New Contest!

We didn’t have one for a while, right?
So we’re happy to announce our new contest (a pretty challenging contest this time)!

What do I need to do?!

You’re probably already familiar with our games and other point-and-click games as well.
You find cheese and you give it to a mouse, you find a screwdriver and then you unscrew something, etc.
Your goal is to give us an idea for a game – with no items at all!
That’s right! No screwdriver, no crowbar, no inventory, at all!

Is it even possible?!

We said it will be challenging, but yes, we believe it’s possible.
For example, instead of using items, you could go around a building and solve puzzles. Each puzzle opens a case, or a secret passage, or reveal a map for a maze, etc.
The most important part in this kind of a game is the story. You must have a good story so the players will want to keep investigating and exploring.

Okay, skip to the prizes!

There are two prizes available for you to choose from:
1. One month subscription for Loot Crate
2. $20 credit at Book Depository (to buy books, of course)

The fine print

1. By sending your submission you waive your idea’s copyrights and give us the right to turn your story into a game;
2. The contest will take place from September 3rd untill October 15th.
3. You are eligible for the prizes only if your address is within the supplier’s shipment limitations, please visit Loot Crate and Book Depository to see if they ship to your country.

How to send my submision?

Email us:

If you have any questions, please write them here in the comments below, or use the contact form.

Good luck!

  • Chiaki29

    other than my idea, what else do i have to include in my submission?

    • You need to write the plot of the game, including the locations and the character’s actions, e.g if he needs to solve a puzzle (no need to specify exactly which kind of puzzle, leave that to us).

  • Muaviah Mapara

    well i do not understand much about. a bit strange.cant understand what to do

  • Riley the Llama

    Sounds fun!

  • Challange accepted 😀

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Can we choose what lootcrate we want or do we get a standard one or something…

  • Francisca Alves

    I cant receive the prize because of the shipment limitations. Can I participate anyway?

    • Hi Francisca.
      You can participate. Can you tell us where you from?

      • Francisca Alves

        Portugal. But I don’t care about the prize anyway. I just want to have fun trying!

        • Both Loot Crate and Book Depository ship to Portugal 🙂

  • Maryam

    i dont want the prize neither can u deliver it to the place i am living still want to give u an idea so,
    there r two friends Sara and Maryam and they are living together in an apartment and one day they come home after a long day of shopping and they see a body in there apartment and the police take Sara under arrest and its upto Maryam to proof Sara innocent

    • Hello Maryam, where are you from?
      Please send us your idea using the email mentioned above.

  • Rohit Garg

    Can I also participate? I’m from India. Do they supply in India?

    • No, they do not ship to India, but you still can take part in the contest.
      If you’ll win, we’ll send you a Carmelo mug.

  • pixel huntress

    This is interesting because I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m on a virtual world (Onverse) where we can’t exchange objects, so I’ve been trying to think up an escape game for my apartment & house with clues but no items. It’s not easy! 😛

    • Not easy at all!

      • pixel huntress

        Thx Carmelo. 🙂 All I can think of is, have players solve a puzzle that sends them to another puzzle (or clue), in a different location, like a scavenger hunt, but with no items to pick up. The last one can show them the way out. They can still open doors, click on objects to move them etc, right?

        • Yes. The player can open doors, roll rocks to hit something, etc.

  • Ainin

    Can I join?

    • Sure, there’s still time.

  • Guneet Singh Chadha

    Will we be credited as the story writer if we’re selected?

  • Jeffrey Driver

    How big should the game be? How many scenes? Number of puzzles to solve? etc. A rough indication would be helpful.

    • Something that will keep the player busy for 30-60 minutes will do fine.

      • Jeffrey Driver


  • Rahul

    a game where Jack has to break out of a jail going through 6 doors with severely mind challenging puzzles (which I will leave for you guys to make).After opening 6 doors he arrives at a room where he finds a man named Kane also trying to break out.The room has a wooden door and a chest made of iron with another puzzle.After solving the puzzle,Jack finds an axe inside it.As Jack is too weak to lift the heavy axe,he asks Kane(who is muscular) to lift it and break the door then they escape.All

Can You Escape: Prison Break

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