Hi everybody!
Back to the Future is one of our most favorite movies, so it makes sense for us to create a game inspired by it.
In this short game we’re making, we will focus on the Save-the-clock-tower lady from the Hill Valley Preservation Society and her efforts to save the clock tower.
save the clock tower lady
save the clock tower lady
If you haven’t seen Back to the Future yet – leave whatever it is that you’re doing and go watch it right now, it’s a great movie!

We started working on some concept art for the new and improved Vortex Point. Secret societies will appear and aliens activity shall take place, along with secret codes, symbols and riddles which will blend in with the graphics, creating an alternative game inside the game.


On another note – a small technical fix! Some of our visitors who tried to view our website using their mobile devices had encountered some problems, which prevented them from using the website. These problems have been fixed and now everyone may use their mobile device to access our website.

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

  • Mr.Crow

    So this is where Bill Chipher was send after Gravity falls ended.We cracked the mystery from Alex Hirsch twitter post about Bills statue.

  • FlyingPoop


  • Ramiro

    i have a problem too when i try to play your games, sometimes a black screen appears and it don’t go off. I waited for hours but it stays the same.

    • Hi Ramiro,
      1. When does it appear?
      2. On which website?
      3. Which browser?
      4. Do you have an updated flash player?

      • Ramiro

        Sometimes it appears when i play your games at Snapbreak and mousecity. I try to open those games in different browser still it happens the same. Games starts working when i refresh my browser but it doesn’t work everytime.
        I hope you will find a solution to fix this problem 🙂 and i also have a updated flash player

        • Does this happen during the loading, after the loading screen, or elsewhere?

          • Ramiro

            Before the loading screen.

          • Is your internet connection stable?

          • Ramiro

            Most of the time less stability cause me this problem but there is still 20% of chance of appearing black screen even i have stable connection

          • Did you try Kongreagte or Newgrounds?

          • Ramiro

            only mousecity and snapbreak are not able to run some of your games. Can u ask the admins about the black screen problem?

          • Yes, we will talk to them.

          • Good news!
            Mousecity will be upgrading their servers in 2 weeks. This means that starting September these issues should stop occurring 🙂

  • Shivani

    Interesting VP!!

  • Didn’t you guys already made 2 short games about back to the future ? Excited for the third one 🙂

    • Not really, they were just games with a time travel trope. This one will be about an actual character from the film.

  • AndjelaDjordjevic

    Cool can’t wait the images look amazing 🙂

  • Umta-ta

    although part 3 was kinda lame. still, great trilogy. can you believe, we are now already further in the future than they travelled with the de lorean … doesn’t look one bit like in the movie though …. max headroom as a waiter … ha ha ha …

    • Yes Umta, it is cool to know we’re now past the “future” in the film. It’s never easy to predict the future accurately.

  • Aura

    oh, cool!

  • Tristan Stump

    So is the new Vortex Point a reboot or just a new entry that ignores the previous 7? Looking forward to it either way!

    • It is a new entry, definitely not a reboot. Regarding it’s relation with previous games, that’s still to be determined.

      • Tristan Stump

        That’s cool! Can’t wait for it! Will it be a carmel games plus game?

  • Metal girl

    may i ask if it doesn’t matter after this game create a game about metal s band ik its hard just i ask if it is possible x3

    • A game about a heavy metal band? Something like the TV series Metalocalypse?

      • Metal girl

        yes metal bands like Metallica slipknot rob zombie Ozzy Osbourne and…if it is possible

        • Never thought about creating such a game, I don’t know if we have enough knowledge for that…

          • Metal girl

            oh okai no need much knowledge just style and famous metal s music and cool subject from u anyway i dont know how can it be hard or seriouse but im thx for ur attention x3

      • Metal girl

        or if its impossible i have another idea why u don’t create a game about ur group all of u work on games hard it would be the best game cause we introduce with all of hard worker in this site and i should add again: if it is possible x3

        • That is a repeating suggestion we keep on getting, we’re considering it 🙂

      • Metal girl

        any way thx for ur attention

  • ladybird2003


  • Susan

    When is your new game coming up?

    • Today! 😀

      • Susan

        Oh Boy I can’t wait! :p

  • TJ

    OMG… I love Back to the Future!! And the new Vortex Point sounds/looks fantastic so far… I’m totally stoked!

    • Thank you Tammy, there’s also a new game coming up today 🙂

  • Emma

    When will come the new fortex point?

    • Apparently only next year.

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