoop


  • Joel Saltmarsh

    How do you play “your first game” ? whare is it? is it playable?

    • The distributor of this game went out of business, so unfortunately this game is no longer available online. I’ll see if we can upload it for our 4th year anniversary.

      • Joel Saltmarsh


  • erin ackles

    looks awesome!!
    i really liked all of your older games, they were superb!!
    obviously i also really like all of the new games but i first entered this site a really long time ago and it will be awesome to see some of your older games!!!
    keep on with the amazing work of yours!!! <3 <3

    • Thank you Erin, it sure is fun to look at all these old stuff. We have some really cool games coming very soon so stay tuned 🙂

  • andrea

    Awesome! You have to be proud of your path, but first games always stimulate feelings, they look fantastic! 😀

    • Thank you Andrea, both of us here are very happy to see the progress we’ve made over the years, and hope to keep getting even better with time.

  • GeneJacket

    whoa, major flashbacks when i saw the old carmelo website! i remember when before disqus, we had to go to a special avatar site to include a picture by our name. dark times.

    i also remember being dragged here by my friend(i think you modeled a character after her last year?) and being really annoyed at first but not anymore, haha. although i am still really annoyed at myself for being too shy to interact with you guys then though, because obviously you guys would be way too busy to build a character after someone else now. oh well, your games are a great consolation prize!

    • Hi GeneJacket, no need to be shy, we’re happy to have you here. Who is your friend?
      We usually pick the names for our games’ characters from our name wizard, so you can place your name there, but we’ll might also have a contest soon where one of the prizes will be naming the characters.

      • GeneJacket

        Thanks for the kind words! My friend’s name is jamie(she was in a sort of fast food game?) and i think i already did put my name(anamika, it literally translates to ‘nameless’ which satisfies the pun enthusiast in me- a name that’s literally nameless? get it? i think you did) last year, maybe earlier.
        sidenote: what exactly might the contest be about, im interested 😉

        • Oh I remember her, tell her we said hi 🙂
          Nice name, very intriguing 😛
          The contest shall be revealed soon.

  • CarmelGamer

    Oh I miss Ray & Cooper

    • Don’t worry, they’re fine now, probably still playing video games at Cooper’s apartment 🙂

  • Umta-ta

    oh i hope you will manage to restore the files, please, if you do, make the old games playable, i’d love to play them.

  • Aura

    oh…. glad u restored it…looking forward for more and more games.

  • Irenne

    They look awesome! I particularly like the first game’s sketch and the map of the islands 🙂

  • SammieEm

    The first game looked interesting. It would be nice to play that game.

    • Maryam

      me too

      • You’ll all get to play it once we’ll get it to work again 😀

  • Maryam

    can you release the first game please

    • Yes, we’re working on it.

  • Maryam

    yesterday i opened all the old carmel games and played all the games which i hadnt played now i have played all the carmel games yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Very good, we know people want more games than what we have to offer 😛

  • Ruby Carney

    I have a question. How do I request to have my name put in? Thanks!

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