Sherlock Holmes – The Tea Shop Murder Mystery

Help Sherlock Holmes to determine who is the murderer of Mr. T, the owner of the local tea shop.


  • Eric


    • second yes and thank you carmel for giving a great game to us to play i love this type of games thankyou alot.

      • kk

        i love all of these games that are like mystery i thought i played them all in mouse city but the truth is it just the begging and i know that they are doing a great job.

  • Mitch


  • Eva

    Well done guys!
    Keep up the good work ^–^
    Wish you all best!


  • Tanya

    Awesome game

  • Sheila

    Great game! Awesome work guys!!!! 😀

  • Carlee

    I really loved how YOU got to guess who killed Mr.T!

  • carmel games c joanna avez vous mis ce jeun en anglais s’il vous plait

  • wow its great frist of all i was shocked when i saw who could have killed the famous mr.t but then i understood why someone killed mr.t great work guys

    plz replay soon 🙂

  • Rebecca C

    well done this was a great game please can you keep making these games they are so so so so good! thank you XX 🙂 X love Rebecca C 😉

    • Carmel Games

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it 🙂

  • It’s a brilliant game but I am waiting anxiously for DAKOTA WINCHESTER’S ADVENTURE game part 2 and 3.. When will u relese them??????????? reply plzzz..

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Maddy,

      Dakota Winchester’s Adventure part 2’s plot is being written, there’s still time but we can assure you it will happen because we really want it also 🙂

      • kevin als semlim

        Where I can find the plot of Dakota Whinchester’s Adventure 2?

  • Fernando


  • tania

    awesome game!!! You guys made my day. 🙂

  • asnphx

    Yeah, awesome.

  • i loved the game it was great! 🙂 What will your next game be about hope its mystery

  • Tera

    What a great game as always~ Also that Friends reference, that made me laugh hard.

    • Sam

      what friends reference? i watch friends alot and i didnt pick it up.

      • Lux

        Smelly bird, smelly bird, what have they been feeding you?

        It referenced Phoebe’s song smelly cat.

        • Carmel Games

          Yes you are correct guys, it is reference to Friends 😛

    • Brooklyn

      That was what i was about to comment aswell! it was so awesome!

  • Claire


  • Tom

    Smelly bird, smelly bird, what are they feeding you – it sounds like Phoebes song – smelly cat 😀 You have taken this sentence from friends?

    • Carmel Games

      We are a big fans of Phoebe Buffay 🙂

    • Tathagata

      Who is your favourite Friend, Carmelgames?
      Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel?

  • Linda

    Nice Job!!!

  • Natalie

    mr. T was… murderrrrrrrrrrrrrr jajajajajajjajajajajjaa

    • Carolyn

      Yeaaah! I loved this part!!! loooooool

  • ximena

    carmel games por favor ponganlo en idioma español no entiendo naada

    • Carmel Games

      Vamos a traducir el juego en español en breve.

      • ximena

        gracias me encantan sus juegos 🙂

        • Carmel Games

          The game is now playable with translations, including Spanish 😀
          You can play it here.

  • Great game as always, but what happens if you choose wrong?

    • Carmel Games

      You will get another chance to select the true… MURDERER!!!

  • munna

    hi carmel games is skips going to go to germany and i just love the games bye

    • Carmel Games

      Right now Skip is not going anywhere 🙂

  • munna

    hi carmel games skips should go to germany and i just love the game

  • Aziza

    This game is really awesome.
    good job:)

  • Fabulo

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • munna

    carmel come on do something she says that i stole her name i didnt this person is crazy

  • munna

    im a member

  • paris

    wow someone stole your name munna thats crazy anyway carmel the game isnt working for me

  • munna

    okay first things first im not a he and im really really sorry i didnt mean to i just done it cause carmel never comments back to me but always to you please please dont let me get in trouble

    • don’t do it again i forgive you

  • munna

    did you see the message

  • Amasha

    wow!!! a great game

  • bravo i’m going to play immediately.
    you have given me want to create a point and click too.

  • laihuaqing

    Seriously? What in the world is popular with murders when it involves death?

  • Hey is that newspaper boy the little boy from the snowday and haunted house tours?
    And he looks like Dipper Pines in Gravity Falls hehe 😀

    • bob

      yeah think so too

      • Sheila

        Me too

  • Helya

    this game is awsome!

  • Wow this game came fast, going to do a walkthrough soon.

  • paris

    the game wont work plz help

  • Joanna:)

    That was GREAT, i just loved it! Good job! 🙂

  • Nona

    Hi carmel,when is the skip for the game skip around the world comin out?

