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Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed Katja’s Escape. As we said not so long ago, during September Or will be away for a month, so this means we’ll be back with new games on October (but don’t worry, we’ll release the ‘Freak out kid’ game in the middle of September, plus we will keep on blogging during this time.

So here’s what we’re planning for October:

The release of David&Keithan!
Thanks to your great ideas the guys have well equipped secret headquarters, with a police scanner radio, an arcade machine, water guns, bean bag chairs and more:
secret headquarters

Continuing our post from last week, The Baron a.k.a. Grape Grove is also coming along nicely. We are still in the sketches stage, like you can see at the post’s top picture and these below:

Due to the lack of time we will most likely won’t have a Halloween game this year, but we promise you a good scary game later on.

In addition, we’re working on Skip Around the World – India. Any Indian visitors are welcome to suggest famous Indian jokes, celebrities, food, etc.

The upcoming contest

For our new readers who might didn’t know, from time to time we have contests and raffles with prizes.
Our next contest will be held in adjacent to the release of The Baron.
We gave Carmelo’s mugs and Carmelo’s Christmas cards last time, and we want to hear what kind of prizes you would like to have this time? T-shirts? Mouse pads? Mugs again? Perhaps a book? Or maybe something else?
You’re welcome to suggest your ideas in the comments below.

That’s all for today, see you next time! 🙂

  • Lauren

    I know this might not be easy, I don’t really know if you can even do it but maybe a phone case? I think it would be pretty cool!

  • AtomicBow

    Maybe like a signed book of all those who work at Carmel games, with pictures and stuff like that. Or a goody bag full of mini figures of characters of each game or some games, along with a card saying ”Congratulations! You have won our raffle.”, and below it can have Carmelo.
    Oh! I have another idea! A signed t-shirt with Carmelo and the logo on the front! Mouse pads are a great idea too. 😉

  • Red Spark

    I can’t wait for the games! Loved Katja 2! Good luck with the other games.

  • Xin Yi

    Really loved your games! Anticipating for more!
    I personally think T-shirts would be really cool :), or badges designed with Carmelo in it.
    Keep up the good work!

  • AI

    good Carmelo 🙂

  • Princess Calla

    Nice! T-shirts and mugs would i like to win!

  • Ida ^-^

    Mouse pads with Carmelo on is a good idea. :3

  • Irenne

    The portraits on the wall in the 1st Baron sketch made me laugh 😀
    Talking about the contest prize, T-shirts are a good idea, but I’d also like an diary with carmelo on it, a book with your sketches in it (I love your sketches!), a clay model of one of your characters… Now i run out of ideas, but I’m sure you’ll find a good prize.

  • Someone has already said this but i think it would be cool. Phone case with Carmelo on it. Maybe?

  • Parto

    what is this stick of carmelo in the game use about?I saw it before but I didnt understand why

  • roadrunnrrr

    I vote for t-shirts and mugs. And maybe pajama bottoms covered with Carmelos to pair with the t-shirts for a complete Carmelo PJ set!


    For the Indian game , I have lots of idea:
    Food = pani puri (snack) ,dosa , idli are south Indian food
    U can make skip visit to the famous Bollywood actor “shahrukh khan”
    U can put taj mahal which is included in 7 wonders of world
    And a statue of freedom fighter “MAHATAMA GANDHI”
    And a dialogue in Hindi – ” bade bade shehron mein choti choti baate hoti rehti hai”
    And pls make the skip around India fast.

  • Kunal

    good idea rajani

  • Kunal

    hey carmello you are unstoppable and best game creator

  • ayesha andrew garfield

    me to i’ll like the same

  • delice

    Hey carmelo it must be hard making all those games so just relax for a bit

  • gift cards!!! pleeeeese

  • Rajani Priyanka

    would you gift us a I pad for the contest

  • TJ

    Wow!! You guys are amazing, and have more than earned a break!
    As far as prizes, yeah… mouse pads, mugs, glasses, tote bags, hats (caps and beanies)…
    Love you guys!!

