Sherlock Holmes 2

The police is convinced Charles Williams has murdered Jimmy Johnston, but Holmes thinks otherwise. Can you help him prove Charles’ innocence?



  • footloop

    it came

  • footloop

    1 one to post

  • footloop

    woooohooooooooo thank u for the game carmel

  • footloop

    is moti okay ?

  • footloop

    i am the 1 one to play yay

  • footloop

    i just finished plating the game it was awesome and really fun

  • footloop

    thank u carmel and get well soon moti

  • it is a fabulous game ! good job carmelo

    • petroa

      Do you mean the letter “H”?

      • oops it was a mistake i’ll correct it now Thanks petroa

  • נעה קליינמן

    thenk you alot its so great!

  • Joy97

    Hahaha! Love the ending!

  • TJ

    Great job!! Loved how he spoke to the fire alarm the way he did to the bird in the first one. 🙂
    Still praying for a quick recovery for Moti!! <3

    • i liked it too and yes, im praying for Moti aswell

  • Me

    Sorry, but in the part ” This Cane belongs to Charles” the text in the box was wrong.
    No biggy, just wanted to let you know 😀

  • Yaman

    Hi Carmrl!
    Nice game, thank you

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    Watch walkthrough here:

  • pritha

    wat an awsum game!! thnx Carmel Games!!

  • Maxine De Castro

    Nice Games ! Keep up the Good Work and I will be waiting for an another Vortex Point Game .

  • Renee

    heyy.. That was quick for a tennis elbow.. 😀

  • mason mason

    keep up the good work carmel games!!!

  • Renee

    Wow.. Awesommee game!! Enjoyed it a lot!!

  • andrea

    Awesome! Fantastic game as always!

  • Verona

    I liked it but I want the old Sherlock Holmes. BTW ,is Moti okay now? I wish he is.

  • nogood

    awesome game!!!1!!!

  • snowleaf

    very nice game! many things to do in this one and the twist was great. wonderful to have games with good plot! great job once again carmelgames! 🙂

  • RockyRockz

    awesome game and pray for u moti how r u now

  • emroski

    it was easy

  • emroski

    good game

  • Fast Walkthrough:

  • Red Spark

    Hi Carmel Games, this game was awesome! The ending was great. Good always conquers evil. 😉

  • Carmelfan

    I love it!:D:D;D

  • Varga Tekla

    Very creative! I loved it, thank you Carmel Games! You made me feel again happy!

  • Varga Tekla

    p.s.: I loved the graphic and the atmosphere of the game!!

  • Ritwik Ojha

    The game was so cool! It was more than cool! But I have a request, next time please put Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes game (if you are planning to make another one).

  • astrocatpower


  • pranamika

    sherlock’s face is not same as the first part but still its ok..
    love this game..

  • pranamika

    this game is not coming in my laptop.. please see it carmelo is the is any problem.. :'(

  • pranamika

    like this type of image is coming…

  • Maxine

    Thank you soooo much for using my name! My pleasure carmel games! I can’t explain how happy I am! :). Happiest day of my life for now, I guess? Love your games more than ever!

    • HI Maxine,

      W’re glad you enjoyed 😀

  • I am very happy that the game has came

  • Tommorow is my birthday

  • Emaan

    Great game….

  • shizukamiyo

    its awesome plz creat sherlock holmes 3



  • ♥Catherine♥

    This was such an awesome game! LOVED IT!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Thank you Catherine! Glad you loved it 🙂

  • Katlyn Conrad

    Carmel games, you just know how to make gaming fun. I really enjoyed this game. It had me thrown for a loop in some parts, which I love because gaming should always keep you thinking. Very well done.

    I also did a let’s play of the game, like usual:

    Thanks again, Carmel games!!

    • Hi Katlyn!

      Thank you very much for the video! We’re happy to hear you’ve enjoyed this game as well as all of our games 🙂

      P.S – We don’t know if you noticed or not, but we did a small plug for your channel in one of our recent posts 😛 –

      • Katlyn Conrad

        I did and I forgot to come say thank you (I am getting a bit behind on things it seems )!! So, Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the support, it honestly means the world to me!! I always look forward to your new games, they always put a smile on my face!!
        🙂 take care!

        • Hi Katlyn,

          Thank you very much for the kind words, we’re happy to hear you enjoyed that promotion 🙂

  • girlgamer

    awesome game love it pls make vortex point 5

  • AI

    good 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AI


  • Farhan

    At The End When Sherlock Was Saying The Truth He Said To Williams “She” He Is Female?

  • Will

    Waiting for many days and finally it came.

  • ayesha andrew garfield


  • love carmel games teddy

    love games make 20 games a month please

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