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Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed the series of short games we released lately. There’s one more game to come out soon (Camp Phantom), but we’re also working on longer games in behind the scenes.
One of which is…

Vortex Point 8

Here are 2 more backgrounds from this upcoming game:
The Mysterium is Craig’s mystery shop, with lots of weird things and cursed items. Kevin will need Craig’s help in order to complete his goal.


If you’ll pay close attention you’ll notice the shrunken heads from Ray&Cooper and from Craig’s office in VP 1-2.

shrunken heads

See that concrete structure behind Luna’s shack? That’s an Espectro station, one of six.
Espectro was a paranormal research company which built several stations around the island. They left the island due to mysterious reasons 30 years ago. These stations will take part in the game’s background story, which will be revealed over time.


Christmas 2016

This year we’re going to have a crazy Christmas with… CrazyDad!
CrazyDad is on his much needed vacation. After a long ride to a remote hotel, he now wishes to have eggnog.
Unfortunately for him, the bartender has lost the key to the eggnog cabinet. With no eggnog around, CrazyDad will definitely go crazy. Again.
The game is scheduled for release in mid December.

Game remake project

We thought it could be cool to do a remake for one of our old games – those with the terrible drawings and no voice over.
A remake to these game will allow us to add translations to several languages, get rid of annoying riddles, fix navigation issues and more.
We have several nominees for this little project, and you get to choose the winner!
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Next week we’ll announce the game most of you will vote for, and then we will start working on it with your cooperation – just like we did with The Story of Brewster Chipptooth. There will be prizes too 🙂

That’s all for today, we wish you all a great day!

P.S. – Games’ links, for those of you who don’t know them and/or wish to play them again:
Pierre Hotel
Route 401 Motel
The Proposal
Tickets 4 Love
Where’s My Cat

High School Escape 2

High School Adventure

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