Ray and Cooper

Ray went out to buy nachos but it seems he is not coming back. Help Cooper to find his friend!

Click here to play!

  • kevin

    when the part 2 is coming of ray and cooper

  • Johnny Boy

    Well probably no one will ever read this commentary but THIS IS MY FAVORITE CARMEL GAMES game and I need to write a comment about it.

    Ray and Cooper have some really interesting characters, gamers, and the story is the first one of Carmel Games that have a bad ending(meaning what happens in the end), I have no doubts this game was the inspiration to do Vortex Point since it is older(and I still can’t understand why Vortex Point have own website and 4 games and Ray and Cooper 2 is only in the To Do List). Anyways the game is amazing, it was the first Carmel Games game I played and if it wasn’t Ray and Cooper I probably won’t be here now commenting this.

    So then just as Cooper said “W-H-Y” you are just starting to develop the 2 NOW?

    10/10 the best one in my opinion

    Johnny Boy

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Johnny, Ray&Cooper 2 is no longer on the TO DO list, we are working on it right now (and it’s better late than never).
      We sure hope you’ll find the 2nd part as good as the first.

    • Johnny Boy

      Thanks Carmel Games, that comment made my day;)

  • THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bennett

    What the?! Ray&Cooper was one of your first games after Tickets2Love and The Proposal?!! :I

  • cherrymiku

    why did he scream it freaks me out

    • Sorry if we scared you too much 😛

  • footloop80

    make more games like these
    these games are awesome

  • footloop80

    ray and cooper forever

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