Sinbad’s Journey

The famous sailor Sinbad is ready for another big journey throughout the seas, but first he must make an unplanned stop to fix his ship.


For those of you who can’t play on, you can now try playing at


  • PN

    Thanks for the game!

  • AJGaming546

    Commenting before playing the game! Hoping that it is AWESOME!

  • Easy game. First time it took me 10:51, Second time 2:03, third time 1:57.

    • Yes it is easier than usual.

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Really easy. But fun. I suppose since its the first on his trip there is going to be a sequal?

    • There might be, depends on the demand 🙂

  • AJGaming546

    IT IS AWESOME! And Carmelo can you tell me when will the community-based pirate game come and can you please tell me the name of the person on whose idea you are building the game at my e-mail?


    • Hi there,
      Glad to hear you liked it 🙂
      The community-based pirate game will be ready either this month or right at the start of March. The game is based on the collective ideas that were brought up in the comments to the game’s posts on our blog.
      We do not send emails proactively, but will be happy to reply to any email we receive through our contatct form.

  • Irenne

    Another great game from Carmel Games! The backgrounds are amazing, i could replay the whole game just to watch them 🙂

    • Thank you very much Irenne! Glad to hear you love these backgrounds 🙂

  • Panda Kelly

    omg yay a new game!!! your games always makes me so happy!! I love these types of games!!!

  • Panda Kelly

    the backgrounds were amazing.
    your amazing as always

  • TJ

    Quite different… very cool! Loved it!

    • We have to diversify here and there, thanks Tammy 🙂

      • For even more diversification, you could try here, there and everywhere…

        • FernandoLGL

          To lead a better life…

        • We have some exciting new stuff we want to try for this year, stay tuned 🙂

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • pallavi srinivas

    Simple yet cute…

  • andrea

    Cute game! 😀

  • pranamika love

    its really very simple and interesting.. loved it very much…

    • Glad to hear!

      • pranamika love


  • FernandoLGL

    Nice game, thank you!

  • Francesco Cogo

    i love your beautiful games, i find them relaxing ! thank you, and greetings from Italy!

    • Thank you Francesco! Hi Italy 😛

  • Sarah

    this game was awesome when are u going to make a new one Carmelo? 😀

  • Basma Anaoar

    I really miss the old games it was more fun than the new once
    it was long too and it had tricks and even a funny stories like creepo tale 1 and a night in crazy town now the games theme and stories boring plz make it like before plz I really love your games
    and I wanted to be like the old once

    • We’re still releasing some longer games, but less than we used to. Unfortunately it’s something we must do in order to stay profitable. Did you play The Gatekeeper? It’s longer than most of our games.

  • Varga Tekla

    I loved the atmosphere of the game. It was really great! Thank you Carmel

    • Glad you liked it Varga, thanks for playing!

  • Rana Tahura

    i love these games please make more

    • Working on more at the moment 😀

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