Mermaid City

Welcome to Mermaid City promenade! The proud home of Chad’s famous hot dog stand! But bad things started to happening once Buster, the local bully, decides to open his own stand…

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  • Wow! You guys totally improved! The background doesn’t have the same style as the characters, just like those other point-and-click made by people who are pretty good in making it. A good example can be found in But anyway, great job! I have a feeling you guys are going to be famous for your games as you improve.


    • Carmel Games



    It’s a great game (as usual) but the voices are SO annoying (as usual)!!!! I know you can turn them off, but still…… try harder with the voices next time?

  • Trebby34

    Its a great game!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!! But each day I check this website there aren’t any new ones. When are you gonna make some more?

    I’ve played every single one of yours and they’re all fantastic. Keep up the good work, Carmel Games!!

  • Emily

    Your games are great, but the voices are pretty annoying after awhile. Also, your earlier games like Ray and Cooper and Tickets 4 Love have a different style of animation that I like a lot better than your latest games. The gameplay in the older ones is better too, but your games are good overall!

  • a new game need new game can’t live with computer without new games.

  • Develine

    i´ve never been a gamer before. but i swear i love love love your games!!!! can´t wait for new carmel games!!! stumbled upon them on abroy and i always keep looking for if theres a new one out. And if i find one i´m like yyyyyyaaaayyy 😀
    yours are the best, funniest HQ games IMO. I love the voices haha it makes those games special. Please keep up the great work <3<3<3

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much!

  • ReeRee

    I actually kind of adore the cheesy voices. Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for these awesome games. 🙂


  • this game is my favorite

  • john

    Caramel games im doing the stand then it keeps saying this dosent work

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