Our Weekly Update

Hi everybody!
A quick update this time:
We are currently working on High School Adventure (our mobile game), so there won’t be any new games in the following weeks, but we’ll do our best to find the time for releasing Trapped 2 by the end of this month.

We bought this puzzle book to get inspiration for future games and puzzles.

Solve logic puzzles and play sleuth at the same time! This thoroughly unique book – written by the former editor of Games magazine – offers the immersive pleasure of a novel as it follows a group of friends who meet regularly to play murder-mystery games at the island home of a wealthy couple. As you go about completing the puzzles, you’ll learn more about the guests, the house, and the island…and uncover a secret about the mansion itself. Maps of the island throughout enhance the atmosphere and draw solvers deeper into the story.

If you know any good logic-puzzle books please share them with us in the comments below.
That’s all for today, have a great day!

P.S. – Don’t miss our game writing contest!

  • Martin Bak

    Well, you can think about this one:

    A very ill man needs to take two different pills every day. Not more, not less, otherwise he will die. The pills are by looks absolutly identical. The farmaceut went on vacation a couple of days ago, but our man got new supplys just before, so he has two brand new glass of pills with 50 pills in each. The farmaceut will be back in 50 days, so he has precisely the number of pills that he need.

    One day he makes a mistake. He takes a pill from one of the glass, but the other glass slips in his hand, so two pills ends in his hand with the one from the first glass. So now he stands with 3 pills in his hand, 2 of one kind and one of another, but he cant tell them from eachother. He can only take 2 pills, and they must be different, if he wants to live, and he does 😉

    How can our man solve this situation, so he gets the right medicine every day, until the farmaceut returns from vacation?

    • Chris

      Set those 3 pills aside, take two more pills, one from each bottle, and do the same each day until he is left with those three pills.

      • Martin Bak

        He will then be left with the three pills + one from one of the bottles, and still he would not be able to tell the difference between them. He then need his pills for 2 more days. How can he be shure not to take 2 of the same?

        • Jonathan Henderson

          Crush all of the pills into powder, mix them thoroughly and then divide into 50 even piles. Eat one pile of powder each day.

          • Martin Bak

            You are on to something. But you can get more shure.

          • de987man

            Cut each of the 3 pills from the “B”eginning and the last “R”emaining pill in half. For each of the last two days take one of the halfs from each B-pill and one half of the R-pill.

    • Jonathan Henderson

      Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place earlier. Crush all of the pills into powder, mix them thoroughly and then divide into 50 even piles. Eat one pile of powder each day.

      • Martin Bak

        Might work, if you blend it and divide it very carefully. But risky buissness.

    • Jason Sy

      take half of each pill plus half a pill from the glass with the extra pill, repeat tomorrow, then all is right with the world with 48 pills in each glass

      • Martin Bak

        Thats right 😀

    • Good one Martin. It took me awhile to figure it out.
      You might like this one:

      • Martin Bak

        I come out with statement #3 is right and the car is in box2

      • Maryam

        i dont want the car as simple as that 😀

      • andrea

        I think that the true statement is n.3 and the car is in box 2

  • Martin Bak

    Another one then:

    A young man got a gift from his older twin sister on his birthday. Two days later, he gave her a present on her birthday. How is this possible?

    • Matías Sánchez

      The girl has been born in February 28 th at 23:59, and he has been born in March 1 st a few hours later. That year is a leap-year (If I wrotte something wrong, it´s because I STUDY English)

    • Ron Lopetegui

      The twins were travelling eastwards across the International Date Line during their birth.

      The elder twin sister was born first, on March 1st. After they crossed the
      International Date Line, the younger brother was born, on February 28th.

      On a leap year, their birthdays are 2 days apart.

      • Martin Bak

        Thats it 😀

    • James Palmer

      I read recently about a woman who gave birth to non identical twins nearly 2 months apart. Baby 1 was born premature, but she managed to keep baby 2 going to full term. Amazing really.

  • VivianT

    How about Faraday’s flaw? May I know when you guys will release it?

    • We’re working on it, hopefully in November.

  • James Palmer

    My favourite puzzle:
    In the basement there are three lights. At the top of the stairs are three switches. Each switch operates a light in the basement. You can’t see the basement from the top of the stairs. You have one attempt to work out which switch operates which light in the basement. How do you do it?

    • Martin Bak

      I know this one. But you left out some important details.

      • Martin Bak

        Just to complete this: You can play as much as you like with the switches. And you can enter the basement once and only once. Then you should know how all the bulbs are connected to the switches.

  • James Palmer

    And another:
    It’s the middle of winter. On an island in the middle of a lake is a cherry tree. You don’t have a boat, but anyway the ice is too thick to break. It’s also too dangerous to walk and swimming is a very bad idea indeed. You have no way of flying. How do you get the cherries?

    • Maryam

      well if its winter then where do the cherries come from

      • James Palmer

        Got it in one! 🙂

        • Maryam

          thank you thank you

    • Martin Bak

      Go to a shop and get some 😀

  • Martin Bak

    A series of 6 books, counting #1 to #6 is nicely arranged on a bookshelf. Each book has 234 pages, including the cover. A bookworm find himself outside the frontpage of book #1 and want to go to the outside of the back of book #2. How many pages does the worm have to chrunch through to get there?

    • Martin Bak

      Is there really noone who wants to give this a shot?

    • Bharat Dave

      468 pages and 4 covers

      • Martin Bak

        Uh! That’s a lot. Lets hope he’s hungry 😉 It’s not the right answer. Imagine the books on a shelf. Where are the frontcover and the backcover of each book?

  • GeneJacket

    i feel sad that yall are having more and more puzzle games in your games. your older games were more like putting together two objects to find another object or to finish an objective, with maybe one or two puzzles in the mix. your newer ones(like the midnight one) are entirely puzzles and was very difficult to finish for me. i used to have a lot of fun playing your games but now it is just plain frustrating to have to rely on walkthroughs. carmel games, please think about the stupid(me) fans you have!

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