  • RockyRockz

    Hey Carmelo for the skip the around the world u must add salman khan,aamir khan shahrukh khan movies and here are some movie posters of them and some jokes
    and u have to give glasses t-shirts and caps are great

  • Rhea Arora

    what about a book how to make technical stuff and coding, animations etc inspired by your games. And about India you can show varieties of religions and cultures of India.

  • purple girly

    I know an indian celebrity to include! His name is Shahrukh Khan and he is “the king of Bollywood ( indian movies) “

  • Kristen Thacker

    mabey they can help with the plot for a game and there name in the credets that wold totaly rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clobug2232

    I think you should maybe do post it notes or have someones name in your game.Thank you.

  • Talia

    yesssss new contest 😀
    i would personally like to have t shirts as prizes
    cant wait c:

  • Shiner

    You should have a character in Indian game called Ben Chode.

    • Renee

      omg!! lmao >-D

    • don’t take this name its an abuse

      • Renee

        I thought he was just kidding

    • Marry786


    • Yash

      douchebag. i am sorry but carmelo don’t use this name its abusive.

      • Shiner

        teri maichod

        • Aarsh Khare

          SHUT UP U IDIOT

      • Aarsh Khare

        This shiner is an idiot

  • Anon

    T shirts, book and mugs sounds cool!

  • blessy abraham


  • Takkun Genkyo

    Some hats would be awesome 🙂

  • Aria Fairy

    maybe a microscop

  • sushma

    shah rukh khan is the actor and skip go in a movie theater and the movie s name is chennai express and a dialouge i dher safe gali udhar thanga bali and many more

  • Vishakha Ramakrishnan

    Hi to all of my fav. team. A book would definetly make up my christmas! By the way when and what is the contest?

  • You can give t-shirts as prize or mugs or books

  • famous snacks and sweets of India are samosa, namakpare, ras malai, gulab jamun, soan papdi, bread pakora, panner pakora, rasgulla, jalebi etc……

  • famous snacks and sweets of India are samosa, namakpare, ras malai, gulab jamun, soan papdi, bread pakora, panner pakora, rasgulla, kachori, jalebi, fafda, ladoo, gol gappe etc……

    • Marry786

      awesome…………… mouth watering 😛

  • famous food of India are chhole bhature, idli, dosa, vada, shahi panner, kadhai paneer/chicken, pav bhaji, dal bati churma, dal makhani etc……

  • Famous Indian celebrities are-
    Salman Khan – Actor
    Amitabh Bachchan – Actor
    Narendra Modi – Prime minister
    Deepika Padukone – Actress
    Priyanka Chopra – Actress
    Hritik Roshan – Actor
    Akshay Kumar – Actor
    A. R. Rahman – Music director
    Sunny Leone – Actress
    Katrina Kaiff – Actress
    Sunidhi Chauhan – Singer
    Mika Singh – Singer
    Shaan – Singer
    Neha Kakkar – Singer
    Honey Singh – Singer and rapper
    Raftaar – Rapper
    Tiger Shroff – Actor
    Shraddha Kapoor – Actress

  • Karen Zheng

    i like the idea of a mouse pad or maybe a water bottle if u can do that

  • Parto

    where is carmelo really is he machine or not 🙁

  • Rithik Sajeev

    I dont know if skip will visit southern india but…… Here is a famous dialogue of Rajinikanth: nan oru thavana sontha , athu nooru thavana sonta mathiri. 😀

  • Cheeto Bowler

    I think if would be rad if you gave out some actual sketches from the games. even though im guessing most of the sketches were done in a digital format. would just be cool to have some of the art.

  • Jardine

    t shirts would sooo cool!! Also I think you guys should get a snap chat 😛 You are totally the type of people id watch a story of! A bit like The Fine Bros (finebros) and other people/places as such 🙂

  • ted

    Show a scene of manmohan singh, not getting the speech he studied

  • Юлия Богданова

    A book? i LOVEEEEEE Books how do i sign up?

