(Short) Weekly Update

Hi everybody!
It seems that you’ve all enjoyed Midnight Cinema very much, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your comments.
That’s what really encourages us to strive for bigger and better games.
For those of you who wondered about the mini-game in Vova’s apartment, it’s based on a fictional PC game which was presented in the movie Big. To beat the wizard, you’ll need to type ‘melt wizard’, and then ‘throw thermal pod’, you can also watch our video explaining it by clicking HERE.

And now that Midnight Cinema is out of the way, Vortex Point 8 is the next game planned to be released on Carmel+ and we hope to meet your and our own’s expectations.

Other games that are planned for release during October are Save the Clock Tower (which is currently being delayed due to hurricane Matthew), Carlos and the Dark Order and Saucy Devil Gordon 2.
Saucy Devil Gordon 2

That’s all for today, we’ll be seeing you again next week (there’s a good chance we’ll be taking part in a special contest, so your votes will be needed!)
We wish you all a lovely weekend!

High School Escape 2

High School Adventure

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