Midnight Cinema: Slash

Vova loves scary movies, when a new horror movie comes out he just has to watch it. That’s why he now must get a ticket to Slash, a new slasher based on a series of true murders. But with all of the tickets sold out, will Vova still find his way into the theater?

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  • Marcus TΓΆrnquist

    Nice game. Can you beat the ica guy in the computer game?

  • andrea

    Fantastic game! I really appreciated it! Loved all the sketch and the ending, which i didn’t expected! I also loved the “+”; I was curious to know if there is a way to win the pc minigame. Congratulations, difficult, funny and entertaining game, awesome work!

  • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

    3rd commnent – good game

  • BamboWhambo

    I fixed the coffee machine but it’s not registering as fixed. Followed to tutorial and everything ;(

    • Try to rotate tubes.

      • BamboWhambo

        Ah, thank you. I realized that the slashes had to be next to each other.

  • It was the most difficult Carmel game. I have completed it without any hint.

    • Good for you! I hope you enjoyed it.

  • BamboWhambo

    THE BLOODY MARY THING IN THE BATHROOM GOT ME. That was good. Really good. Good game overall.

  • hacis s

    I really enjoyed the game please keep them coming!

  • Mayank Agrawal
  • Mayank Agrawal

    Tough game but nice

  • Umta-ta

    i see oscar is not green and hairy anymore …

    • Charly Gulati

      YEAH it is gross

      • Vova was just being creative…

        • Charly Gulati

          i know

  • jatin verma

    how to beat that ice guy in the computer?

  • Elad Gitelmakher

    A great game, but wait – what is the word that should be used in the TV game?

    • Nat

      It’s a movie reference, the solution is in the movie.

    • You need to type “melt wizard” and then “throw thermal pod”.

  • Sakshi Sethi

    a awesome game!!! great job carmel games!!

    • Thank you very much Sakshi πŸ™‚

  • Nat

    Impressive! I feel like this is the biggest Carmel Games game yet, with what felt like twice the regular game play and I love that this one didn’t resort to the combination lock (spot the combination in another scene puzzle). I hope the huge effort and extra content and polish pays off for you in plays and sponsorships!

    BTW there is a minor bug: you can collect the cheese again after doing it once and using it, only when you do it effectually unuses it and you have to repeat it’s use for it to count.

    • Thank you Nat, we plan to have more games like this soon and thank you for the bug report, we will have it fixed for the viral version.

  • SliffTiff Baca

    LOVE the computer game from Big! Awesome game guys! πŸ™‚

    • Glad you liked it!
      To beat the wizard you’ll need to type “melt wizard” first, and then “throw thermal pod”.

      • SliffTiff Baca

        Aw man! Should’ve known that! πŸ™‚

  • Breisme

    Is that the babadook in the window of Halloween Central store?

  • Irenne

    That was marvelous! πŸ˜€
    …Ok, I’m all out of words, so I’ll end my comment here πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Irenne πŸ™‚

  • Jason

    Loved the cameo by the Tall Man from Phantasm!

    • I think you’re the only one who noticed it! Kudos!

  • TJ

    This was outstanding!! Such detail! LOVED it!!

    • Thank you Tammy, it is so good to have you here again πŸ™‚

  • chris

    Really enjoyed the game, looks like ya’ll put a lot of effort and time into the puzzles and it really showed. My only complaint is the whistling sound for the taxi got really annoying,

    The only “bugs” I can think of in my play thru is that you could recollect the cheese as someone has already mentioned, as well as the quarter. Not really bugs but seemed to take up inventory space.

    Not sure if you guys have played thru the Deponia series but I saw some influence of that in the game which is exciting, I can see you guys taking the puzzles and story telling to the next level and I hope ya’ll continue to progress and keep making great games!

    • Hi Chris! Thank you for your feedback.
      We will get rid of the whistling sound in our future games.

  • Pamela Banowati

    Them jumpscares tho… Best game ever!!! XD

  • Woah!
    Really there’s no doubt that u r AMAZING carmelo.

  • disqo

    Making pizza of vomited olives, mushrooms taken from filthy toilet, an artificial blood and cheese from a floor, what the… And give it to a closest friend to eat to get a ticket for a movie as soon as possible. I don’t know what to say.

  • Ashley Leigh Holmes

    I love your games but this one is my favorite one! You should sell longer versions of your games. I would totally buy it if you did:)

    • Glad you liked it Ashley! We do have plans to make a full-length game in the future, we just don’t know when yet.

      • Ashley Leigh Holmes

        Great!!! I can’t wait:D

  • adi

    is it very scary? im afraid…

    • Charly Gulati

      nah!, not so scary.
      but don’t forget to CLICK the TAP in the bathroom in the coffee shop.

      • adi

        thanks πŸ™‚ this game is great!

        • I hope you didn’t click the mirror of the coffee shop’s bathroom…

  • Aura

    wow!! superb! had fun playing it

  • ΧΧ™ΧœΧŸ Χ©Χ•Χ•Χ¨Χ¦ΧžΧŸ

    This is the coolest game I’ve played, good job

  • tessagee

    omigod that scare tho! lol

    • Muhaha! We had to do it, it’s Halloween!

  • Rahul

    Hey ! Carmelo,can you tell me which game engine you use for creating games.

  • Le FantΓ΄me

    Great game. Bathroom scare was really terrifying, it reminded me of playing FNAF for the first time. The pen and quarter glitches aren’t too big of an issue but do need to be addressed. I personally don’t really like the ice wizard reference thing being required because not everyone knows it. Personally, the dark background made it a little hard to see the crowbar but that might just be me. Great game nonetheless.

    • Charly Gulati

      I could easily see the crowbar.
      might be your brightness level

    • Thanks for your feedback. The “Cavern of Evil Wizard” PC game is not necessary to finish the game. It’s just a reference for the movie Big.