  • Юлия Богданова

    Please give me a tip or two because i joined 5 minutes ago (literally)

  • AtomicBow

    For the contest, how about a hat with the logo on it. I love the sketches of the rooms. Nice work!

  • chillybeanie

    temporary tattoo! or a hat 😀

    • chillybeanie

      and btw, love your simple games that have fun graphics, a contiguous story line and LOVE that you throw in a few brain teasers also. You all rock my world!

      • chillybeanie

        also, i heart/ miss small town detective whenever you are ready to bring him back! 😀

  • Marry786

    T-shirts………. Plz

  • Andrew Sanderson

    how about including Sachin Tendulkar in the game please.

  • Cathy Benzel

    Okay, actually I’m a part Indian and can you please say which part of India are you working on (that is the north, south, east or west) and I can give suggestions and tips accordingly asking my mom (she’s half Indian) and my aunt living in India!

  • Anoushka Gupta

    when is the contest???? and for gifts T-shirts would be fab or you can give utility kit or something

  • girlgamer

    Carmelo can you make a game just like harry potter kindly please make it long
    THANKS Carmelo

  • GamerGirl

    Pls make soon a new Vortex Point game or story

  • Ahmed Mujtaba 123

    I would appreciate a mug please

  • moshe


  • Yash

    I would like mouse pads.

  • lol

    u might wanna add indian celebrity name in it …Shah rukh khan

  • Shiner

    How about including famous Indian X-Games athlete and six-time Olympian Gandchod Madharchod?

    • Yash

      You want to get blocked.huh?

      • Shiner

        Teri maa ki gaand ki baal mein jalaay hue, maarey hue chupkili ki unday

  • Shiner

    Ok, ok. For a serious one for once it would be pretty interesting to feature a Syro-Malabar Church, it’s an element of Indian cultural history that is usually hidden or obscured – even by those in India.

  • harikrishnan

    Our India

  • Dilu


  • Angela Tinkerbell

    Cool I knew You were paning something and Please mak the scary game sooo scary like vortex point 5 beacuse of the end of the game it wass sssssoooooo scary maybe but I dont now?

  • Angela Tinkerbell

    I make mistakes!!!

  • ilse639

    that if you win you wil be a caracter in a game you guys make is that a good idee i think not

  • aanchal

    books are good

  • aanchal

    as for famous celebrites
    There is Aishwarya Rai Bachan and the Bachan family

  • Relyss

    Shirts, mugs, everything would be great!!! 🙂

  • Martijn Lub

    A screen printing (zeefdruk in Dutch) from my favorite game scene or game characters!

    • Andy

      Hey lol I’m Dutch too

  • Sara

    Shirts or a book would be nice! 🙂

  • Aarsh Khare

    Book,mug or shirt

  • Jamie Hamilton

    For some reason during our family trip to Kerala, the auto rickshaws had a meter, but if there are 4 people in the auto, it’s extra. There were also a few autos without meters, and depending on where we wanted to go, the price changed. For example, going to a famous mall is much much more money and gong to a temple is the normal amount. Didn’t help that all the malls were near and the temples were far away.

    So, i think the joke is when Skip arrives in India, there’s a big argument over money, and in the end he has no money to sight see so he has to improvise.

    Oh, and I just found out most of the street foods in Delhi contain poop. There are lots of jokes for that.

    Finally, this adorable picture.

    And this not so adorable picture.

    • lol
      Thanks for the good laugh 🙂

  • Jamie Hamilton

    As for the contest, A BOOK!! MANY book nerds probably on this site. I suggest a funny book, since the main thing a lot of people like about your games is the fact that there are a lot of funny stuff. Anyway, thats my two cents for the day


  • coolgirl430


  • セイジョウ カイ

    OMG! I can’t wait for the upcoming contest!
    Above all, my first carmelo mug

    Please come baby come come come!

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