Hi everybody!
Back to the Future is one of our most favorite movies, so it makes sense for us to create a game inspired by it.
In this short game we’re making, we will focus on the Save-the-clock-tower lady from the Hill Valley Preservation Society and her efforts to save the clock tower.
save the clock tower lady
save the clock tower lady
If you haven’t seen Back to the Future yet – leave whatever it is that you’re doing and go watch it right now, it’s a great movie!

We started working on some concept art for the new and improved Vortex Point. Secret societies will appear and aliens activity shall take place, along with secret codes, symbols and riddles which will blend in with the graphics, creating an alternative game inside the game.


On another note – a small technical fix! Some of our visitors who tried to view our website using their mobile devices had encountered some problems, which prevented them from using the website. These problems have been fixed and now everyone may use their mobile device to access our website.

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

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