Piece of Princess Cake

Sandro wishes to buy himself a piece of princess cake. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately the only shop that sells princess cake in the village won’t sell it to him. Will Sandro ever have the joy of eating princess cake?




0:43 – take arrow
0:52 – take bow (+combine bow&arrow)
1:00 – take corkscrew
1:06 – use bow&arrow, get an apple
1:20 – use corkscrew
1:38 – use apple, get hammer
2:03 – use hammer, get horn
2:12 – use horn, get feather
3:00 – use feather, get mug
3:19 – use mug, get wine
3:40 – use wine, get map
4:50 – get shovel
5:15 – use shovel, get money
5:49 – use money, get passion fruit potion
6:06 – use potion, get giant rock
6:35 – use giant rock

High School Adventure

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