    • Carmel Games

      In a long time from now 😛

  • Here’s the fast walkthrough:

  • Mirjam

    Honestly, I do love your games. However, I like the first games more over the last ones. The games like ‘a night in crazyville’ and ‘the proposal’ are a bit more difficult compared to this one or other games from the last months. I really liked the first games better. This one is cool too so keep up the good work but it’s bit too easy if you ask me. Greetz,

    • Carmel Games

      Hello Mirjam, We create games in various difficulty levels, the harder and more complex games come out on a lower frequency than the easier ones because they require longer development time.
      We are sure you will enjoy our upcoming games, they are slimier to Crazyville.

      • Mirjam

        Looking forward to that game!

  • don’t do it again okay i forgive you

  • alexa

    MURDERER!!! *Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

  • Hi Carmel Games,
    I just wanted to know what game you are making next?

    • Carmel Games

      We will write about it tomorrow in our weekly update.

  • munna

    hi munna thankyou for forgiving me and i really thought you were a girl no offence are you indian or something and can you guess who i am i did write in these comments 🙂

    • hey you again used my name i told you do not steal my name

  • emily

    the game isnt working carmel games and i really wanted to play plz plz tell me what to do

  • Jessy57

    Thanks CarmelGames great like always!! 😀

  • Hi carmelgames I REALLY,REALLY love your games there are basically just play them but one thing I would like is for you guys to continue one of your older games like crepos tales or habla kadabla you know what I mean,well I love carmelgames!;-):)

    PLZ responde 😐


  • cuando el juego en español?

  • paris

    um the game wont work

  • hi what your next game and when will you realise it?

  • whats your next game is and whenare you going to realise it?

  • annami

    Nice game but too short and all too much prattle.

  • Tj

    I really loved this game! It was the perfect balance of easy, hard, and really funny. I have one question. Why didn’t I get an email for Carmelo’s Army? I got an email for the Skip Around the World game but not this one.

  • munna

    munna im actually paris hehe hi

  • munna

    haha im gonna ruin it for everyone the murderer was……….. Mr T hahaha bad luck forr everybody SMILE 🙂

  • ivo

    Me gustaría que traduzcan mas juegos en español

  • Dana

    Hola! nuevamente. Soy Dana de Ecuador, y los felicitó por el diseño de este juego! lastimosamente vuelvo a decir que hubiera preferido que hubiera la opción de que el idioma también pudiera estar en español para poder disfrutarlo mejor. Suerte en todo, mucho apoyo y saludos desde Ecuador.


    • Carmel Games

      ¡Hola Dana! Gracias por tu comentario, estamos traduciendo todos nuestros juegos a español, pero hay veces en que tenemos que desarrollarlos muy rapido sin la traduccion, la traduccion de Sherlock Holmes estara disponible la siguiente semana.

  • Dana

    Realmente espero que puedan responder a algunos de mis comentarios, pero más que todo que arreglaran el inconveniente de el idioma del juego, me gustaría mucho más que hubieran diversos idiomas, más que todo el Español o castellano que es el idioma de mi país (Ecuador). Me da mucho gusto como avanza Carmel Games, y realmente me gustaría que hubiera alguna mejora con esto del idioma. Suerte en todo! desde Ecuador.


    • Carmel Games

      Si, puedo leer tus comentarios 🙂
      gracias por tu apoyo, seguiremos mejorando nuestros juegos.

  • Ciella

    Awesome game!! I love solving games like these. Not to hard but not super easy. <3

    • Carmel Games

      We glad to hear you enjoined it Ciella 🙂



  • Самая классная игра,по больше бы игр с Шерлоком Холмсом!Awesome game!More to such!Such an interesting story,make more games with Sherlock Holmes!

  • such a plot twist at the end!

  • bea

    the killer is mr.t 🙂

  • when is the walkthrogh cuming of this game and how do you put those happy face thingys on ur comment

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Yukimi, you can find the walkthrough to the game HERE.
      As for the smiley face, just type :-)

  • aanchal


  • I not happy, because your Sherlock Holmes in Czech language has a lot of mistakes. Why?

  • Luka

    I really loved the game and how it asks you who you think the murderer is,
    can you please make more of these kinds of games, it would be really cool if you made a classic train murder mystery

    • Falcon Lover

      Hi Luka

  • Falcon Lover

    besst gme everr! – FL

  • ragini sondhi

    this game was awesome but please make little more harder games but it was surely a great game please keep making games like this

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Ragini, we create games in various difficulty levels, the harder and more complex games come out on a lower frequency than the easier ones because they require longer development time.

  • Aadam

    Why do you add a dramatic sound when Sherlock says ‘Murder(ed)!’

  • Heavens to betsy! XD I can’t stop replaying this game over and over again! And whenever Sherlock says ”MURDER” and the piano score comes, I imaginary do the piano. 🙂

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