  • Charly Gulati

    The game was great. The bathroom scare scene REALLY scared the hell out of me.

    By the way, i want you to know that I couldn’t play the game on
    it didn’t load for a long time, though everything else on internet was fine.
    so I had to play on another site.
    But the game was cool, except putting the olives{from puke}and mushroom{grown in toilet} in the pizza.

    • Thanks Charly!
      The game will be available on our website for play (with no ads) in 8-9 days from today (I know it doesn’t help much now, but I just wanted you to know).

  • snowleaf

    man yeah even with reading the comments the bathroom scare scene was still scary. kudos you guys!

    it was an awesome game! love these carmel+ games. such thought and detail into the games! (:

    • Thank you very much Snowleaf. We are starting to work on our next Carmel+ game as we speak, and I’m sure you’ll love it too πŸ™‚

  • jatin verma

    this game was so amazing. I would like another part of this game where we have to solve the murder mystery of Randy

    • Thanks Jatin!
      Corpsey will return in the future with a new horror movie which I’m sure you’ll like.

  • Sonia

    The game is great! And I really love that little carpet with pattern from The Shining πŸ™‚

    • Good eye, Sonia!

      • Sonia

        Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Ana

    Me encantan todos sus juegos, se van mejorando cada vez mΓ‘s. Felicitaciones πŸ˜€

  • Sarah Blommaert

    I played this in the morning and bloody mary came. Everybody woke up because i screamed so loud. xD
    I’m shaking. xDD

    • Nothing like a good scare to start the day right! πŸ˜€

  • Joel Saltmarsh

    found her. so terrified… how did i not see that coming?

    and why does he have his wallet on him, but takes one quarter. really? i’d take’m all. maybe even give it to the girl who does’t like Halloween.

    • No need to sponsor the plans of the evil girl in pink πŸ˜€

  • cxxco

    Great game!!! I especially enjoyed this πŸ™‚

  • kml

    Absolutely impossible to play on Mouse City on my computer. The ad delays/loads/freezes are very frustrating. Is there another way to play?

  • Fast walkthrough, a bit late this time πŸ™

  • Pam

    God this game is pure gold πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • asnphx

    I can’t play this game, either.
    After leaving Randy’s apartment, program became really slow and then frozen.

  • sarah

    This was the best of all!

  • Cris Without H

    One of the best point and clicks I’ve played, considering it’s free. I can see the effort was put into that game and I hope you guys will be able to make more of them in the future.

    • Thank you very much Cris!
      We are working on our 3rd “Carmel+” game as we speak πŸ™‚

      • Cris Without H

        That’s really great. I also hope the profit you get from those games is enough to cover the expenses and buy a thing or two. I remember how you guys mentioned longer games are difficult to fit into your schedule.

        • There is hardly any profit in those games, but we look at this as an investment for the long run, plus it is a lot more fun for us to work on these games.

          • Cris Without H

            I see. Have you thought about starting Patreon? You could upload sketches and such for those who donate. Perhaps you could Kickstart a game and start selling it on Steam?

          • Yes, we have thought about Patreon and we probably will start using it. We’ve tried Kickstart before and failed πŸ™

  • Alexander Raja

    This was fantastic! Quite possibly my favorite game of yours ever. Love that ending! I was expecting our main character to be the killer.

    • Thanks!
      We had several ideas for the ending, but we didn’t want to turn our hero to a serial killer.

  • love carmel games teddy

    carmel games you are not good at all ……………………………………………………………………you are awesome

  • love carmel games teddy

    that ghost that came between freak me out so bad

    • It’s a Halloween game, tread lightly πŸ˜›

  • o.b.1

    love this game… when will next one be??? :):):)

    • Next game will be released in a week or so.

  • GreyhunterWolf22

    Hey CG! I sent a message about I want to help with translation.Did you get it yet?Maybe in the future,I’ll donate but for now,I want to help with translations!

    • We probably did, if we didn’t reply then please contact us again.

  • Pratham

    where will i get the laxatives?

  • reminds me of creepos tales i love it ^_^

    • Corpsey is related to Creepo πŸ™‚

  • fadrique

    this one was fantastic guys!

  • Juninho Gozzer

    I was startled when I checked the three mirrors because of the bloody marie

    • Sounds like we did a good job then πŸ˜›

  • Abdullah-almamun Munna


  • Kristina

    Hahaha the bloody Mary was super! So scary ;))

  • banana55

    first i thanks you so much for getting an Hebrew text helps me a lot
    second is there any way of winning this comp game…. because i remember something in one game i played years ago…

  • Carly Moore

    is there anymore games like this? i really enjoyed this game

    • I am not sure what does “like this” refers to, but you can try Love Chase.

  • Henrik Dahlbring

    Wow!!! Carmel Games, this was the best one in a long time! I really enjoy these longer games! Keep up the good work guys!

    • Thank you Henrik!
      This really is one of the best games we’ve created so for and probably also the one we’ve put most of our work into πŸ™‚

  • Swapnil Sanyal

    i love carmel games and to be honest i love the kind of graphics they use for their games , its very typical…. keep it up… i want you to make many many games like this….

    • Thank you very much! We will keep making them πŸ˜€

  • Deanrha

    nice jumpscares bro. you got me xD but seriously tho that bloody mary part was really scary

    • Mission accomplished πŸ˜€

  • Ria Karina Puteri

    is the shopkeeper the killer?

    • The killer’s identity remains unknown.

  • Rebeka SzuhΓ‘nszki

    I’m from Hungary and my favourite game is this. I love it! It also help me learn English.

    • Thank you, glad you to hear you love it! πŸ™‚

  • Anna Zvara

    more hungary language game please :p

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