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A few days ago we’ve published Love Chase, one of our best games to date, on
Right now, for an unknown reason, we are at the bottom of their monthly contest, which will end in less than a week.
Please help us get a better ranking, it helps us a lot in developing higher quality and longer games, just like Love Chase, and we do have more planned.
Click here to vote (you have to be a registered member).


You can view our position in the contest anytime here.

  • SliffTiff Baca

    Gave it a 5 🙂

  • Srijan

    everybody ggive 5555555

  • Emma

    I like your games so much, thats the reason why i give you a 5

  • Ana Raluca


  • Irenne

    Here, five stars given. And, guys, you’re 9th now: way to go! Maybe you won’t be 1st by the end of the month, but you’ll surely rise some more 🙂

    • Thanks Irenne.. It does not look good, but we’ll ope for the best.

  • Cris Without H

    I personally think that there must be some healthy competition. If other games get better ranking, then perhaps they are better?

    • Irenne

      The contest’s instructions say:
      “Feel free to encourage your friends, family
      and fans to vote for your game(s), but encouraging fans to create multiple
      accounts or downvote competition will not be allowed.”
      CarmelGames encouraged us to vote, but they never said anything about multiple accounts or downvote other games. It’s all allowed 🙂

      • Cris Without H

        I never said it is forbidden, all I’m saying is that there must be competition.

        • There is, and this is a part of that competition, as the official rules imply.

    • I can assure you that the competitor games are asking other people to vote for them, just like we do.

      • Cris Without H

        That’s kinda sad.

  • Marcus Törnquist

    As always a 5 for carmel and a 1 for the rest

  • FlyingPoop

    I didn’t bother to rate your games because they are always 5 stars. But since it matters, i’m gonna go rate now:)

    • Jason2003gamer

      me too

  • Abdullah-almamun Munna

    heu carmelgames can you please add option where we can use the keyboard to go left and right

    • Probably not, we want to keep the entire game interface as mouse interaction, it’s simpler, less confusing, more comfortable and consistent.

      • Abdullah-almamun Munna

        Yeah awesome ,anyways your games are amazing i liked each and every game of yours 5 star 🙂

  • Srijan

    Can u say the names whoes story is selected f

    • Sure, we will release the names of the winners soon in a blog post.

  • Srijan

    or the game

  • snowleaf

    what. i can’t believe a great game like that didn’t rank. what’s going on!? (i rated 5 btw!)

  • Troy

    Didn’t expect you to be shut out of both the monthly AND weekly contests (as of Jun 30 19:54 Los Angeles time, Love Chase is off the chart for the monthly contest, and ranks 6th on the weekly contest (first 3 get prizes on the weekly)). Looks like Kongregate is finally sick of idle games, and good puzzle and interactive fiction games are popping out. In particular, the popular Medieval Cop drops its fourth episode – in three parts, no less – this very week. Tough competition this time. (Voting cutoff is midnight July 3 for the monthly contest, and midnight July 4th for the weekly (both Pacific Time), although game submission closes in 4 hours and 27 hours respectively.)

    • Yes, it was not a good month to participate, neither a good week. Sometimes it’s just bad luck :

  • Shivani

    Your games are always awesome….. I rated 5 stars.

  • Makenna_Richey

    Lets cut out Katlyn’s face and put my face in there XD

  • Abdullah-almamun Munna

    Hey carmelgames I REALLY LOVE YOUR GAMES BUT…,i told my friends about your games and after two days they said they didnt like it at all because the games were too short…. 🙁 i am not saying there not great but can you make them a little bit longer please :),if not there still AWESOME

    • Hi Abdullah,

      Refer them to our longer games, like Love Chase for example 🙂
      We will make more long games soon.

  • RockyRockz

    I Have rated Carmelo Keep it Up guys

  • RockyRockz

    Hope you will win !

    • Unfortunately we didn’t, it was a very tough contest for June.

  • Maryam

    hey you guys are the best who didn’t vote tell me i am gonna kill that person

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